Petite Keep Trunks

I recently received a bag full of items my parents had saved from my childhood. It was so sweet that they saved all of this, but there was a lot. I love that Petite Keep trunks are not only classic and stunning but also a way to beautifully store only the most precious baby items.  As someone who is extremely nostalgic, these are right up my ally. I have already started filling up Eleanor’s with her silver spoon and toothbrush, her outfit she wore home from the hospital, and her baby book. We have had so much fun going through the trunk every night and I love getting to explain what each piece is.

Each trunk comes in a small (petite) or large (grand) size. You can also choose between white, blue, or pink for the outside, 9 different fabrics for the inside, as well as the trim. Lastly, you can choose the script and style of the monogram. These pieces are truly customizable which makes them even more special.

If your family needs one of these beautiful Petite Keeps trunks, you can use code MARY10 for 10% off your order.

2.12.21 Q & A

Wearing Sue Sartor Limited Edition Paloma dress (proceeds from this dress go toward the Ronald McDonald House)

Q: Was this baby planned?

A:  HELL.NO. I had a five month old when I found out, so I only just started feeling like life was getting back to normal. Truth is, none of my babies were planned. I know that sounds like a joke, but it is 100% true. The only pregnancy I was semi ready for we ended up losing in a miscarriage. Like my other babies, this one was a total shock, but I know it is the biggest blessing.

Q: Are you sharing gender/Do you have a feeling of what it will be?
A: I will. I find out soon and will probably live in the moment for a few days and then share. I believe it is a girl. I have felt like this the entire time. Also, three sisters is so special, so we shall see.

Q: How far apart will your kids be?
A: Eleanor will be 3 years older and Eloise will be 14 months older.

Q: Bathing suits for large chest?
A: My Favorites will always be from Karla Colletto. I also want to try Shoshanna as that brand is good for curvy girls.

Q: Favorite tablescape decor?
A: If I could recommend one thing to buy first it would be a beautiful tablecloth or these $15 rattan chargers. Each one will elevate even the most simple plate.

Q: Everyday jewelry essentials?
A: I am the worst person to ask because I keep my jewelry very simple. The pieces I never take off include my husbands family crest pinky ring (one of my most special pieces), a gold wedding band, two tennis bracelets given to me by my in-laws representing each granddaughter, and my new Couplet Les Perles bracelet.

Q: Any home buying advice?
A: I don’t know where you live but my one advice is to not sit on a house you love. In Dallas homes move really fast and there is nothing worse than losing out on the home you had your heart set on. However, I 10000% BELIEVE everything works out the way it is supposed to. Also, trust your gut and hire a good realtor (we worked with Raul Ruiz and loved him).

Q: Anything you will do differently for your 3rd pregnancy/3rd kid?
A: This is super hard to say but I am sure I will. Each kid has been so different. With Eleanor I was beyond strict with a schedule, sleep training, etc. With Eloise I was looser. I still stuck to a schedule but I was more relaxed. However, she is by no means as good of a sleeper as Eleanor so maybe I go back to be strict? Or maybe I am even more lenient. I know this is our last baby so I have a very strong feeling I will relish each stage even more. But being the third baby in my family, I know I had a different experience than my siblings, so I am pretty positive this baby will too. Third babies are the best!

Q: Did you like Olaplex?
A: The shampoo #4 and Conditioner #4  are very nourishing. I like the way my hair feels if I use it and then style my hair. It looks so healthy and full however, I don’t think the wash lasts as long (I think my hair gets oilier faster). A lot of you recommended the Olaplex #3 treatment. I do really like that when I remember to use it. I hate that it has to sit in your hair for 10 min+. I want to shower and get out. I don’t linger so that is the only turn-off.

Q: Favorite Dallas restaurant for a night out with friends?
A: I am always partial to Drake’s, Shinsei, or Hudson House


Diamond Shopping with Diamonds Direct

“Its hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.” ― Dolly Parton

Diamonds are rare, beautiful, timeless, authentic, and have the ability to make you feel a certain way. I have always been fascinated with them. I love how they sparkle when you move your hand in conversation. I love how they come in different shapes and sizes and there is a perfect one out there for everyone. Mostly, I love how they can be passed on through generations and carry a story each time. I love how you can get your great-grandmother’s diamond earring and they re just as beautiful then, as they are now.

I take diamond shopping very seriously. There are a handful of places that are on my list that are acceptable for Brice to buy from. Locally, one of them is Diamonds Direct. Not only do they have very competitive pricing  but they also have very quality diamonds. Upon walking in you are amongst a land of sparkle. They have pieces and price points for everyone.

I had my eye on a pair of diamond studs. I have always wanted a pair. I love how they can be worn everyday and also dressed up for formal events. I went into their newly renovated store and was overwhelmed (in the best way) with all of the options they had for me. I settled on a pair of .75 carat, beautifully simple studs. They were so helpful and patient as I tried on different pairs. They listened to what I liked and didn’t like and found me the perfect pair.

If you ever need a beautiful piece I truly hope you go to Diamonds Direct, if even to experience their amazing store and very helpful customer service. I found my dream stud and through the process I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

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