Off To Camp

I am such a sucker for soft, vintage, shirts so when Camp Beverly Hills popped up in my inbox I jumped. I remember the brand from when I was little. Something about seeing a young Drew Barrymore in the brand instantly stuck. I got this shirt a size bigger than normal and couldn’t be happier. I have already slept, lounged, and worked out in it.  The material is light weight but super soft not to mention it makes me a little reminiscent of my days I wore pigtails and watched Troop Beverly Hills. 
 Photography by Allison

Dressing For Real

The point of this blog is not to show you all of the items I have in my closet but rather to to show you ways you can style pieces you already have and to be inspired by your closet from real people with real-world lives. The reason, I believe, fashion bloggers have taken off the way they have is because we are everyday people dressing in everyday life, not a fancy vogue cover where the average person will never be able to afford even the sock the model is wearing. 
Well this whole real person, everyday clothing was never more true than this morning. Lately I have been a bit lazy in the dressing department and find myself digging through my fiancés closet to find inspiration. After finding this shirt (which I have lived in the past week) I threw it on this morning and made him run outside to snap some pics. Yes, that is right, I am wearing this outfit as I sit here and type this. Sometimes those days when you feel lazy and uninspired end up being some of the best looks.
Photography by Brice

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