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Beauty • Red Lips

Okay, I couldn’t see this image online and then not write about it. At first I thought it might be a paper weight but upon further investigation I found out it is the NEW, IT red lipstick! I have never purchased red lipstick without trying it on first but this has me clicking “continue to purchase.” I am not sure if it is the vibrance, the matte look, or the perfect hue but I can’t for this to arrive! shop it here

Travel • New Orleans City Guide

With Mardi Gras coming soon there will be an annual migration to the city of live music and good times – New Orleans. I had only visited New Orleans in college for Mardi Gras and from what I remembered it was a great time! Since there is so much more to the Big Easy than that one holiday the hubs and I decided to go for our two year anniversary! We ended up having an absolute blast and can’t wait to go back! It has everything you need – amazing food, happy people, great drinks, loads to do, and lots of live music! With the right person it is the ideal weekend getaway! If you plan to head there this year be sure to check out my City Guide and e-mail me with any questions! You can also take a photographic journey in my previous posts here and here.

Photos of The Northern Lights of Finland

The first time I saw the Northern Lights, a.k.a. Aurora Borealis, they were dancing across my computer screen as a child. I remember sitting there and just staring at them. Not sure if they were real or fake, only knowing that they looked like magic. When my mother-in-law told me we were going to see them after Christmas I almost died! It was something I had always wanted to do but never knew when I would actually do it! And here I was. I was actually going to get to see these magical lights! For the weeks leading up to our trip to Rovaniemi I prayed and prayed for clear skies. My worst fear was to travel all the way to the Laplands and not be able to see the Northern Lights due to poor weather (which happens more times than not). All I could do was stay positive and manifest clear skies! When the day came the weather was not looking great so I just kept envisioning the perfect night with the lights dancing across the sky – which is exactly what we got! The lights were an amazing thing to witness but very different than I had imagined. They weren’t exactly what I had chalked up in my head for all of those years but the second I saw the first image appear on my camera of those glowing lights, my heart skipped a beat. It was a real life moment I will never forget.

Now for the honesty – People’s first question is always – are they that spectacular in person? And that is tricky – yes and no. Because I shoot a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) camera I am able to slow the shutter speed down for an extended period of time which allows the camera to capture light in a way our eyes will never be able to. Because of that the colors and images you see on your camera is different than the colors and image you see with your naked eye. Meaning, these deep greens and vibrant reds instantly showed up on my camera screen but when I looked up to the sky I only saw a soft green light dancing across the sky. That being said, it is still an unbelievable experience to see this natural light show happening before your eyes. These green lights literally dancing across the sky like they are in fast forward is absolutely a bucket list check! Some nights the greens are more vibrant than others and some nights they don’t dance as fast across the ski. It all depends on the climate and weather!

If the lights are something you are wanting to see I definitely have a lot of tips on shooting them, which I learned the hard way! I plan to post that in the coming weeks so be sure to check back!

at home • Wire Bin

My office has come together but the one thing it is missing is a chic bin. I am completely guilty of buying the cheap and ugly waste bin that adds no interior appeal. When I came across these Wire Bins my heart stopped! I need these to find a way into my office. Stat! **(these would also be perfect for blankets, papers, or other home goods).

at home • The Front Door Mat

I have been thinking about a new front door mat for a while. It is the first thing people see before entering your home and having something fun outside our door is a great way for people to know they are about to have a great time! When I saw this mat I knew I had found the one!

at home • Neon Cactus

When it comes to color I keep in minimal, be it in my home, wardrobe or life.  However, these neon cactus might be the perfect pop my home needs! A girl from Texas needs a home full of cactus, especially ones so boisterous. shop them here

THE Perfect Striped Shirt

THE Perfect Striped Shirt, french street style

Having the perfect striped shirt in your wardrobe is essential. It can go with pretty much anything in your closet and always creates a put-together and classic look. It is also the FIRST thing I grab when I go to pack a suitcase! You can mix-and-match them with everything, making them a travel must!

Since spring is approaching and you can’t do that season with out a striped t-shirt I decided to round up my favorites from around the web.

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THE Perfect Striped Shirt

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