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Okay, so usually I am guilty of this but this week, not so much! Last year, while returning some wedding gifts to William and Sanoma I stumbled upon this beautiful book labeled, Superfood Smoothies. I was intrigued. After flipping through the pages, I bought it and was giddy on the way home. Was this my year to be healthy? To finally get on track and do right by my body? Turns out, no. After a year of marriage, many delicious meals and wine, and a few extra unwanted pounds I still had not touched my Superfood book. For one – I couldn’t find the ingredients. Kroger doesn’t carry maca powder? Who knew? And two, I was way too busy enjoying married life to worry if I was getting enough greens. Well ladies and gents, after a few days of running and one rather expensive trip to Whole Foods, I am ready to tackle this whole thing they call, “healthy eating.” Which, might I add, I have never been good at. I have always loved a good cocktail and a great meal – two things that aren’t your friend as you get older. thank you age! 

After flipping through the book I was a bit skeptical of the receipts. With titles like “Cookie Dough” and “Chocolate Mocha” how on earth could this be good for you? I was pleased not to see a huge portion of the book dedicated to kale, spinach, and other greens. I am not one for massive amounts of greens combined with other foods that I would never consume whole, let alone blended together. I think that is why I bought this book, because I saw a lot of “chocolate something.” My expectations were high because in my mind if you call something “cookie dough,” it better damn well taste like cookie dough. I know it wasn’t made with real cookie dough and a smoothie with dates, pear, maca, and cocao will probably not be identical to cookie dough, but I at least expect it to be close. And how annoying is it when you put in all of the effort to – buy the products, cut them up, blend them together, and then bam, your smoothie taste like S*%$. For one who hates cooking, it is probably the worst feeling in the world.

Okay, so let’s chat Superfood Smoothies. You know all of those complaints I had above? None of those are true. A. the food requires very little cutting or prepping and B. the smoothies legit taste like cookie dough and chocolate mocha. And guess what, they are all made with SUPERFOODS. For those of you, like my husband, who have no clue what a superfood is, let me explain. Superfood – a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being, superfood. So, I get dessert that taste like cookie dough and I benefit my body? Who said this healthy eating was hard? jk. I am on day three and will keep you posted how the rest of the week plays out! For now I am off for a run so I can enjoy lots of wine tonight! I told you I wasn’t very good at this. cheers!

Superga Sister-in-Law

Superga Superga Superga

Superga Lace-Up sneakers

I have been a converse girl for what seems like forever (seen here). One of my first pair of shoes that I can remember were hightop converse. Die.hard.fan. Until recently I did not think there was any shoe that could sway my love for the classics, until my super sweet sister-in-law surprised the hubs and I with our own pair of Superga’s. If you haven’t heard of them, let me explain. They definitely aren’t newbies to the game – started in 1911 in Italy the 2750 was the favorite shoe for Italians on the go. Fast forward to 2014 and the iconic shoe is still a top pick amongst Italians, celebrities, and others alike. With its wide range of colors, fabrics, and prints each season the shoe continues to be in the forefront of sneaker fashion. I didn’t think it was possible to replace my converse but these lace-up sneakers have quickly become my staple. 

scrolling image via Superga

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