5 Days in Paris: The Complete Itinerary

I can’t wait for you to enjoy one of my favorite cities. The magic, the romance, the beauty, and the history make it so so special!
A few things –
1) ALWAYS make a reservation when eating out (especially dinner). It sounds weird but for most places they require one
2) I took the metro twice and it was the worst experience. Uber or taxi!!
3) It is difficult to get lost in paris if you stay near the Seine. It goes West to East and most things you want to see are not far from it
4) When at the Eiffel WATCH YOUR  BAGS!!!! There are serious pickpocketer’s. I watched someone try to pickpocket my father-in-law right in front of us!
5) Paris is known for its cocktail bars and coffeeshops – list at the bottom
6) Bring a lot of comfortable shoes and one pair of heels for night (if you even wear them). Everyone in the city is wearing comfortable flats!
Here is an itinerary but feel free to substitute anything you want! I left some other options at the bottom 🙂
Day 1
Breakfast at your hotel
Taxi to Palais Royal – (this is the famous black and white pillars you see people standing on for photos).
Walk through the gardens to grab a coffee at Cafe Kitsuné – super cute and located in Palais Royal
From Palais Royal go to Le Louvre – I don’t recommend going inside but if you want to get there early or prepare for a long line)
From Louvre walk to the Tuileries Gardens  – stroll around them. They are beautiful! I recommend even grabbing a chair around the fountain and people watching as you finish your coffee
Walk across the Seine and shop the famous Saint Germain Boulevard (you can also go to visit the famous Bon Marche shopping)
Eat lunch on Saint Germain at Ralph’s (must make reservation) – get the ralph’s sample dessert! SO good
From Ralph’s visit Musee d’Orsay (or another museum or you can walk the art studios in the 6th/6eme)
You can get a coffee or hot chocolate at the very famous Cafe de Flore (back on Saint Germain) or go back to hotel to rest
Have dinner and drinks at Hotel Costes (very “sceny” – sure to see a celeb or two). Definitely go to their bar inside after dinner. Must make reservation


Day 2
Walk (or taxi) to Alexander Bridge (depending on where you are staying you can walk along the seine or through the Tuileries garden). From here you can see the Petit and Grand Palais. I recommend seeing what exhibits they currently have going and attending one, one day. The Palais’ are gorgeous and usually they have a cool fashion exhibit (I saw the YSL one years before it came to the US).
Grab a taxi to head to the Arc de Triomph – Go up top for 360 degree view of Paris or just stand in front and take a photo
From there you can walk (25 min.) or taxi to Le Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower). It is so big and gorgeous! Definitely a site to see but be sure to watch your bag and pockets. There are a TON of pickpocketer’s around this monument.
Walk (20 min.) or take a taxi to Hotel Peninsula for lunch on their rooftop (gorgeous views MUST make reservation)
This is a gorgeous area so you can walk around after lunch (if you want a coffee go to Cafe Chic – just east of the Peninsula)
You can visit a museum or head to the hotel to rest
Dinner – River Cruise (this one) – I know what you are thinking, no way! But I had the same thoughts until my mother-in-law booked a really nice one and reserved the table at the very front. You get delicious food, wine, and amazing views of Paris!
Late night cocktails – options below (Le Bristol)
Day 3
Taxi – Brunch at Hotel Particulier – you will love the inside
Walk (9 min) to Sacré-Coeur – highest point in Paris with the most beautiful views
Walk around Montmarte and get lost in all the paintings of local artists.
Have a glass of Rosé at La Maison Rose (famous pink house you see in photos) – You will probably walk past Le Consulat – famous and very cute crepe place
You can go back to hotel and rest or go shopping
Dinner- option below
Day 4
Breakfast at Rose Bakery (favorite of Isabel Marant) on Rue Debelleyme or my favorite in the Marais – Season (make reservation)
You are in the Le Marais area. This is a young area full of shopping, coffeeshops, and very cool people
Head to Merci – Famous store with a cute coffeeshop to the right. Great place to find souvenirs for people
After Merci – grab a coffee at the CUTEST coffeeshop ever – Boot Cafe!
From Boot this would be a good time to walk to Musee Picasso – Gorgeous building. If you’re not into this you can walk to La Place Des Vosges – beautiful park
Lunch – Chez Julien – the freshest food (make reservation)
From Vosges you can walk to Île de la Cité. You are now on the island
Be sure to get a view of the Conciergerie – it is stunning and reminds me of a Disney castle
From here you can visit the Notre Dame
After Notre Dame DEFINITELY get a glass of rosé at Au Vieux D’Arcole – IT IS STUNNING
Head back to hotel
Dinner options below – Le Relais de l’Entrecôte – dessert and drinks Hotel Plaza Athenee (GORGEOUS exterior)
Day 5
Easy morning
Breakfast – Either Cafe Breizh or Eggs & Co (very small American style breakfast)
Le Jardin du Luxembourg
Lunch – café restaurant Les Éditeurs -This is right by where I used to live so I ate here A LOT. The food is really good, the service is great, and the people watching is the best! Walk this cute area after eating – Saint Sulpice is one direction and Boulevard St. Germain is the other
Grab a taxi to visit Musee Rodin (absolutely stunning garden)
Easy afternoon of shopping or resting
Coffeeshops- I highly recommend visiting a few of these! They are all so cool! Here is a post I did on my favorites – http://sothentheysay.com/tag/paris-coffee-shop/ – add Lily of the Valley – so cute in the Marais!
Add Hotel Le Bristol – so so good!!! Voted Best cocktails in Paris! Don’t order off the menu, just tell them what you want and they will make the best drink you’ve ever had!
Food (other than what is above)
Seasons – Lunch
Klay saint sauveursinople – Dinner – super cool decor – need reservation
Au Vieux D’Arcole – Gorgeous in Spring with wisteria climbing up. Also very old and very famous – dinner or rosé
Le Bonaparte – one of my favorite bistros!!! Right by Cafe de Flore And Deux Magots
Deux Magots – Very famous – lunch or dinner
Bread and Rose– delicious bakery – Breakfast or lunch
Eggs & co. – American style breakfast
L’Avant Comptoir– very famous – can be tough to get in to eat – just have wine
Le Fouquet – VERY famous, a little dark but much history
Les Antiquaires – Good bistro right across from the Louvre
Ze Kitchen Galerie – Right across the street from where I lived. Very modern and very good ($$$)
Le Hibou – Really food and one of my favorite areas
To Do
Passage du Grand Cerf
Versailles – 
Take the RER train
Giverny – Home of Monet and the inspiration of his water garden paintings
Buly 1803 – This is my favorite place to get skincare. Last year I literally took a trip to Paris to restock after running out. Buy their skin oil and they will hand calligraphy your name and date right on the box.
Galeries Lafayette – Go to the rooftop! You can get a coffee there and enjoy a Birdseye view of the city
Pont Neuf – Cool to walk – on the tip of the Island. I love to grab a bottle of Rosé and read here.
Place Dauphne (right across from Pont Neuf) – Cute square – go for dinner as there are a few restaurants and is very quiet
Place Vendrome – This is where Coco Chanel’s lived. You can get a photo of the beautiful “Chanel” blue door
Avenue Montaigne – GORGEOUS street of luxury shopping
Goyard– Their flagship store and full of history. Ask to see King Edward VIII trunk
Le Plongeoir – cafe located INSIDE Hermes
Musée Nissim de Camondo – A real home of a 1900’s aristocrats family
Silencio – Club – can be hard to get into but fun!!

