Frances Hart

Outfit Details // Frances Hart Shirred Neck Collared Dress, Frances Hart White Blouse, Frances Hart Yoked Shirt Dress, Frances Hart Drawstring Poplin Dress

I am blown away. I have laid my eyes on the  MOST beautiful maturity clothing to ever exist: Frances Hart. The details, fabric, and stitching are all so beautiful it is hard to put into words. Right before this package arrived I was having a conversation with my husband. I was going through all of Eleanor’s old clothing and getting them ready for Eloise. 99.9% of what I bought or received for Eleanor was of the highest quality or from artisans or small businesses. It wasn’t until about 6 months when I threw in the towel and purchased a pack of onesies from H&M. She spit up, A LOT, so I wanted something she could ruin and I wouldn’t care. However, as I sat there going through her old clothing, I was blown away at how beautiful all of the items I had spent a little bit more money on had kept and how the H&M items completely changed (for the worse). I ended up getting rid of everything from H&M which made me feel beyond wasteful.

I told my husband how going forward I wanted to buy as few fast fashion items as possible because in the end, they become so wasteful. I would rather save and spend on quality items that last, than fill our world with items that lasted a few months. Now, I love a good Zara dress as much as the next girl but after going through the bin of clothing I just couldn’t stomach the waste of  inexpensive clothing. It honestly hurt my heart.

That was a bit of a tangent but receiving the box from Frances Hart only solidified my new way of thinking. Each piece is so exquisite and well-made. They are items I want to wear now and later. I have even talked to my tailor about altering the dresses for postpartum. I can’t adequately describe the quality of Frances Hart but I can highly recommend them to any expectant mother. Imagine investing in a dress that you can wear while pregnant but is equally as beautiful for postpartum. You kill two birds with one stone.  There was such a void in the market for pieces like this so I am so excited to discover them and cherish their pieces for years to come.

shop the dress here: Frances Hart Shirred Neck Collared Dress

shop the dress here: Frances Hart Yoked Shirt Dress

Shop the dress here: Frances Hart Drawstring Poplin Dress

Eleanor’s Bow Art – Monica Ajenjo

One of the questions I get asked the most is about the art in our home, particularly Eleanor’s bow art. I love finding new artists and art. I spend hours getting lost on Artsy and Instagram hoping to find the piece I can’t live without. With Eleanor’s bow art I felt that way when I saw it. I couldn’t live without it. However, I can’t take one ounce of credit. My designer, Molly Graham, also has a love for art and has the most impeccable eye for it (it is very similar to mine). When she showed me Monica Ajenjo’s bows I died. They were so fun and exactly what I imagined going in Eleanor’s big girl room.

Upon first glance most people think it is a 3-d sculpture. I admit I was one of those people. When it arrived and it was a painting on canvas  I was blown away. Monica does such an amazing job of making the bow’s both fun and lifelike. It was the cherry on top of a very fun little girls room!

Estelle Colored Glasses

Table Details:
gifted Estelle Colored Wine Glass in Forest Green
AERIN Scalloped Green Rim Salad Plates
AERIN Ardsley Mixed Salad Plates
Amanda Lindroth Island Wrapped Votives (on sale)
Anthropologie Clemence Pitcher
India Amory Dinner Napkins
Pottery Barn Lemon on Vine Napkin Ring
Pottery Barn Bistro Outdoor Flatware
Juliska Le Panier Two Section Server
Glass Bud Vases (sourced locally from Blue Print)
Placemats sourced locally from Ivy House
Serena and Lily Capistrano Outdoor Dining Chair
Crate and Barrel Regatta Outdoor Dining Table

I have always loved tablescapes. My mom made us set the table every.single.night. growing up. She was a wiz at throwing together an amazing table for dinner parties and holidays. And then I married my husband whose mom not only set her dinner table but also set every breakfast and lunch table (to the nines). So I like to say that my love of table setting runs in the family.

I could spend hours looking at Pinterest and Instagram gathering ideas for my next table. However, up until recently I never spent the money to invest in items to set my table how I wanted. The cost of everything I wanted seemed overwhelming so I just never pulled the trigger. When we moved into our new house I decided it was a good time to buy two new sets of plates (the plates that are pictured). I loved them and used them a lot so when the quarantine of 2020 happened, I started doing some research on my next set. I really think it is the one great thing that has come from being stuck inside, I have had time to find all the pieces I have want to make my Tablescape dreams come true.

One of my favorite tablescape finds is my Estelle Colored Glasses. I have followed their account on Instagram for a while and always dreamed of having a cupboard full of their beautiful colored glasses (just look at this dreamy photo). They have everything from lavender, coral, rose, cobalt, etc. Every color your tabletop needs. When you see the glasses your mind just starts spinning with ideas. It was hard to choose a color but since I have so many items in green and I felt it was perfect for summer, I went with Forrest green. It is gorgeous and perfect for all of my future tablescapes. I am truly blown away by the quality of these glasses. They are sold for $175 for a set of 6 ($30 per glass) which is an exceptional price for luxury hand-blow glass. Each glass is thick and sturdy which is a really nice break from the thin and very fragile glass that was popular a few years ago.  I am not lying when I say how beautiful these glasses are and how they really complete my table. I am hoping to add the Coral Peach Pink set to my collection next.

I am so excited to continue to bring you tablescapes. They have saved my sanity in this time of quarantine and have been so fun to create.


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