Party Like It’s My Birthday

Do you know what is even better than celebrating your birthday? Celebrating it with your best friend and birthday twin. Yup, that is right! Not only is Molly my bestie but we also share the same birthday – October 21, 1987. While a few years ago we might plan for a wild night out on the town, I must admit, turning 27 is definitely not 21. We plan to have a few other girls over to my house, order pizza, drink champagne and just have relaxing girl time. Like I said, a far cry from 21, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Be sure to head on over to Molly’s amazing blog and say Happy Happy Birthday! M- high priestess for life, right?! See you tonight!

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The Find
Whereabouts: Dallas, Tx

Outfits • Pill Study

Okay, so budget wise this might be kind of crazy but art wise how amazing is this? It is called Pill Study and it takes over the counter pills into an entirely new light. Anything that takes everyday items and turns them into a statement. Well, that is my kind of artist! Thank you Ray Geary!

Outfits • What’s In Her Closet – Fall Looks

Like most people out there, I get bored with my closet. I had a complete breakdown a few weeks ago and threw a tantrum like a two year old. Not my finest moment but while I was sitting in my closet staring up at all of the clothes I realized I did have something to wear, I just had to find it. An hour later, I had four looks – comfy, classic, edgy, and easy! Sometimes you just have to try a little harder!

Lo & Sons The Claremont

I always think it is quite funny where life leads you. Being a blogger you are constantly in need of photos – be it travel, outfit, or product shots. Knowing that photography is a key element of my daily job I have spent hours upon hours researching the ins-and-outs of it. I started out taking my  own photos and have most recently been fortunate enough to take other bloggers photos. It has been an exceptional joy to get to grow with these other amazing women. Just as blogging revolves, so too have my photography skills. My time is now spent 40% blogging and 60% taking photos. If you would have asked me a few years ago if this is where I thought I would be, I would have laughed. Even though it was always a passion of mine, I could have never imagined it being my part-time/full-time job!

Since I started out only taking my own photos of outfits and travel, I never invested in the proper bag. I actually and embarrassingly used a lunch box I bought in college for my external hard drive. Not only was it just about the most lame way to carry a camera, it really wasn’t conducive to travel photography. Pulling out a giant pink lunchbox while walking around a new city – not legit. Walking around a new city in the Lo & Son’s Claremont bag – so f%$#*& legit! So, from being a non-existent photographer to a part-time job and from a lunch box to a legit camera bag – I feel I am on my way up! I honestly just can’t wait to travel with it. Life just got 100% easier!

Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-14 Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-12 Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-11 Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-9 Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-7 Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-5 Lo-and-sons-camera-bag-HR-4

c/o Lo & Sons The Claremont (20% off with code FALLFRIENDS14), Rude is Cool “Elizabeth” t-shirt, Frame ‘Le High’ denim, Converse Chuck Taylor High-Top sneakers,

Outfits • Paris Wannabe

As much of a Paris lover that I am I actually kind of hate things that say Paris on them. They always feel fake and something a real Parisian wouldn’t wear. However, this Madewell Paris sweatshirt is an exception. The check pattern is tres cool and I think it would look amazing over a white button-up and leather pants. One for the closet!

Outfits • Spine Hand Chain

Ummmm, this Lacey Ryan spine hand chain might be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Ever since wearing the Topshop Bone ring a few years ago (yes that is me) I have been fascinated by bone jewelry. Kind of creepy? or kind of amazing? I will let you decide but I am pretty sure this hand chain is now at the top of my “must have/badass purchase wishlist.”

Outfits • Console Me

Holy home decor amazingness. This Waterfall Console is just about the best thing I have seen all week. Since most of my home is quite monotone I could see this baby adding that much needed pop of color! I am usually not a pink girl but this piece might have me as a convert!

Charleston Favorites


I am heading to Charleston today! I can’t wait to see this beautiful city as everyone I know who has been, loves it. Over the past few weeks myself and a handful of other bloggers have been receiving goodies from local Charleston shops. Each box has been incredible and has me completely ready to just get there. I have loved learning about the history of Charleston through facts sent with the products. For example, it is said to paint your piazza ceiling “haint blue” or “Gullah blue” to ward off evil spirits from your home. And in celebration of the Gallah heritage, Le Crueset commissioned limited edition mini cocettes in the azure hue (seen in the photos). And the tea cup you see? It is a replica of the original 17th century set of Sacred Bird & Butterfly porcelain demitasse cup and saucer that is on display in the Charleston’s Nathaniel Russel House Museum. Pretty legit!

I am such a history nerd so I am beyond excited to be in a city that is so full of it! I will definitely bring you all the details of my favorite places I ate and more! Check ya on the flip side!

Oh, before you go be sure to watch my new video – packing for Charleston. It features the Lo & Sons Catalina weekender bag you also see in this photo! It seriously is the most amazing bag!

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