Alexis Isabel Shoe

Outfit Details // Alexis Isabel ‘Uni’ shoeRhode Resort ‘Ella’ dress, J.Crew sunglasses

True Story: I have always saved my money for nice accessories. I feel like you can buy inexpensive clothing and make it look expensive by adding nice accessories. When I first graduated college I was earning next to nothing. I decided to stop highlighting my hair (thank goodness ombre was trendy), I never got my nails done, and I ate at home a lot. I chose to save and spend when I saw a nice accessory or something that would last. I still have and love the YSL ring that I saved up for and “splurged on” during that time. This is why I always recommend investing in quality accessories, they last!

During quarantine I made an effort to dress up everyday. I bought a few inexpensive, comfy dresses from different shops but wanted a fun shoe to dress them up. I searched and searched for something unique, beautiful and quality. When my friend sent me the Alexis Isabel Uni sandal I melted. Not only was the color to die for, but each jewel is handset in Napoli, Italy. Does it get any better quality and craftsman than that?

I have already worn them multiple times and love them more and more each time. The Italian leather gets softer and more beautiful with each wear. I know I will have these for years to come and like a fine wine, they will just get better with age!

Outfit Details // Alexis Isabel ‘Uni’ shoeRhode Resort ‘Ella’ dress, J.Crew sunglasses

Frances Hart

Outfit Details // Frances Hart Shirred Neck Collared Dress, Frances Hart White Blouse, Frances Hart Yoked Shirt Dress, Frances Hart Drawstring Poplin Dress

I am blown away. I have laid my eyes on the  MOST beautiful maturity clothing to ever exist: Frances Hart. The details, fabric, and stitching are all so beautiful it is hard to put into words. Right before this package arrived I was having a conversation with my husband. I was going through all of Eleanor’s old clothing and getting them ready for Eloise. 99.9% of what I bought or received for Eleanor was of the highest quality or from artisans or small businesses. It wasn’t until about 6 months when I threw in the towel and purchased a pack of onesies from H&M. She spit up, A LOT, so I wanted something she could ruin and I wouldn’t care. However, as I sat there going through her old clothing, I was blown away at how beautiful all of the items I had spent a little bit more money on had kept and how the H&M items completely changed (for the worse). I ended up getting rid of everything from H&M which made me feel beyond wasteful.

I told my husband how going forward I wanted to buy as few fast fashion items as possible because in the end, they become so wasteful. I would rather save and spend on quality items that last, than fill our world with items that lasted a few months. Now, I love a good Zara dress as much as the next girl but after going through the bin of clothing I just couldn’t stomach the waste of  inexpensive clothing. It honestly hurt my heart.

That was a bit of a tangent but receiving the box from Frances Hart only solidified my new way of thinking. Each piece is so exquisite and well-made. They are items I want to wear now and later. I have even talked to my tailor about altering the dresses for postpartum. I can’t adequately describe the quality of Frances Hart but I can highly recommend them to any expectant mother. Imagine investing in a dress that you can wear while pregnant but is equally as beautiful for postpartum. You kill two birds with one stone.  There was such a void in the market for pieces like this so I am so excited to discover them and cherish their pieces for years to come.

shop the dress here: Frances Hart Shirred Neck Collared Dress

shop the dress here: Frances Hart Yoked Shirt Dress

Shop the dress here: Frances Hart Drawstring Poplin Dress

House Dresses I am Loving Right now

Quarantine has me buying all the comfy house dresses. I honestly don’t feel my best in workout clothing. I feel like I rolled out of bed and gave zero effort, and for me, I need to get dressed to feel productive. I went through my camera feed and picked the last five dresses I wore. I wanted to share links and sizing incase you too want a comfy and cute house dress to wear around.

Sleeper makes some of my favorite, no-fuss house dresses. They are linen so be prepared to have a wrinkle or two but they are so comfy yet beautiful. I wear them around the house, to run errands, and even out to eat. I own four and love each and every one.

Sleeper “Atlanta” Linen Dress in Azure Blue – Wearing a L – This dress is gorgeous. The sleeves are a tad more annoying than I wanted them to be but you feel so gorgeous in this dress you don’t even mind them. It also comes with a matching hair ribbon to make for the ultimate quarantine outfit.

Sleeper Brigitte Dress in Navy – Wearing a XL – This was my first sleeper dress! I have worn it SO.MUCH. I love the navy because it isn’t sheer at all so you can wear it around the house and around town. I am wearing an XL and I feel like the linen stretches a bit so when I went to buy the Atlanta dress I went with an L. I love the short-sleeves for summer. It is the perfect dress to have in your closet for the warmer months.

Rails Valentina Dress – Wearing XL – I am not going to lie, I wasn’t quite sure about this dress at first. It took my husband telling me to keep it for me to fall in love. I worried that it was too oversized (I don’t think I needed to size up for the bump). However, out of all the dresses this is the one I wear the most. IT IS SO COMFY AND SOFT! I feel like I am wearing pajamas but it is a really cute dress! I think I put it on every other day! I can’t explain how soft the material is. I also like that it covers my arms and has plenty of room for my growing bump. I will definitely be wearing this postpartum with my new Superga sneakers!

Emerson Fry Baja Caftan – Wearing XL – This dress is just easy. I love the silhouette and that it is light-weight so I can wear it all summer in the Texas heat (postpartum). It is linen so it can be a touch sheer. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this one looked great on me either but my husband also told me to keep it. I am so happy he did! It is one of those dresses you are just happy to have in your closet and at your reach. Like I said, it is just easy. 

Edith House ‘Boca’ Dress – Wearing L – I LOVE the Boca dress and that it comes in three color ways. The cotton is really soft but also structured. The sleeves make for such a lovely detail. I have worn this to the store with sneakers and around the house with horseshoes. I reach for it a lot in the afternoons when I want to look pulled-together for dinner… in our kitchen.

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