Road Tripping Puglia, Italy’s Swimming Holes

Puglia, Italy is by far one of my favorite places I have been. Everything from the beautiful hotel, the crystal clear water, the slow pace, various activities, and the lack of tourists made it my dream destination. Having researched the area before leaving I knew I wanted to take a trip to a few of the “water holes” Puglia had to offer. I mapped it from our hotel and decided to hit as many as possible, starting with the furthest swimming hole, Piscina Naturale di Marina Serra in Tricase. We hit each of these spots in one day. It was quite a drive but an experience I will remember for forever.


First stop: Piscina Naturale di Marina Serra

This was a gorgeous swimming hole and a great way to start the trip. We seemed to be the only tourists but wasn’t a problem. We quickly went for a swim and then took the path through the rocks to swim in the Adriatic Sea. It would have been the perfect spot to bring a picnic and sit on the rocks while taking in the view, unfortunately, we had other spots we had to hit.

Piscina Naturale di Marina Serra

Santa Cesarea Terme
– Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea

We made a quick drive through the town of Santa Cesarea Terme. There is a beautiful cave to see here but you have to access it by boat and we didn’t have time for that. Santa Cesarea Terme is also known for its thermal baths which are around the city and overlooking the ocean. If you have time this is a really great city to explore or even stay a night in!

Stop off in the town of Otranto

We had heard amazing things about the city of Otranto. It is a really charming city right on the waters edge. The marina and history of this city make it really special. We walked around for an hour and even stopped for some lunch. Otranto is quite large and is also a great place to stay a night. There is such charm around every corner.

Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea

Sant’ Andrea was a place I had discovered through photos. The rock formations looked absolutely beautiful and on most days you can catch people swimming around this gorgeous spot (there are rock stairs leading down to the water). Unfortunately the day we went it was much too windy to swim, so we decided safety over experience was best.


Grotta Della Poesia, Rocca Vecchia

I saved the best swimming hole for last. By this point we were a bit exhausted and debated even taking a swim. However, this was the one swimming hole I was looking the most forward to. I decided this was a once in a lifetime chance and I didn’t want regret it later. I am so happy I made that decision. Grotta Della Poesia has a huge cave on one side and a path to the ocean on the other. It is absolutely breathtaking! I remember while I was floating to take in every bit of this experience and snap mental photos that I could remember for forever. As a note, this is a very popular swimming spot for locals and tourists so be ready to see more crowds than at the other swimming holes.

It was a lot of ground to cover in one day. You could easily stop off and enjoy a night in one of the towns, but I was on a mission to experience all of the swimming holes and leave the remaining days to relax by the pool and experience other parts of Puglia. It was an unreal trip and something I tell every single person who wishes to go to Italy to experience. Bucket list – Check!

Holiday House – ‘The Best’ Bedroom

Palm Springs has been on my travel list for as long as I can remember. A city full of history, mid-century design, and a relaxing setting. For a city that I had built up so much I wanted to make sure to stay at the perfect spot. I did so much research (I mean hours and hours and hours) and asked around. After receiving feedback on the new Holiday House Palm Springs I decided it was the place. Holiday House had just been designed by the very talented, Mark D. