The Megan Pleated- Hem Dress

Outfit Details // Modern Citizen ‘Megan Pleated-Hem Jacket’ dress, Sam Edelman ‘Tristan’ pumpElizabeth and James sunglasses

For the longest time I have wanted to buy a blazer dress. I remember falling in love with the look when seeing Julia Roberts wear something similar in Pretty Woman. When it is done right, it is so chic. However, finding the right dress has been way harder than I thought. I have taken my time and have been really picky when it comes to purchasing this dress (try three years). The problem: they are either too short, too cheap (looking), or the buttons are in am awkward location. I had all but given up the search until I found this Megan Pleated Him Jacket dress from Modern Citizen. It isn’t your typical blazer dress but that makes me love it even more.

The cut is super flatter, especially for a mummy tummy. The pleat on the bottom not only adds length but also makes it very unique. I absolutely love this dress and am excited to wear it to a dinner I have this week, as well as, an event I have  next week!

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Sézane Gaspard Sweater Three ways

There is nothing I love more than buying something where I know I can get value for my money. People never expect me to be a bargain shopper but before purchasing an item I try to think of three different ways I can style it. That way I know I can wear it more than a few times and it adds value to my closet instead of just filling it.  This Sézane Gaspard Sweater is my most recent value buy. Not only is it extremely soft, a great neutral for your closet, but you can instantly have three different outfits.





Outfit Details: Sézane Gaspard Sweater (black), Frame ‘Le Color’ in Film Noir Jeans, Sam Edelman ‘Tristian’ Heel (black suede),

The Best Liberty Sleeping Bag

When Eleanor began rolling around I knew it was time to stop swaddling. However, I wasn’t sure what to put her in that would comfort her the way the swaddle did. She loved her swaddle and would easily fall asleep once she was wrapped in it. I feared taking it away meant that her amazing sleep routine she started would be gone forever. While in Geneva I was given the Bonpoint JouJou bag as a gift. I decided that this sleeping bag would be my answer to the swaddle. From the first night until now she has slept amazingly in them. She uses them every nap and for nighttime sleep. I often get asked in my Instagram what Eleanor is wearing so I decided to do a post on it. I have three different bags at three different price points to help fit your needs.
side note: These also make great gifts! If it weren’t for receiving one I wouldn’t have known how amazing they are! Each of these is now my most used baby item!

Bonpoint JouJou Liberty Sleep Bag

The Bonpoint JouJou Liberty sleep bag is absolutely gorgeous. From the packaging, to the buttons, to the material, it is an absolute keepsake. As you can see on Eleanor, Bonpoint also makes a matching onesie so your little one can sleep in complete style. The saying is true, you get what you pay for and this sleep bag is no different. The JouJou is the highest price point of all the bags I am talking about today but I will say, in person, this bag is a truly beautiful. As a woman I really appreciate the attention to details, like the beautiful buttons and side zipper, but as a mom I love how insulated it is without being too heavy. click here to shop the JouJou

Bonpoint JouJou Liberty Sleep BagBonpoint JouJou Liberty Sleep Bag


Jacadi Sleeping Bag

If you want quality without the Bonpoint pricetag, this Jacadi sleeping bag is perfect for you. I actually found the Jacadi bag while looking for a back-up to the Bonpoint bag. I didn’t want to spend $160 every time I needed a sleeping bag but I still wanted the quality the Bonpoint bag offered. The Jacadi bag has the exact same feel as the Boinpoint and similar insulation but is $60 cheaper. To be honest, the only real difference I can see between the two is the Bonpoint material is nicer and the Jacadi has snaps instead of buttons. Seriously, that is it!  This is the sleeping bag I will continue to buy when she outgrows each one as I am super impressed with the quality for price and comfort it offers Eleanor. And before you balk at spending $100 on a sleeping bag for your baby, remember a baby spends more than 75% of their early life sleeping, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible for them? click here to shop the Jacadi

Jacadi Sleeping Bag Jacadi Sleeping Bag


Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag

The Kyte Baby sleeping bag is by far the most reasonably priced. While I do like how soft it is (it is like butter), it does not hold as high esteem for me as the Jacadi. For one, it is very long. I feel like her little legs get lost in the sack. And as of today, she has started rolling onto her stomach so I am nervous the extra fabric is going to get twisted as she moves around. It is also much thinner than the Jacadi and Bonpoint. Not that a sleeping bag needs to be thick for it to be good, but the Kyte is noticeably less fluffy and insulated than the Jacadi and Bonpoint. All of that to say we do use this sleeping bag but not near as often as the two above. However, if your baby seems to be hot natured or doesn’t like thicker items on them, this could be the perfect solution. click here to shop the Kyte baby

Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag


* If you are a mom and want to try the Jacadi sleeping bag, you are in luck! Today, on my Instagram, I am giving away THIS Jacadi striped sleeping bag. All you have to do is make sure to be following me, like the photo, and tag 5 other moms who you think would also like the sleeping bag! I will pick a winner (at random) this Friday! U.S. entries only.

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