Caftan crazy

I must apologize for being MIA on the blog lately. Between the wedding, trips, and moving, life has been a whirlwind. I am off to finish moving my apartment and getting everything organized so I hope to be back on track with the blog soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Now, to this dress! I bought it a few weeks ago while on a shopping outing with this Chi town blogger. I was a little nervous to buy it because I have been trying to save money and didn’t know how often I would wear it. I try to only buy items that I can immediately think of three different ways or events to wear it. Long story short, I impulsively decided to buy now and think later. Good thing I did pull that trigger because I have seriously worn the threads off this dress in a matter of weeks. Who knew caftans could be so versatile. I have worn it with heels to an art gala and flats to get my hair done. I think it is a great addition for any closet. 
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Quote Friday

I was scrolling through One Kings Lane this morning and came across a “Pillow Talk” section. I am such a quote junkie (if you couldn’t tell every Friday) so I wanted to see what they had. This pillow instantly caught my attention. With all of the hustle and bussle of life it is easy to let it pass by without being present in the moment. This is something I try and work on every day; just enjoy the moment. I always get so wrapped up in the future and making plans that I do, very often, forget about the now. So whether it takes a pillow or many more years of practice I am going to try and “stop for a minute and smile” because it does go by very fast!

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Spilling the beans

When you are a girl and you find a product you love, our natural instinct is to share it with our closest girlfriends. That is what I am doing today!

Growing up in the 90’s, pre-apple boom, and on a lake, my days were mainly spent in the sun. It was great at the time as I was able to maintain a sun-kissed tan almost all year round, however, my poor skin has been showing the after-effects as the years pass on. My once naturally bronzed skin is speckled with sun spots that worsen with age. yuck! Because of these lovely additions to my face, I am a total sunscreen junkie. I feel naked if I walk outside without it which means I now live my life a shade below ghostly white.

Knowing I can’t tan I have turned to every sunless tanner in the english speaking world. I have always been slightly disappointed either by the results or the smell. I finally threw up the white flag and embraced my paleness when I received an e-mail from a friend who worked at Xen-Tan. She sent me a few samples to try and when I finally received the package I tried out the goods immediately.  I was a bit nervous when my fiance walked into the room and gave me a hug. In the past he would pull away with his nose squinting from the smell, but this time he said, “wow you smell great. What is that?”

Not only did I have the most beautiful tan but I actually smelt good!!! Success. Long story short, it is a great product I had to share with my girlfriends.

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