Dorothy Shain Art

I first met Dorothy as a Kappa at SMU. I remember always thinking how happy and absolutely beautiful she was. She was a natural beauty who never needed an ounce of make-up. Every time I was around her I remember walking away thinking to myself how much I loved her energy. She oozes positive, happy, and supportive vibes. A girl you definitely want to get to know. I was a few years older than Dorothy so I didn’t have much time to really get to know her as well as I would have liked but I always knew that she was going places. She wasn’t scared to beat to her own drum and be herself – and those are the ones you have to watch!

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon her on Instagram that I found out what she had been doing these past few years. I was astonished that this sweet, kind, and beautiful girl was also an amazing, talented, budding artist. I mean, she has real talent! It was Dorothy who ended up making the first move and shooting me an e-mail. Thank God! I didn’t want to be that older sorority sister who became the stalker! ha, just kidding! But really, I was very happy to hear from her and re-connect! She ended up telling me all about her latest adventures as an artist living in one of my favorite cities, Charleston (see her amazing Charleston collection here). I knew I needed a piece and so we settled on Rolling Stones – all too fitting!

I absolutely love my selection as it fits perfectly with the rest of our colors throughout the house. She really could not have done a better job! I love that I something of hers as it so special to have something from an old sorority sister (an an up-and-coming artist 🙂 )! I can not wait to follow her journey as an artist as I know she only has great things heading her way!

Be sure to read more on Dorothy and check out her website


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2 thoughts on “Dorothy Shain Art

  1. Love this little nook and the discovery of a new artisti! And, of course, your adorable doodle. Hope you keep posting house pics!

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