How To Use Hot Rollers To Get Full Hair

My most requested blog post has definitely been, “How do I use Hot Rollers?” To be honest, I have been using hot rollers since junior high. They always worked for me so I never paid much attention to the process. It wasn’t until recently that people have really been wanting to know what I do to my hair which made me take notice. Over the past year I have noticed a difference in my hair as well. I truly believe it is not only the hot rollers but the process I use before even placing a roller in my hair. Below I outline what I do, but I also have a video here that walks you step by step though the process. I think it will be helpful to see the technique I use when applying the curlers.

As for products I use, the blog post will have everything linked and the order in which I use them.

STEP 1: The first thing I do before getting in the shower is to TURN MY ROLLERS ON! This will give them enough time to heat up and be perfect by the time I use them.

STEP 2: The first thing I do after I get out of the shower is to put my hair in the Turbie Twist Hair Towel. I love that the microfiber helps absorb extra moisture from my hair. This brand is my favorite because it stays secure on my head, has an easy elastic band to secure the tip of the towel and has lasted me years. I have tried many different brands over the years and this is the only one that has really held up.

STEP 3: After I take my hair our of the Turbie Twist Hair Towel I put a quarter size of the Arbonne Hair Leave-In Treatment on my ends and then quickly rub any extra on the hair near my scalp. This product has been HUGE in helping repair my damaged hair and also protecting it from heat. I can really tell a difference in my hair when I use it versus when I don’t. Not only does it feel more hydrated but the ends don’t feel as frayed.

STEP 4: After my ends have been coated in the Arbonne Hair Leave-In Treatment I then spray the Oribe Royal Blowout all over my head. Oribe Royal Blowout is amazing at making your blowout look smooth and professional. My mom said it made her hair too soft but I haven’t found that. I find my blowouts to look a lot less frizzy than when I don’t use it.

STEP 5: After my hair is coated and sprayed, I brush both products and my tangles out using the WET brush. This brush is specifically created to use on wet hair to minimize breakage.

STEP 6: Next, I use the Dyson Blow Dryer to blow dry my hair until it is COMPLETELY DRY. This is key! You don’t want even a little bit of moisture in your hair or the curl will not hold. The Dyson has been a total game changer for my hair. I didn’t want to love it. I even laughed when I heard people who had purchased it. It is an investment, that is for sure. I always said, “That much money for a HAIR DRYER! You must be out of your mind.” However, this last Christmas my mom gave me one and the before and after are insane. Actually, I think after I started regularly using the Arbonne Hair Leave-In Treatment and the Dyson Blow Dryer is when people wanted to know what I had been doing to my hair. I can’t say that it dries my hair that much faster, but oh my heavens is the result so much better! My hair is smoother and healthier than it has ever been. I am a convert! I even noticed it with my mom when she started using it. Her hair, which usually suffers from breakage, looked more healthy and thicker than I had ever seen it. They say it is because the dryer has heat control so your hair doesn’t “Fry” like it might with traditional hair dryers. I believe it! I hate being such a fan because it is $$$ but I can’t deny something when it works!

STEP 7: Alright, it is hot roller time! By now your hot rollers should be pretty hot. I use a brand that has been discontinued but I do recommend the BaBylissPRO Hot Rollers. I only use the large rollers in the box because I want big curls and I have long hair. However, if you have short hair, play around with the medium and large size to see which one gives you the look you want.

I always start with the crown of my head. I grab only the hair at the crown so it isn’t too thick. Brush this chunk of hair and grab your largest roller. Place the roller about two inches from the end of your hair. Take the ends of your hair and wrap them around the curler. From here start rolling the curler to the base of your head. Roll the curler so the hair is being tucked under and not on top. The entire time you are rolling your hair down, pull the roller and the hair away from your scalp so it is very tight. Once the curler is tight and at your root, take the metal U-shaped clip and secure it to the curler. I only like using the U-shape clip because the other clips crease my hair. I even throw any other clip away!

My next chunk of hair is from the bang to the curler you just secured. Do the same exact process as above. Brush, manually roll your ends around the roller, hold tight and then roll all the way down. For the sides, I follow the same steps but I section the hair into three different sections. I don’t like large chunks of hair in each roller because I don’t think you get the type of curl that lasts.

STEP 8: After letting them sit for a minimum of 15 minutes (the longer they are in, the tighter and stronger the curl) I take them out, brush them, and then add a touch of hairspray to help them hold. They will fall quite a bit so don’t be scared at the initial sight.


I hope this helps lay our my steps. This video will be helpful in seeing the rolling process in real-time. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Edith Hour: ‘The Boca Dress’

Outfit Details // Edith Hour ‘Boca Dress’

Confession: I actually hate wearing at around town. If you see me in workout clothes during the day, just know I had a rough morning or I am not happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, they are super comfortable, but I always think of the generations of women before us who are rolling over in their graves at the thought that we wear leggings and t-shirts everyday. Before I hit 30 I didn’t give this a single thought. I loved my workout clothes for daily use. But the older I get the more I think I should put a little effort into what I wear. All of that to say, I still want to be comfortable. I want to look put together and be comfortable. Is this too much to ask?

Not anymore! Edith Hour just announced a pre-order for their Boca Dress and I AM DYING! It is everything I want my daily wear to be. It is comfortable, so cute, and can be worn from everything to running errands, lounging around the house, and going out. It comes in three different colors, pictured below, so everyone has an option that works best for them. I asked for the sample size to shoot before the dress launched so I could share it with you all. However, sample size I am not. I wanted the dress to be oversized so I ordered an L and am counting down the days until it arrives.

If you want a dress to live in this spring/summer that won’t break the bank but can be everything you want and need it to be, I highly recommend ordering the Boca. Athleisure has nothing on it!


Outfit Details // Edith Hour ‘Boca Dress’


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