Boutique dress (similar designer + frugal), Topshop shoe (similar style), Cambridge satchel, Ray Ban sunnies, J.Crew bracelets
A LWD (little white dress) is all the rage for summer but I must admit, while I own the simple white I love a dress with a little extra. I have had this one for quite some time and have always loved the embroidery. It is so pretty in person and really stands out. When my roommate and I decided to go to brunch I was sitting in my closet in meltdown mode over nothing to wear and then I saw it peering out from the depths of my closet. Success once again!

Photography by Amanda

One For All

There are certain days when you don’t want to think about what you have to wear. These are the days I love rompers. They are a two for the price of one kind of deal! You are able to wear them with flats or heels, with or without a blazer, simple or with loads of jewelry. I mean they are literally a blank canvas waiting for you to paint. Does it get any better/easier? 

Photography by Amanda
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