Outfits From The Weekend

I had such a fabulous weekend getting to celebrate one of my oldest friends marrying the man of her dreams. I have been asked about the dresses and accessories I wore so I wanted to have one spot where I could share them all.

outfit details:  Valentino Pleated Mini Dress, Sam Edelman Heels, Lele Sadoughi Garden Boutquet Earrings


Outfit Details // BHLDN ‘Delice’ Dress (in midnight)


Outfit Details // Bauble Bar Beaded Bracelet

Outfit Details: Bow Barrette


Weezie Robe

I must admit, growing up I never really liked robes. I found them to be big, bulky, and the sleeves were always so annoying. Even though I never liked them, robes always brought the fondest memories of my mom. My mom was the farthest thing from a morning person, but every morning she would shuffle into the kitchen wearing her big robe and slippers, while holding a cup of coffee and start making us breakfast. She always looked so cozy but every time I wore one I found it to be so cumbersome.  And then I had Eleanor. I don’t know what it is about being a mom and wearing a robe but they go together like a dog and a bone. And it is true, the older you get, the more you become your mother. I now roll out of bed, reach for a robe, put my slippers on, shuffle downstairs, make my coffee and start cooking breakfast for Eleanor and the hubs. I AM OFFICIALLY MY MOTHER!

Over the last year there have been a few robes I have found that I love. One of my favorites is the Weezie Towel Short Robe. My favorite part is the short sleeves. I can still cook Eleanor breakfast and do everything I need to do but without having to roll my sleeves up or panic that I just got egg on them. It is also super cozy but without being overly bulky. And once the new baby arrives, I know I will be reaching for it on repeat as the material is so soft (which is so important with a new babe).

The robe below is in their limited edition heart collection. It is such a great gift for Valentines (or Galentines) but also for any new mom. As most moms know, you receive so many gifts for the baby and all the focus is on the baby, that often times your needs go unmet. Buying any new mom a cute robe will not only make them feel special but they will get so much use out of it (also very nursing friendly). It is worth noting, that you can choose which color you would like the robe details to come in, which makes it perfect for a boy or girl mom!

shop their collection here

UNDRESS Clothing

After becoming a mom the amount of nice clothing I need has diminished. My new normal is having some kind of food or drool on me at any moment of the day. I need more Gap & Zara and less of the designers I used to love investing in. That being said, I don’t love spending a lot of money on fast fashion. I think it is a dangerous game to play (in terms of over-consumption and our environment). So with investment pieces out, and trying to cut back on fast fashion, I really found a void in clothing that was priced between $200-$350. It seems everything is way less expensive or way more. A lot of the dresses I found around $200 are either too boho or too beachy.

I am not even sure how I found UNDRESS but it was love at first click. I died at how beautiful the dresses were and almost didn’t click further as I was sure it would be $1000. I.WAS.WRONG. Most dresses are all priced between $200-$400. Because each piece is so timeless and a closet staple I have zero qualms about spending that amount on one item. You can wear one of these dresses for a date night, baby/wedding shower, a wedding, or cocktails!

Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief that such a brand exists! Thank you UNDRESS for filling a massive void in the market!

SHOP UNDRESS (click here)

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