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Eating is my bliss. I know you are suppose to “eat to live” but I am 100% guilty of  “living to eat.” I enjoy a delicious meal like a dog loves a new bone (first thing that came to mind as my dog sits here excitedly eating her new bone). Good food does not only further the enjoyment of your day/night but it can also bond people, nurture lasting relationships, and create happiness. Yes, good food is that important! Luckily my new favorite city had insanely delicious food. Below you will find a scrolling gallery on more information of eateries I enjoyed on my last visit to Charleston. Be sure to scroll through and e-mail or comment with any questions.

List of Eateries (scroll through gallery for more info)

Bull Street Gourmet and Market

Cru Cafe

The Grocery

The Macintosh

The Market Pavilion Bar

Butcher and Bee

* special thanks to all of these restaurants and the Charleston CVB for hosting us

all images via the restaurants webpage

The Find
Whereabouts: Dallas, Tx

Beauty • Kate Somerville

I love Kate Somerville skincare. I have used her face wash for the past year and it is really nourishing so when I heard about her ‘DermalQuench Liquid Lift‘ from a friend I knew I had to try it! Luckily, my other friend Molly had a spare and is letting me try it! So far, so amazing! It shoots out cold (because of the nitrogen) and makes your entire face feel like an angel! Ya, pretty amazing! I highly recommend reading up on it and giving it a try!

Outfits • My Favorite // Chanel No. 5

Since Chanel has released their latest film for Chanel No.5 I thought I would share my all time favorite! I know everyone is loving Gisele’s version but there is something that is so beautiful about Nicole Kidman’s. Maybe it was because it was the first one I saw or because of the last shot of her walking the red carpet but the entire film has stuck with me through the years. I think it is absolutely exquisite! If you never saw it or forgot its beauty, let me help you remember! I hope you think it is a magical as I do!

Cuyana Cape Creativity

Confession: when I have to pack for a weekend with my husband – piece of cake. When I have to pack for a weekend with a group of fashion bloggers – total stress mode. You already know everyone is going to look amazing so coming up with different looks can be quite the task. I used to freak out and buy new pieces for weekends or events like this but now I try to re-create looks that I already have. I.e. shop my own closet!  I take different pieces that are really versatile and try to make them more “artistic.” So if I wore a dress with a long necklace I will put a shirt under it and a chain around my neck or throw a sweater over a dress to create multiple layers. Doing this type of packing forces me to stay creative, save money, and actually wear all of the items in my closet! This was my exact plan when packing for my girls trip in Charleston a few weeks ago.

I must admit, this Cuyana Alpaca cape is just about the most creative item I have in my closet. I first saw Molly wearing it and knew I needed it. I thought it would be perfect to throw on for travel – bundle up when the air gets freezing on the plane. But when it came in I literally thought of a million+ different ways to style it. For this evening I wanted to create a twisted look so I took one side of the cape and threw it over my shoulder. I then took the remaining corner of the other opposite side and threw it over the other shoulder, thus creating a layered/twisted look. I can’t wait to show you all of the other ways to style this piece so you can see just why you need it in your closet and just how versatile it is! Stay tuned…

so-then-they-say-cuyana-cape-HR-2 so-then-they-say-cuyana-cape-HR-5 so-then-they-say-cuyana-cape-HR-6 so-then-they-say-cuyana-cape-HR-7 so-then-they-say-cuyana-cape-HR-13 so-then-they-say-cuyana-cape-HR-14

Outfits • Gift Idea – Zodiac Necklace

Let’s be real.  The holidays are approaching and everyone is looking for the perfect personalized gift without spending a fortune. I just helped you. This Zodiac necklace is not only under $45 but it is also incredibly chic and timeless. Any girl would be thrilled to receive this! Go ahead and order it so you aren’t waiting until the last minute to get your bestie or your sister her gift!

Outfits • Gold Bug Collection

There is something so fulfilling about finding unique souvenirs. This past trip to Charleston I found the perfect Souvenir –  Goldbug Jewelry. Designed after the palmetto bug (Charleston’s very own) their pieces are some of the most unique pieces I have ever seen. I received these earrings while I was there and will treasure them for years to come! Not only are they beautiful but they will remind me of my time spent in the amazing city! Definitely check them out at Croghans in Charleston or shop the collection online!

Outfits • Pill Study

Okay, so budget wise this might be kind of crazy but art wise how amazing is this? It is called Pill Study and it takes over the counter pills into an entirely new light. Anything that takes everyday items and turns them into a statement. Well, that is my kind of artist! Thank you Ray Geary!

Walking The Streets Of Charleston

There are certain things I highly recommend doing when traveling to a new city. One of these is hiring a private tour guide to show you around the city and teach you about the history so you have a deeper appreciation for where you are. I never did this until the hubs and I (then just dating) traveled to Venice, Italy. I know most people say how romantic Venice is but after two days we were getting stir crazy and a bit bored. Eeek, I can’t believe I just admitted to that, but it was the truth. On the third day his mom suggested we find a private tour guide to show us around. Since we didn’t have much else to do, we agreed. We met up with her the next morning and she walked us all around Venice and explained the history of each street and what the significance of the canals were and so on. At the end of the tour we both looked at each other and were a bit disappointed we didn’t hire her the first day because we really loved the city after we knew all of the why’s and how’s about it.

While in Charleston I was really pleased to see we had a walking tour already on the schedule. Thanks CVB! Saturday morning we met with our guide from Bulldog Tours and set off! Not only are walking tours great exercise but you also get to really embrace the city and see it from were a local sees it. I always highly recommend them! Our guide from Bulldog Tours was amazing! Being born and raised in Charleston he knew all of the ins and outs of the beautiful city. I absolutely loved hearing his passion for Charleston. It definitely made all of us fall in love with the city more (if that was even possible). The tour was extremely  informative and très interesting! My favorite facts: the part about the pirates who were hung along the coast so that other pirates were  not tempted to stop at Charleston. Or, that most of the houses are haunted but are seemingly friendly ghosts! Okay, so I know that isn’t quite the history you thought you were going to hear but those are the stories that stuck with me! I guess you will just have to take a tour for yourself to hear more! Be sure to contact Bulldog when you go! You will NOT be disappointed!

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