Who Needs Office Appropriate

The pencil skirt is often seen 9 to 5pm in an office but add a high slit to it, and it goes from classic to subtly sexy. I have only worked one real “business” type job. You know, the one you have to actually get up and get “business casual.” It was my first job out of college and I remember being so excited to wake up and put real buisness clothes on. As a child (and adult) I love a good costume and that is how I approached this new adventure in my life. However, after a few months of waking up early, doing my make-up, hair, and stepping into the business suit, the novelty wore off. Nowadays the only pencil skirt you will catch me in, is the one with a high slit. The high slit makes it modern and sexy. Dress it up with a silk blouse and heels or throw on a t-shirt, tie it at the waist, and grab some sneakers. I have become a fan of the pencil skirt again, but only if I never have to wear that “office appropriate” kind.

mary-summers-hafner-fashion-9 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-7 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-6 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-8 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-4


outfit details // Altuzarra High Slit skirt (yellow sold out but here on sale in black and pinstriped), A.L.C. ‘Delle’ blouse, Shutz ‘Enida’ shoe, Illesteva ‘Leonard’ sunglass

Never Letting Go

I love it – the crisp, clean, classic feel of all white. Being someone who used to follow the, “no white after Labor Day or before Easter” I feel pretty great throwing the rule book aside. White is a color I have grown fond of over the years. I always recommend having a section of your closet dedicated to different items in white. It is so versatile and a “no think piece.” When you feel you have nothing to wear, it always looks amazing. Throw a white t-shirt under a blazer (I own this one in three colors), a white sweater with black pants, or pair white on white (as I did here). You will always look great, it will never go out of style, and it is a no-brainer.

My one advice on buying white – don’t rush it. Since it is such a classic color you want to build a base of items you love and are excited to wear. This could take time to acquire. Where should you start? I recommend starting with buying a really good white t-shirt or blouse. These are the white items I wear a few times a week so I never feel bad about investing in them.


outfit details // Derek Lamp 10 Crosby Flare pants (on sale here, here, & here), Madewell Pleated Short Sleeve blouse, Roarke ‘Abyss” Scarf Necklace (full page here, I also love this one)

mary-summers-hafner-fashion-10 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-11 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-12 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-15 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-16 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-17 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-20 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-21

outfit details // Derek Lamp 10 Crosby Flare pants (on sale here, here, & here), Madewell Pleated Short Sleeve blouse, Roarke ‘Abyss” Scarf Necklace (full page here, I also love this one)

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