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Outfit Details // Frances Hart Shirred Neck Collared Dress, Frances Hart White Blouse, Frances Hart Yoked Shirt Dress, Frances Hart Drawstring Poplin Dress

I am blown away. I have laid my eyes on the  MOST beautiful maturity clothing to ever exist: Frances Hart. The details, fabric, and stitching are all so beautiful it is hard to put into words. Right before this package arrived I was having a conversation with my husband. I was going through all of Eleanor’s old clothing and getting them ready for Eloise. 99.9% of what I bought or received for Eleanor was of the highest quality or from artisans or small businesses. It wasn’t until about 6 months when I threw in the towel and purchased a pack of onesies from H&M. She spit up, A LOT, so I wanted something she could ruin and I wouldn’t care. However, as I sat there going through her old clothing, I was blown away at how beautiful all of the items I had spent a little bit more money on had kept and how the H&M items completely changed (for the worse). I ended up getting rid of everything from H&M which made me feel beyond wasteful.

I told my husband how going forward I wanted to buy as few fast fashion items as possible because in the end, they become so wasteful. I would rather save and spend on quality items that last, than fill our world with items that lasted a few months. Now, I love a good Zara dress as much as the next girl but after going through the bin of clothing I just couldn’t stomach the waste of  inexpensive clothing. It honestly hurt my heart.

That was a bit of a tangent but receiving the box from Frances Hart only solidified my new way of thinking. Each piece is so exquisite and well-made. They are items I want to wear now and later. I have even talked to my tailor about altering the dresses for postpartum. I can’t adequately describe the quality of Frances Hart but I can highly recommend them to any expectant mother. Imagine investing in a dress that you can wear while pregnant but is equally as beautiful for postpartum. You kill two birds with one stone.  There was such a void in the market for pieces like this so I am so excited to discover them and cherish their pieces for years to come.

shop the dress here: Frances Hart Shirred Neck Collared Dress

shop the dress here: Frances Hart Yoked Shirt Dress

Shop the dress here: Frances Hart Drawstring Poplin Dress

House Dresses I am Loving Right now

Quarantine has me buying all the comfy house dresses. I honestly don’t feel my best in workout clothing. I feel like I rolled out of bed and gave zero effort, and for me, I need to get dressed to feel productive. I went through my camera feed and picked the last five dresses I wore. I wanted to share links and sizing incase you too want a comfy and cute house dress to wear around.

Sleeper makes some of my favorite, no-fuss house dresses. They are linen so be prepared to have a wrinkle or two but they are so comfy yet beautiful. I wear them around the house, to run errands, and even out to eat. I own four and love each and every one.

Sleeper “Atlanta” Linen Dress in Azure Blue – Wearing a L – This dress is gorgeous. The sleeves are a tad more annoying than I wanted them to be but you feel so gorgeous in this dress you don’t even mind them. It also comes with a matching hair ribbon to make for the ultimate quarantine outfit.

Sleeper Brigitte Dress in Navy – Wearing a XL – This was my first sleeper dress! I have worn it SO.MUCH. I love the navy because it isn’t sheer at all so you can wear it around the house and around town. I am wearing an XL and I feel like the linen stretches a bit so when I went to buy the Atlanta dress I went with an L. I love the short-sleeves for summer. It is the perfect dress to have in your closet for the warmer months.

Rails Valentina Dress – Wearing XL – I am not going to lie, I wasn’t quite sure about this dress at first. It took my husband telling me to keep it for me to fall in love. I worried that it was too oversized (I don’t think I needed to size up for the bump). However, out of all the dresses this is the one I wear the most. IT IS SO COMFY AND SOFT! I feel like I am wearing pajamas but it is a really cute dress! I think I put it on every other day! I can’t explain how soft the material is. I also like that it covers my arms and has plenty of room for my growing bump. I will definitely be wearing this postpartum with my new Superga sneakers!

Emerson Fry Baja Caftan – Wearing XL – This dress is just easy. I love the silhouette and that it is light-weight so I can wear it all summer in the Texas heat (postpartum). It is linen so it can be a touch sheer. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this one looked great on me either but my husband also told me to keep it. I am so happy he did! It is one of those dresses you are just happy to have in your closet and at your reach. Like I said, it is just easy. 

Edith House ‘Boca’ Dress – Wearing L – I LOVE the Boca dress and that it comes in three color ways. The cotton is really soft but also structured. The sleeves make for such a lovely detail. I have worn this to the store with sneakers and around the house with horseshoes. I reach for it a lot in the afternoons when I want to look pulled-together for dinner… in our kitchen.

Edith Hour: ‘The Boca Dress’

Outfit Details // Edith Hour ‘Boca Dress’

Confession: I actually hate wearing at around town. If you see me in workout clothes during the day, just know I had a rough morning or I am not happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, they are super comfortable, but I always think of the generations of women before us who are rolling over in their graves at the thought that we wear leggings and t-shirts everyday. Before I hit 30 I didn’t give this a single thought. I loved my workout clothes for daily use. But the older I get the more I think I should put a little effort into what I wear. All of that to say, I still want to be comfortable. I want to look put together and be comfortable. Is this too much to ask?

Not anymore! Edith Hour just announced a pre-order for their Boca Dress and I AM DYING! It is everything I want my daily wear to be. It is comfortable, so cute, and can be worn from everything to running errands, lounging around the house, and going out. It comes in three different colors, pictured below, so everyone has an option that works best for them. I asked for the sample size to shoot before the dress launched so I could share it with you all. However, sample size I am not. I wanted the dress to be oversized so I ordered an L and am counting down the days until it arrives.

If you want a dress to live in this spring/summer that won’t break the bank but can be everything you want and need it to be, I highly recommend ordering the Boca. Athleisure has nothing on it!


Outfit Details // Edith Hour ‘Boca Dress’


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