Everlane Cashmere Sweater

Everlane Cashmere sweater (14 color options)

There are a few things that I will never not have in my closet. A good pair of skinny jeans, a classic white button-up blouse, a leather jacket, a great pair of sneakers and my cashmere crewneck sweaters from Everlane. Besides my obvious love affair for Everlane, with their minimal and classic approach to clothing, I love that I can wear these sweaters from fall to spring and again the next year. The quality, cashmere, and craftsmanship is amazing! I literally wear these EVERY week in the cooler months. You can wear them alone, over a blouse, under a blazer, dress them up or down. They are the quintessential “closet staple” item.

If the word cashmere, because of the price tag associated with it, has already lost you. Stay a bit longer! Cashmere can usually be anywhere from $200-$700, making it quite the investment piece. Guess what? Everlane sells these sweaters for $100! Now you can have classic at a bargain! It doesn’t matter when you purchase these, just that you do! I promise you, you will forever be grateful you did!

p.s. If your sweaters ever pill, I use this magical tool given to me by my dear friend Debby. It is amazing at removing any pilled fabric and doesn’t damage your garment.

* I also swear by their 100%  silk blouses! I have this one in three different colors! 

The Transition Outfit

Can I just be honest for a second. I have been looking at my favorite online stores (Shopbop, Nordstrom, Zara, Net-a-Porter) every day for the past few weeks and to say I am uninspired is an understatement. This time of year is always so hard, especially in Texas. The temperature changes probably 20 degrees every other day. One day it is 80 and rainy, the next it is 55 and sunny. So this being said, I totally get why designers, shall we say, have their hands tied this time of year.

That being said, I am so happy to have pieces in my closet that work both in the winter, as well as the summer. Throw on a loose fit jean (these are under $100), a sneaker, and a sweater (love this selection) and you have the perfect transition outfit. Having a closet full of items that are classic and minimal makes it easier to mix-and-match through the year. Just some food for thought 🙂

Outfit Details // Blank Denim “Ripped jeans” (under $100), Superga Platform sneakers on major sale under $100 (in leather here), Everlane 100% Cashmere sweater ($100), Madewell scarf sold out (on sale  in red here)

Skyler Baty Monograms

Skyler Baty is not only one of the most energetic, fun, happy, and kind people you could wish to meet, she is also extremely talented. Her monogram shop has been on my “lust list” for a while, so you can imagine by excitement when she sent me this set for Valentines Day.

I still remember as a child my mom monogramming my diaper covers, dresses, and school accessories. If I ever forgot my name, I didn’t have to look but a few inches to remember. As I got older I grew out of the monogram phase and into the, “I am too cool for that southerness” phase. Now that I am approaching 30, have my home, new name, and own family, I melt when I see a monogram or embroidery. I have become my mother! I dream in embroidery and monograms!

A little on her biz – Skyler’s business is for the modern gift giver who values adding a personal touch. She creates custom designed monograms and embroidered design for linens, napkins, clothing, baby gifts, bags, hats, wedding/bridal party items, and more! For someone like me, who lovesssss hosting parties, having customized monogram napkins really makes the event feel personal and special! They also make for THE BEST gifts (Mothers Day will be here before you know it)!!

Lastly, I couldn’t go without telling you that a portion of all profits from SB Monograms is donated to various Cancer Research Organizations in honor of Skyler’s dad who passed away battling this terrible disease last April. Skyler is a true example and inspiration of what a woman and businesswoman should be! I hope you check out her site and keep her in mind for all of your monogramming needs!


Jusqu’à la prochaine fois mes amis!


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