Easy Packing With The “STTS Web Technique”

When I used to travel I always thought about which outfits would be the cutest. Now I think about which outfits will be the most practical. My motto when I pack is, how many different ways can I wear a single piece? It has actually become like a puzzle game and I challenge myself each trip. To accomplish this I lay out the big pieces I want to bring (blazers, pants, jeans) in a line and then from there I lay the builder pieces in between to create a “web” of numerous outfits. I then take a photo and start packing.

With this outfit I knew I could get a lot of use out of the navy blazer, grey jeans, and white t-shirt. To give a quick packing example of my “web”: I laid the jeans and navy blazer on the floor. In between the two I put this white t-shirt (to show they could be worn together) and then on the opposite side of the jeans I placed a black sweater (which I could wear with the leather pants placed next to them), and then under the jeans and leather pants I placed a white silk button-up and this camel coat to show the blouse could be worn with the jeans or the leather pants. This web makes it so much easier to pack efficiently. If you try it you will see how easy it is to take one piece and then create a “web of outfits,” eliminating any overpacking.

Easy Packing With The "STTS Web Technique" august california travel bag-18 august california travel bag-17 august california travel bag-16 Easy Packing With The "STTS Web Technique" Easy Packing With The "STTS Web Technique"

outfit details // August California ‘The Courchevel’ bag (40% off with code blackfriday40), J.Crew Regent Blazer (30% off with code Holiday), Céline Pointed Toe Flats (brown and black version), IRO Skinny Jeans

The Find
Whereabouts: Dallas, TX

Travel • Jet Set Kit

Every international traveler wants to feel refreshed upon landing and this Jet Set Kit is the answer to our prayers.  The kit contain antiperspirant wipes for powerful wetness and odor protection, breath refreshers refresh your breath, wipes to remove makeup/dirt and wipes to safely clean the surface of your computer or smartphone. The kit comes in a set of 12 wipes (3 of each) and is perfect for that traveler in in your life.

Travel • Old Havana Sneak Peek

I have been working hard on editing my hundreds of photos from Cuba! What a photogenic city! It was an absolutely incredible experience that I am excited to share with all of you! I have so many tips for your trip there that I had to learn the hard way! I can’t wait to share them with all of you. Stay tuned… In the mean time here is a little sneak peek of a photo I took of the “streets in Cuba.” For more photos check out my Instagram – @sothentheysayblog

Outfits • J.Crew Regent Blazer

I have always loved a good blazer but finding one that fits perfectly can be a challenge. When I first tried on the J.Crew Regent blazer I fell head over heels. I never stopped thinking about it. When J.Crew was having a sale I went in to buy it and they said it was the only thing not on sale! Go figure! I bought the blue anyways and have practically worn it out! Now the blazer is FINALLY on sale and I think I want the camel and the black! Enter Code GetShopping to get 30% off yours!

Outfits • The Boot at a Discount

If you have a pulse you have seen the Stuart Weiztman Highland Boot. It is a gorgeous over-the-knee boot but at $700+ it is a bit pricey for most of us. While looking for gifts last night I stumbled upon these Steve Madden OTK boots that are an almost identical copy. And at $150 it is hard to say no! If you want the look for less consider these beauties!


at home • Confetti Balloons

I am not a D.I.Y. person. At all. Actually it sounds like hell to me to sit in a room crafting but something about making my own Confetti Balloon doesn’t scare me away. I am thinking about getting these and making them with my sweet nieces over Christmas. A fun activity with a beautiful (and fun) end result!

Rue Crémieux, Paris

When I travel I am constantly on the Internet or Instagram looking for new places to discover and things to see. I kept seeing Rue Crémieux while looking at photos of Paris and on my trip in October I decided it was time to pay it a visit. It is located in the 12th and is very close the the Gare de Lyon. It is by far the most colorful street in all of Paris. It is quite a short street but it takes a solid 20-30 minutes to take it all in and get that perfect photo! While walking along the pinks and blues you almost feel like you are in Notting Hill, London. All the pastels are a far cry from the historic and neutral (but still beautiful) architecture of Paris. Rue Crémieux  is definitely something I recommend visiting on your second or third visit – after you have seen the other “Paris Musts.”

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