Paris Must Be Felt Not Just Seen


My fear with Paris is that my eyes and mind will one day forget the beauty. I know I won’t forget the experience but I never want to forget the beauty that is all around me. I find myself staring at sunsets, buildings, and moments longer than normal. I know I won’t remember every detail, for how can ones mind comprehend everything Paris encompasses, it is only the something the soul can feel. I have learned over the past few weeks that Paris isn’t something just to see but it must also be felt. The warm sun beaming on the Seine, the shuffle of the Parisians on their way to work, the buzz at your local cafe, the energy from years past. It is all something to really feel and experience. Paris is one of the only cities I have been to that gives you the feeling of being miles away from normalcy. It is if you took a Delorean back to days past. Almost like you are an extra on the set of a movie. The way the sun shines through the leaves and hits the water, the perfectly aged buildings, the books being sold on the side of the street, the man playing music, and the atmosphere. You must enjoy it all! Because our memories fade, our eyes age, but the way Paris makes you feel will last a lifetime!

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The Find
Whereabouts: Paris, France

Travel • The Holyhead Passport Wallet

I have learned the hard way how important it is to have the right travel accessories. They not only make your life a million times easier on the trip but after too: from organization, time management, lost items, and unpacking. I absolutely love August California and their brand so I was really excited to find this Holyhead Passport Wallet which holds three cards, a passport, and features a ticket flap for your eurail, airline, or ferry passes throughout the world! My travel life just got must easier and much more stylish!

Travel • What Would You Do If…

I found this Airows video the other day and I think I already contributed about 100 views. I love it! Not only is the voiceover and imagery powerful but the message really hit home. What would you do if money were no object? No, really. What would you do? Have you ever really sat down and thought about it? It is a thought provoking question. I think we all have dreams that get trampled upon because we do what society tells us to do or what we think will make us the most money. But are we really happy? I know you are going to say but we need money to survive. And you are right. But when you do what you love, money will come! You just have to believe in “it” (whatever it may be) and you! I hope you watch and think about what you want to do and what you can become a master at? Watch it here

Covent Garden’s Best Coffee: Monmouth Coffee Company

Artisan coffee shops are starting to pop up everywhere. Not just in London or Paris but Dallas and Chicago and other cities around the world. I love a great cup of coffee so I am very pleased to see a vast selection of different shops to try. If I am not drinking my rosé in Paris you can find me at a café with a cup of coffee! Before I headed to Paris I stayed in London for a week. I spent my time with no particular agenda so wondered around different areas snapping photos. One particular day I went to Covent Gardens (more photos to come) and decided to stop in Monmouth Coffee Company. I had taken a photo of it in passing and on my walk back home decided to stop in. It wasn’t until I heard someone say, “let’s see what all the hype is about.” And another say, “I wonder if it lives up to its reputation,” that I realized I was in one of those small coffee shops. You know, the ones that garner a reputation for being one of the best new coffee shops in town. That promises a small café feel and coffee which has been brewed some incredible way. This particular shop travels all over looking for the best bean and then roasts their coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives.

When the moment of truth came I was anxious. Would this be the best damn cappuccino I have had in London? That would be a touch position to fill! However, it did! It passed any expectations I had. It was delicious! I really believe their coffee is divine and it is a great little escape from the bustling streets of Covent Gardens! Shall you find yourself in the area, try the coffee out for yourself!

Monmouth Coffee Company
27 Monmouth Street (there are two other locations)

monmouth coffee london-2 monmouth coffee london-3


** Also, be sure to pop in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! They have some incredible pieces for anyone in your family!

Outfits • The Simple Dress

When it comes to French style I have learned the simpler the better and the more dresses the better. I actually just found this & Other Stories dress this morning while trying to get to the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale (which is unreal). The dress seemed so perfect for a late night dinner by the Seine. I just had to share it in case any of you will be traveling this summer, or just need a new summer dress! And be sure to click on it to see the side slits! Subtle yet so sexy!

at home • The Player

One of the things I miss over in Paris is my record player. It is actually my parents from the 70’s (that still works) and I lived for the crackly music that played from the speakers! Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and Bob Marley were on repeat before I left. The music just sounds better on a record player! If you can’t snag your parents original this Crosley from Biscuit Home will work too! It is small, plays great, looks great, and will add to any evening!

Outfits • The Earring

It actually wasn’t until my sister-in-law pointed out my earrings that I remembered how much I love them. I received these Bauble Bar Constellation Earrings a few months ago and have not taken them off once. They look fantastic on your ear as the constellation goes up the side. And if you have double piercing – even better! They are accompanied with a star that you can use on both sides or one in each ear!

The Pant

One thing I have learned about french style – they all wear pants. And when you are in Rome, you do as the Romans do, or should I say Parisians. So I wear pants. I honestly didn’t bring that many pairs of pants with me so the one pair (they are now 40% off) I did bring I have been wearing out. It is a good thing that they are one of my favorite pants because they have been getting a lot of use. The one thing I want in a pant is for it to look chic but be really comfortable. I mean, the pastries are insane here and I don’t want to be wearing pants which inhibit me from fully enjoying them. I bought these pants from Lou and Grey right before I left. You have probably been seeing a lot of L&G on the blog lately and that is because I am obsessed! Just like these pants, everything is really basic, comfortable, and well-made. I mix-and-match every piece I bought and have built a month long wardrobe just from a few pieces. These pants have already been worn with this top (seen here) and this top (seen here).  I am really excited because they just launched their new collection and everything is amazing. I mean these shorts, perfect for the beach or lounging around the house! And this top is so perfect and so Parisian!

Head over to their site now to see more of what they got goin’ on!


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outfit details // Lou & Grey pant (now 40% off), Lou & Grey top (striped version here), ZeroUV sunnies

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