The Traveling Everlane

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 Zara leather leggings (very similar and inexpensive pair here), All Saints booties (similar), Everlane Silk top, Haute Hippie Leather jacket (another less expensive option), Ray Ban sunnies, Celine bag, Dana Rebecca necklaces

Well I am finally back stateside and it is Friday! Such a good feeling to finally be home and settling back into normalcy and routine. Our trip was one I will never forget! I laughed yesterday because traveling with a friend is really risky- you either come back closer or wanting to kill each other. Luckily, Molly and I are the first option. She was such an amazing travel companion! Really easy going, didn’t get too frustrated when I got us lost on few occasions, enjoyed the local cuisines with me, knew how to keep me calm when I lost my phone (yes that happened), and made me laugh so much my belly seriously hurt. She is such a great addition to my life in Dallas that I am bursting with happiness! Good girlfriends are seriously the best!

Throughout our trip I wore really comfortable clothing. We did so MUCH damn walking it is nuts I gained 5lbs…I guess that explains how much we indulged in the amazing cuisines. I used to try to look really cute when I would travel. Comfort wasn’t important, fashion was. I ended up with many blisters, tears, and a husband who was quite annoyed with all of my complaining. I have since learned that comfort is key. So instead of those really cute new loafers I bought which still need to be broken in, I will wear my Nike sneakers. And instead of that new and really unpractical sweater I can’t wait to show off, I will wear silk button-up’s and a baggy jacket. Again, comfort is key!

Since I have a serious love for silk button-ups I don’t mind investing in them. I have tried every brand of button-ups: Equipment, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Theory, Club Monaco, Zara, ect. I am not lying when I say I might have at least 50 but only wear four. This is because it is nearly impossible to find a button-up that fits boobs bigger than a B cup. I want a button-up that is slightly blousy, but not so blousy I have no shape, and one that doesn’t pull at the buttons. Sounds easy to find, right? WRONG! This is a search that has continued through many years and many dollars spent. Have you ever noticed the broad range button-ups come in? Either you pay an arm and a leg for silk that will probably fit one size too small or you pay for cheap polyester that has no shape nor feel. I was extremely frustrated with my search until I received an e-mail from Everlane.

Everlane is an online shop that you can sign-up to be a member and shop the goods. And do they have goods! Their Petra tote has a two year waiting list and has been seen on dozensssss of celebs. The tote is amazing but let me chat to you about how great their silk blouses are. I first wore their t-shirts and stocked up on them a few years ago. I was unaware they sold silk blouses until that fateful e-mail. Holy excitement!!!! They offered to send me one to try out, which I totally took them up on. Once it arrived I went to the computer and bought THREE MORE (see how I wore another color here)!!! Not only do they fit perfectly, they are so wallet friendly it is a crime not to buy them. 100% silk blouses for $80! Usually these sell for upwards of $250+! They have the most perfect shape and soft feel, I am never shopping for them anywhere else again! I hope you check them out and they are able to fulfill your blousy needs!

this post was NOT sponsored by Everlane I just had to share my love and excitement for them! They are not paying me to say any of this…these blouses are just.that.great!!! Hope you love them as much as I do!

photography by molly miller

Never Fully Dressed Without … Crest Whitestrips

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Everlane silk blouse (more amazing colors and styles here), Vivian Chan Rosie skirt, Zara shoes, ASOS sunnies, Bauble Bar earrings

 Getting dressed-up has always been something I get excited to do. I always loved proms, cotillions, balls, formals. You name it, if it included getting dolled-up, I loved it. The entire process is so fun to me. Picking out a new dress, taking time to perfect my hair and make-up, and the entire confidence being red carpet ready gives you. It is one of my favorite parts of being a woman! Unfortunately, I don’t roll out of bed looking “red carpet ready.” Since this just isn’t the case I put extra care into my “behind the scenes” routine. I really love making the process as fun as possible so I will bring out all of my best beauty products and take the time to really focus on all of the details.When Brice and I have a fun event or formal to go to, I always start by pouring a glass of champagne. Since getting ready can be a bit stressful, it is always so fun to have a little bubbly to take the edge off.

