The Comfiest Dress Ever

outfit details // Modern Citizen ‘Millie’ T-Shirt dress, Modern Citizen Morena Suede Leather jacket, Sézane ‘Jack’ sneaker

Pregnant or not, a comfortable dress is always in style. It is astounding to me how hard this particular search can be. Either the dress is too tight, or the material is scratchy, or it is like wearing an oversized brown paper bag. Trust me, I know all of these are the case because I have run across all of them while on my search. However, the search is over and I can say, I have found the Comfiest Dress EVER! Not only is the material like butter but the stripes and slits on the side make the dress really flattering for all day wear. It’s classic style and price tag (did I mention it is under $100) make it the comfiest and the best long-term decision you have made in a while 🙂

The Find
Whereabouts: Dallas, TX

Outfits • The Sneaker I Live In

I can’t express how much I love these Sezane sneakers! I literally bring them on every trip and wear them everyday in Dallas. They are comfortable, sleek, and minimal. If you are going to invest in one shoe for the spring, I highly recommend it be these! shop them by clicking here

Travel • Our New Adventure

We have traveled the world and lived our greatest adventure, up until now! I can’t wait for all of you to join me on this new chapter of my life! Watch to see more 🙂

My Favrite Online Framers

I must admit, framed photos are not my jam. I have exactly one photo of the hubs and I in a frame in our house, and it was a gift. I grew up with a mother who loved to frame our photos and while it is so special to go home, see them and reminisce, I realized that they didn’t fit in my more minimalist aesthetic.

Although I don’t have photos of family around the house, I do like to have photos of our travels. Reminiscing of past adventures Brice and I have taken makes me so much happier than seeing my face smiling back at me. I have thousands of photos on many different external hard drives which can make the process of choosing a photo, printing it, and then taking it to get framed daunting. But luckily there are two online framers who do all of the above in one easy process. I wrote about one of the company’s in this post here, but after recently receiving many questions on printers and framers I decided to tell you in more detail about my two favorites.


(two framed photographs in this photo were taken by me and framed using Framebridge)

I have used Framebridge a few times and am always so pleased with their service. I mostly use them when I want either a black or white boarder frame. They make the process of uploading your photo and selecting your matte extremely easy. They also alert you if your photo is too small to print in high quality. What I also like is that they offer an Instagram option which allows you to upload any Instagram photo you have taken and place it in a frame. I have recommended Framebridge to friends and family and everyone can’t believe how amazing their pictures turned out.

shop Framebridge here

Artifact Uprising

(Photo was taken by me and framed using Artifact Uprising)

I discovered Artifact Uprising a few years ago and could not wait to use their Float Frame option. Being that I knew I wanted the large size I waited and waited to find the perfect photo. I finally decided on a photo a shot in Paris of a gorgeous blue door. The process of uploading and choosing the frame was extremely easy. The photo arrived in a week and when I opened the box I was blown away at how expensive it looked. I know $350 is a sizable budget for a photo but the pricing is actually quite competitive when you compare it to using a brick and mortar frame shop. Also, I must reiterate that the quality of the print and the acrylic frame was unreal! As far as hanging goes, they make it super easy with a print out of the actual size of frame and circles on where to put the screws.
I also want to make note that Artifact Uprising also provides a service to print your photos and offers different books (wedding, Instagram, and personal) as well as printed cards. I am actually hoping to purchase this baby book for Eleanor.

shop Aritfact Uprising here

Beauty • The Unisex Glow

Finally, a cream that is meant for both my husband and me. And this isn’t just any cream, it is a magic glow cream. No seriously, it gives you this subtle God and Goddess glow! Don’t believe me? Check out the before and after photos here. For $40, you and your significant other need this! shop it here

Travel • The Travel Trunk

I have been dying for a travel trunk! They are so timeless and chic that I could care less if they seem impractical. While most trunks can set you back up to $1000 I found amazing options from The Little Market, a fair trade and ethically sourced website, for far less than the usual $600+ price tag. These trunks are beautifully made and come in an assortment of sizes and colors. shop them here

Beauty • The Mask

I admit, I refused to try this stuff for the longest time. Any item that is surrounded by a lot of excitement I usually call “bullshit.” For years I never gave this stuff a shot. Then, I did! And I will never go back! I have joined the cult! HOLY SKIN CHANGER! read more about it and shop it here

Modern Citizen ‘Brooke’ Pant

The perfect travel outfit can be difficult. You want to be comfortable without looking like you crawled out of bed. You want to have pieces that are easy to get on and off. And you want layers without feeling like you are juggling too many items. Would you believe me if I said I found the perfect items to accomplish this?

Let me start with the Modern Citizen Brooke Pant. OH MY GOSH!! I posted these on my Instastory the other week and you all went nuts! These pants are like a legging but thicker so they actually look like a pant. When I wore mine my friend asked where my super cute “pants” were from? Little did she know, I was wearing a stretch type legging and in 100% comfort. They are also high waisted which makes them really comfortable for travel and also PREGNANCY! Yes, these were my favorite pants before getting pregnant and now after getting pregnant.
shop the Brooke pant here

My next piece is this Modern Citizen Suede Moto jacket. It is a recent acquisition that has not been taken off since I unwrapped it. I was actually nervous when it arrived that it would be too stiff, too heavy, and too uncomfortable. I could not have been more wrong on all of those fronts. The jacket is super soft, very light-weight, and the most comfortable jacket I own. Oh, and it looks good with EVERYTHING! I have worn it with denim, black pants, and dresses! When I say that I have worn it 29 of the 30 days since it arrived I am not lying. I am also excited because I think it will be perfect for spring and then transition into fall when I need it to! It is so timeless and I know it will be in my closet for years to come. Worth every penny (which for a suede jacket of this quality is not very many).
shop the Suede Moto jacket here

Outfit Details // Modern Citizen Brooke High-Waisted Pant, Modern Citizen Suede Moto Jacket, Sezane Sneakers in Ecru

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