A Night With Zsofias, Fashion Veggie & STTS

I am so excited to be hosting an event at the ever so chic and gorgeous lingerie store, Zsofia’s this Wednesday the 25th from 5-8pm. When my dear friend and co-host, Molly of the Fashion Veggie, was presented with this ‘lingerie, champagne and dogs’ event she said the first person she thought of was me. Which I am very pleased that those adjectives brought the idea that, “Mary would be perfect for this event” to her head! That is seriously why I love Molly! She just gets me.

If you are around this Wednesday the 25th come see the beautiful Zsofia, drink some champagne and shop for a good cause! Good Cause? Zsofia has generously offered to donate a portion of the proceeds to Paws in the City – a non-profit, no-kill organization with a mission to ending the overpopulation, abuse, and neglect of Dallas/Ft. Worth area dogs and cats. The entire evening is a win/win!

Also, be sure to ask Zsofia about her new line she is designing. A beautiful range of old school glamour lingerie, all while keeping everything affordable. I have gotten a sneak peak and it is UNREAL! Think bodices with lace sleeves and silk 1920’s rompers. She is so talented and kind, you will get lost in conversation!

***Oh and I must say, if lingerie isn’t your thing (seriously?!) then don’t use that as an excuse not to come. Zsofia’s has EVERYTHING you need! I just bought a t-shirt bra from here that is full coverage and amazing! It seriously cinches me in for that perfect “effortlessly chic” t-shirt look.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Party Details:

WhereZsofia’s (1130 Dragon St Suite 160 Dallas, Texas 75207)

When? Wednesday the 25th

What time? from 5-8pm

What For? Shopping for a cause with Paws in the City

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The Find
Whereabouts: Paris, France

Outfits • The Swimsuit Coverup

With a trip to Italy coming up soon I am on the hunt for chic swimsuit coverups. Usually I just wear an oversized button-up  but I want something that screams, “Italian summer.” For some reason, these striped J.Crew pants do that! I think they would be perfect for around the pool or around the town! I just bought a pair and plan to wear it with a button-up and a bright scarf tied around my head! buy them here

Travel • Best Views of Paris From Above

Paris is gorgeous, but what might rival the city from the ground? Seeing it from above. I have rounded-up the nine best places to “See Paris From Above.” If you have a trip planned or will visit Paris at any time in the future, do yourself a favor and SAVE THIS LIST. Your homework – to at least visit one of these on your next trip. You will not be disappointed.

see the entire list here

Tips for Traveling with TSA Pre-Check


This blog post came from a “lesson learned the hard way” event that happened yesterday. Before traveling to L.A. I realized I had made some very rookie mistakes, so before any of you make them, I wanted to share some tips. If you are not already TSA Pre-Check certified I recommend checking it out. The $100 for five years is 100% worth it! Not only do you get to leave your shoes on and laptops in the bag during security, you are welcomed by shorter lines and an overall easier travel experience.

If you do have TSA Pre-Check here is some valuable information to remember:

  • First and foremost, make sure the same name on your airline ticket matches your “Known Traveler Name.”
    • Lesson: I didn’t put my middle name on my Virgin America account but it is on my Known Traveler account. Since the names did not match up 100% I did not get TSA Pre Check. The solution – to pay $150 to preform a “name change” on my ticket. Moral of the story – MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS EXACTLY THE SAME
  • When you receive your “Known Traveler Number” insert that in every single airline website, every single time before you book your trip. If you do not put it in before booking you will not have pre-check listed on your ticket and you will need to call the airlines to get them to add it.
  • If you need the airline to add your KTN after you have already checked-in, ask them to check you out and then re-check in. Hopefully the system has updated and your pre-check will show up. If they tell you they can’t “un-check you” they are lying and ask for a manager!
  • If Pre-Check does not show up on your ticket and you booked through a third party, double check that the numbers are correct. Most of the time they miss one number which will prevent you from getting your pre-check status

Really, this post is to make you aware how important it is to get the numbers and name correct the first time. I had no idea you needed to add this before booking, or add it every time you book. My husband or a travel agent usually books my flight so I really had to learn the hard way. Yesterday, instead of breezing through the pre-check line (as I have done for three years), I was waiting in an hour long line trying to get through regular security! Seriously, do yourself a favor and PAY ATTENTION! I promise you, had I known this, it would have saved so many pre-trip stresses!!


Outfits • The Silk Tee

If there is one item I wear in my closet more than any other, it is a t-shirt. But as easy as it is to reach for the ‘T’ sometimes I need something a little fancier. That is when I reach for the silk t-shirt! It gives me the same minimal, laid-back look but with a little more sophistication. I wear it almost every weekend- with jeans, skirts, dress pants. It works with everything! shop it here

at home • The Record Player

Ever since getting my parents old record player last year I am obsessed. I have been going on shopping sprees to the record store and listening to it non-stop. The crackle of the music is amazing! I think everyone should have one in their home and this Crosley is the perfect addition to any home!

at home • The Golden Gun

You can take the girl out of Texas, but never the Texas out of the girl. Never were words truer when I stumbled upon this golden gun. Not only am I a big fan of James Bond, but I also think it is the ideal quirky accessory for the home. Feel how you want to feel about guns, but if you are into them, your home needs this. Place it on top of a pile of coffee table books or next to the bar for a more masculine feel. shop it here

Yonique Beauty


When it comes to beauty, the older I get the more obsessed I become. I now understand what my mom was talking about when she would mention the “fountain of youth.” But seriously, where is this f*$&%^ fountain? Through the years I have watched my skin completely change from even-toned, to riddled with sunspots, and hydrated to completely dry. And what has had to change with it? My make-up routine. Gone are the days I could throw on a simple brush of powder and blush and call it a day. I am being dead honest when I say, I never understood the reasons for concealer until this year. Now, I can’t leave the house without it and an entire gaggle of make-up on my face.

Because skin and what I put on it has become so important to me, I am very picky with what I buy. I swear by a few beauty products (some are mentioned here) but today I want to talk about Yonique. Have you heard of it? I recently made my first purchase (in search of that fountain) and have been very pleasantly surprised. Since I now have to actually wear make-up I have really been the market for something with full coverage and a light-weight look/feel.

All of their products seem amazing but my favorite products of theirs is the Primer, BB Cream, Eye Liner, Mascara,‪ and Divine daily moisturizer. Each product goes on so smoothly and really covers without looking too over done. I have attached a photo below to really show you just what type of coverage the primer gives you. I have become a fan of watching Crystal’s videos of ways to apply the make-up. She makes it really easy and interesting! Definitely subscribe! Her one simple tip – Make sure EVERYTHING dries before applying another product. When I heard this, I sort of rolled my eyes, “who has time for that?” But I was shocked at how fast it really does dry and makes such a difference! So, I must 100% agree with her!

And lastly, I have to rave about the Mascara! It has 3D fibers which literally make your lashes longer and thicker. The hypoallergenic formula is gentle on eyes but with HUGE results. When I use it, it looks like I have eye lash extensions but then washes off easily at night. I am obsessed! I couldn’t exactly tell you how it works but my guess is, the fibers build on top of each other creating a literal extension of your lash! If you try one product, make it this one!


check out their primer – shop it here


check out their lipstick – shop it here


** this is NOT a sponsored post! I really do LOVE their products and wanted to share them with you!! Let me know if you try them and what you get!

For more information check out their website here

first photo via talisa_sutton

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