After I enjoy a few sips I always exfoliate and then clean my face with the Clinque Take The Day Off scrub. This product is by far my favorite facial cleanser. It is so soft and makes your skin feel extremely moisturized. I let all my girlfriends try it at NYFW and they fell in love with it too! It is the best. Once I have a clean face I move into a great mask. Mask are a fun way to enjoy the process and make your skin stand out. Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask is a go-to. You can literally see the glow of your skin once you take it off. It is extremely gentle which is perfect for my dry skin. Lastly, I finish up with a great moisturizer (Chanel Hydramax Serum) and a skin brightener (Biolucent Bare Minerals).
At this point I always put my  3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects on so by the time my make-up and hair are finished, my teeth are dazzling white. Once those are in place and working their magic I begin my make-up routine. I always start with Stilla One Step Correct primer. It sets a solid base for my make-up and tones out uneven coloring. Next I add a touch of foundation and concealer to even out any skin imperfections. I then always put on my Bare Minerals Foundation Pressed Powder. Since I have sunspots and uneven skin tones, this pressed powder hides any remaining blemishes! It is the bomb and really gets the job done. From there I sprinkle on a non-shimmer bronzer and brush. I am not a super big fan of sparkle on your face so I try to add any highlighter after my bronzer and blush are on (this one is ah-mazing and really beautiful and subtle on). FIY- I only put this on the tops of my cheeks and the tops of my forehead.My last step is my eyes. I usually go for a natural look with a few light shades from Bare Minerals, black liquid eye-liner (perfect for my go-to cat eye), and two coats of mascara. Tip- the french say to use one coat of mascara during the day and two at night.
My final look is almost complete at this point, but not before I take care of my pearly whites. As a daughter of a dentist I know how important white teeth are. Keeping your teeth bright isn’t just the finishing touch on an evening look, it is the evening look. Even if you are having a bad hair day, don’t like your dress, or your make-up didn’t go on how it normally does – you can always have white teeth. If you walk into a room, not feeling your best, but put your shoulders back and smile from ear to ear, I guarantee you people won’t notice your hair, make-up, or dress, but your radiant smile! Confidence and the perfect white teeth are key! A radiant and bright smile is definitely one of the first things I notice in a person so forgetting this step is unacceptable, especially with how easy 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects makes it. You put them on, get ready, peel them off, and BAM, white teeth! The perfect way to start a confident night. On that note- my red carpet routine is done and I am off to enjoy the event.
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Also, here is a fun little video I put together with all of the photos! Enjoy!

Lastly, this Sunday share your #SmileStyle secrets on social media, and follow along with me, @StyleList and @3DWhite as I share my picks for best dressed, best hair and best makeup for the Oscars!

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Notting Hill Stroll

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COS side zip sweater, Old Navy striped shirt,  Rag and Bone “The Jean” Jeans (also in a few sizes on sale here), Maiyet over the knee boots, Kate Spade bag (borrowed from Molly), Ray Ban sunniesMichael Kors raincoat (on sale), Celine handbag

I absolutely love all of London but if I had to choose one place to reside it would definitely be Notting Hill (more pictures on Molly’s blog here). Everything is so charming, colorful, happy, and picturesque it would be hard to have a bad day. Think of houses the color of easter eggs lined in a row (proof here) and flowered gardens in front of each house. Molly and I walked around the entire day picking our favorite one but it was near impossible. Each street we would agree held our favorite house, only to change our minds a few seconds later. If you are heading to London any time soon, I definitely recommend making a day in Notting Hill. You must make a stop at Granger & Co. for a yummy breakfast, then head down to Portobello Market and browse the shops set up along the road, get lost on all of the side streets (with the most beautiful of houses), spend some time sitting in the parks, and finish the day off at Otto pizza.  This is exactly how Molly and I spent our day and I must say, it was quite perfect!

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