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After becoming a mom the amount of nice clothing I need has diminished. My new normal is having some kind of food or drool on me at any moment of the day. I need more Gap & Zara and less of the designers I used to love investing in. That being said, I don’t love spending a lot of money on fast fashion. I think it is a dangerous game to play (in terms of over-consumption and our environment). So with investment pieces out, and trying to cut back on fast fashion, I really found a void in clothing that was priced between $200-$350. It seems everything is way less expensive or way more. A lot of the dresses I found around $200 are either too boho or too beachy.

I am not even sure how I found UNDRESS but it was love at first click. I died at how beautiful the dresses were and almost didn’t click further as I was sure it would be $1000. I.WAS.WRONG. Most dresses are all priced between $200-$400. Because each piece is so timeless and a closet staple I have zero qualms about spending that amount on one item. You can wear one of these dresses for a date night, baby/wedding shower, a wedding, or cocktails!

Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief that such a brand exists! Thank you UNDRESS for filling a massive void in the market!

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From Errands to Cocktails

Errands: Love Sadie Dress With PocketsEv1 From Ellen Degeneres Sneaker

Cocktails: Love Sadie Dress, A.J. Morgan Sunglasses, Sam Edelman Ibis Block Heels Sandal

Getting dressed after having Eleanor is a very different process. I need pieces that are functional, easy to clean, and cover me when I pick up Eleanor or something she has dropped. Adding to the challenge is the Texas heat. It is so hot that dresses (I prefer above the knee) are the only thing I have been reaching for.
I photograph bloggers around Dallas and each one of them kept saying they got pieces from Walmart. They told me Walmart has recently added a lot of different fashion lines and they all loved the pieces they had purchased. Being that I am on a fashion budget, I decided to check it out. I was pretty excited at the things I found. My favorite was definitely the EV1 sneaker. The quality is amazing for $100 sneakers and they are $30!
The Love Sadie dress I found was so easy to go from errands to drinks. And becuase it is $18 it makes it the perfect “mom” dress too. I literally had my husband snap a few photos after I went to the grocery store and UPS. And then I had him take some more photos before we headed out for pre-dinner drinks. So what you see, is 100% real. I will say, the dress has an opening in the back but I had my tailor sew it closed. I love the opening but for this stage in my life, it needed to be sewn.
Other “Errand to Cocktail” looks Under $40:

Post Baby Swimsuit Search

Before leaving for Punta Cana I had the HARDEST time finding a bathing suit. I ordered around 12, at all different price points, and not one worked. Post-baby bodies are different and can be a challenge to dress, especially in a swimsuit. Before leaving I put up on my Insastory that I was desperate to find a swimsuit. I received a lot of feedback. Most people recommended Everything But Water, Mircalesuit, Marysia, the J.Crew ruched one-piece, and Eberjey. I ended up buying the J.Crew ruched one piece and also this random swimsuit by Anna Cole I found on Amazon. I did have people recommend buying high-waisted bottom and bikini top. Let’s just say I gave it my best shot and it was a hard NO.

I have high expectations when it comes to how a on-piece should fit. I blame it on buying Karla Colletto swimsuits over the past few years. Her suits are thick and extremely flattering. I have two and have almost completely worn them out. I LOVE them. The one-shoulder suit I have linked in this post is easy to also wear strapless which is nice for when you wear a cover-up. However, they are a bit pricey, which I don’t think matters since I feel so good in them, but I did want a back-up suit that was a little more affordable.

I have to say I loved the J.Crew suit. It is super soft and extremely comfortable, however, it is a very full coverage bottom and I am just not ready to go there yet. I did wear it a lot more than I expected on my trip, mainly because it was so comfortable and easy to throw on. My favorite inexpensive suit has to be the Amazon purchase. It has a similar fit to the J.Crew suit but is a little thicker material so I felt like it really held me in. The bottoms of the Anna Cole are also a little higher cut so it isn’t as full coverage, which I liked. What I love most about all of these suits

If you are wondering about sizing on these suits here is what I recommend:
Karla Colletto –  True to size
J.Crew – I found that you needed to size up
Anne Cole – Size up one size

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