The Haves and The Have Nots: Tablescape Edition

  1. Sacha Lottie London Bamboo Cutlery – I just ordered a set of this for myself. I think cutlery is the easiest way to up your tablescape game. It can be quite expensive, however, the price point on this bamboo set is hard to beat.
  2. Jean Roger Ceramic Candlestick – I love adding height to my table by using candlesticks. I have had my eye on these for a while. I usually use antique candlesticks I find on Etsy but I am loving the funkiness of these.
  3. Love Shack Fancy ‘La Vie en Rose’ tablecloth – I have had this tablecloth in my cart for probably six months and never pulled the trigger. I finally purchased it for a baby shower I am hosting. I can’t wait for it to arrive tomorrow.
  4. Pomelo Casa Azul Small Pitcher – I have this and love it. The pitcher is so cute and adds a fun pop to any table. I especially love to fill it with lemonade by the pool in the summer.
  5. Atelier Saucier Lunchbox Linens – I am dying to get these for Eleanor. My husband grew up only using cloth napkins and I love that. She starts going to school five days a week next year. How cute would these be in her lunchbox?
  6. Mercedes Salazar Circular Pineapple Tray – I love what Mercedes creates. Every item just screams summer.
  7.  Williams Sonoma La Porcellana Bianca Firenze Dinner Plates – I actually just bought these and the matching salad plate. I could think of so many different tables I wanted to create using them. And for the price I couldn’t say no. A pretty white plate is always a must in your china cabinet.
  8. Laboratorio Parvicini Swallow Play Dinner Plates – I have been dreaming of these plates for a looong time. One day, one day I will have them in my cabinet.
  9. Williams Sonoma Heart Dinner Plate – I just purchased these. Not only would they be so cute for Valentines day but also for a girls lunch or couples dinner party. I think matching them with funky glassware and fun name cards would make them less Valentines and more fun.
  10. Gmundner Keramik Alpine Flowers Set of 6 Dessert plate – I am a sucker for anything with the name ‘Alpine’ in it. It reminds me of all the amazing lunches and dinners al fresco at my in-laws. Which makes me really happy.
  11. Summerill & Bishop Bespoke Handblown Tumbler – I have had my eye on these for a long time. I am planning to pull the trigger soon so I can have them before summer. I am dying to put naughty French words on each of them.
  12. Cabana Capri • Gstaad Set Of 2 Floral Placemat + Napkin Set – I love blue and white and I LOVE Gstaad. It has been a city Brice and I have visited numerous times and it always makes me happy. I just wish I could use these in our chalet in Gstaad. Oh to dream!
  13. Hibiscus Linen Monogrammed Kitchen Towel – We need new kitchen towels desperately. I love the coloring and personalization of these. Simple, functional, and beautiful.
  14. Williams Sonoma Vintage Etched Goblet – I own this style glass in clear goblet and it is by far my most used glass. I loved the pink of this one but I have a similar style and color already so I opted for this tumbler instead.
  15. Atelier Saucier Blush/Orange Linen napkins – I love mixing funky napkin with a more serious table. Adding playful touches to a table makes it youthful, inviting, and relaxes your guest for a fun evening ahead.
  16. Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Azalea Dinner Plate – These were on my wishlist for a long time and my husband finally let me buy them for my Christmas gift this year. He thinks I have an obnoxious amount of plates so it took a bit of convincing. They are so beautiful and I love all of the different color ways. I am counting down the days until they arrive.
  17. Von Gern Home Striped Lacquered Placemat – I own these and love them. The lacquer on them is not only insanely beautiful but they are also very practical. They are easy to clean and make for a very fun table. I find myself using them a lot for our family dinners (hello toddler life).
  18. Houses and Parties Champagne Bucket and Stand – Every summer I say I am going to buy a champagne bucket and stand, and every summer goes by and I still don’t own one. This year, I am not making the mistake. I love the simplicity and classic design of this one.
  19. Petite Party Hand Painted Taper Candle  – I have a girl crush on Ally. She is so fun and I love everything she comes up with, like these candles. They are stunning! They would be gorgeous with my Love Shack Fancy linen.
  20. D. Porthault Coeur Laminated Trays – I have wanted a nightgown from D. Porthault for the longest time. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I did purchase their laminated trays. I bought one small pink and one small blue for the girls bathrooms. Fo myself, I purchased the large pink heart which I plan to use for my friends baby shower and for the girls birthday parties going forward.
  21. LouLou La Dune Astral Linen Placemats – I love anything LouLou La Dune does. Their placemats are exquisite. They are on the pricer side so I am still saving up for some but when I finally have my “LouLou La Dune Piggybank” full, I want this set!

Dogwood Hill Christmas Cards

Growing up I LOVED going through the stack of Christmas cards my family would receive. I could go through them everyday and never get bored of it. I loved seeing the family photos and all of the gorgeous festive cards. Once I had a family of my own I was very excited to get to start this tradition. Something I also wanted to do was save our family’s card every year and have giggles over how much we changed and to also enjoy all of our different cards through the years.

When we first had Eleanor I was feeling really good to just get a card out. I didn’t spend as much time or effort in the actual card as I would have liked. It was a whirlwind of a year and I was just happy to get “something” in the mail. Last year my card stepped its’ game up, but it still wasn’t exactly as I had wanted it. But this year, I made up for all the previous years. I LOVE our 2020 Christmas card!

After spending more time doing research on the best places to go I decided to use Dogwood Hill. I love that they are a small business. I also love how each of their products is made with love and quality. I am kind of picky when it comes to design. I want nostalgic Christmas, but not cheesy. I want it to be red and green, but not too much. I want beautiful, traditional font, but not too stiff. You get the point. Dogwood Hill has so many options that it didn’t take long to find the perfect card! I decided on the, “Highclere Holiday Wreath” design.  Our cards are thick, with gorgeous printing, and a classic design. They are perfectly, “us.” Dogwood Hill’s cards really do go above and beyond and I know I will look back on this years card with so much fondness.

If you are still in need of a Christmas card I hope you consider Dogwood Hill. They have many options so I am sure, like me,  you will find exactly what you are looking for. And when you finally settle on that perfect Christmas design you can use Hafnerholiday10 for 10% off your purchase! I know you will be just as happy as I am!

Mary Hafner Dogwood Hill Dogwood Hill Mary Hafner

Weezie Towels for Kids

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! I have been waiting to share with y’all the new Weezie Kids Collection for the last few weeks. Y’all know I am a HUGE fan of Weezie Towels for adults (here I am in their robe) and for the pool (here is the post I did on their pool towels) but I can finally spoil my kids and wrap them up in their towels after bath time.

The girls bath time routine is the craziest part of the day, but is also one of my favorites. They both LOVE this time and get excited when I say, “let’s go take a bath.” I know these moments go so quickly so I am trying to soak them in. I have had to let go of the constant drying the floors from all the splashes creating tidal waves over the bathtub. And the continuous, “I can do it myself,” from Eleanor when it comes to washing not only her hair, but also the baby’s. So as chaotic as these moments can be, I really love them.

Getting to wrap my girls up in such special and soft towels after their bath just adds to the moment. Eleanor has loved getting to match her sister and asks for her “robe” (robe) as soon as she gets out of the bath. I am so excited about the Weezie for kids launch and hope that your little ones love their products as much as mine have the last few weeks.

** They offer different bundles so you are sure to find what you are looking for. For Eleanor, I got the robe and washcloth set. For Eloise, I got the washcloth, towel, and bib set.

Weezie Towels Mary Hafner Mary Hafner Mary Hafner Weezie Towel Weezie Towels Weezie Towels

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