Walking The Streets Of Charleston

There are certain things I highly recommend doing when traveling to a new city. One of these is hiring a private tour guide to show you around the city and teach you about the history so you have a deeper appreciation for where you are. I never did this until the hubs and I (then just dating) traveled to Venice, Italy. I know most people say how romantic Venice is but after two days we were getting stir crazy and a bit bored. Eeek, I can’t believe I just admitted to that, but it was the truth. On the third day his mom suggested we find a private tour guide to show us around. Since we didn’t have much else to do, we agreed. We met up with her the next morning and she walked us all around Venice and explained the history of each street and what the significance of the canals were and so on. At the end of the tour we both looked at each other and were a bit disappointed we didn’t hire her the first day because we really loved the city after we knew all of the why’s and how’s about it.

While in Charleston I was really pleased to see we had a walking tour already on the schedule. Thanks CVB! Saturday morning we met with our guide from Bulldog Tours and set off! Not only are walking tours great exercise but you also get to really embrace the city and see it from were a local sees it. I always highly recommend them! Our guide from Bulldog Tours was amazing! Being born and raised in Charleston he knew all of the ins and outs of the beautiful city. I absolutely loved hearing his passion for Charleston. It definitely made all of us fall in love with the city more (if that was even possible). The tour was extremely  informative and très interesting! My favorite facts: the part about the pirates who were hung along the coast so that other pirates were  not tempted to stop at Charleston. Or, that most of the houses are haunted but are seemingly friendly ghosts! Okay, so I know that isn’t quite the history you thought you were going to hear but those are the stories that stuck with me! I guess you will just have to take a tour for yourself to hear more! Be sure to contact Bulldog when you go! You will NOT be disappointed!

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13 thoughts on “Walking The Streets Of Charleston

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  2. Love this Mary. I went to College of Charleston and I must say your pictures are gorgeous and definitely captured the feel fo the city which is the absolute best part. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

    PS I agree with Peyton would love any tips and tricks you would be willings to share!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! That is such a huge compliement! To say I captured the city means so much 🙂

      Like you – a few years ago I was asking everyone under the sun for photography tips! Some were nice and some not so much. I would love to be “the nice” one and help where I can! Shoot me an e-mail and we can go from there — mary@sothentheysay.com

      Thanks again! xx

  3. These photos are gorgeous! Would love to know any photography tips and tricks you may have, classes you have taken, etc. Teach me your ways! x

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you 🙂 That means the world!

      Shoot me an e-mail mary@sothentheysay and I will send some pointers 🙂


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