Changing Stripes

ASOS dress (similar) and leather jacket, Amicale black pashmina, Tory Burch booties old but similar here, Gap black tights, Lookmatic sunglasses
I am always trying to find ways to spruce up pieces I seem to wear on a constant basis. For example this black and white t-shirt dress is something I grab in the summer as well as in the fall. Something about stripes always grabs my attention but to wear it plain and simple gets a bit boring. Because of this in the summer I try and add fun shoes and a light summer sweater and in the winter I always try and go a little darker with the styling. It really is a blank canvas!
Photography by Brice


I used to be a total make-up junkie. I would buy products, try them out, and mix and match. If I didn’t love the combo, to my sister they went. As I get older I know I need more creams and a little bit more coverage than I did when I was 18. After testing out many different combinations I have finally found one I love and wanted to share with all.  Descriptions on products and links on where to buy below.

If you could only buy three items out of the 20 here are my top must haves: 
#8- The powder and the brush really do give me the best and most flawless coverage you could ever ask for. You get a full coverage without looking cakey and overdone. 
 #12- I get asked every time I wear this what it is. I take the feather brush and lightly dust it on the top of my cheek for a dewy and youthful look. 
#13- I preach to all my friends how important eyebrows are. They literally change your face shape and make you look put together and complete. Anastasia is like the Ferrari of eyebrow fills. A must invest kind of product. It even comes with a tracer for all you beginners. 

Inspiring Me Now :: Gray Malin

First off- Has anyone that lives in Texas stepped outside yet? It actually feels like fall! Cool and crisp. A wonderful surprise!
This weekend I am headed to Houston with my friend Molly for a dinner and exhibition by the one and only Gray Malin. Famous for his photography (you must know his Marfa/Prada prints) which he started selling out of a flea market in LA and has since displayed them in the Dallas Museum of the Art and the Julia Dean Gallery in Venice. His work is known across the world as his pictures always capture a certain feel that is extremely intriguing. check it out here.

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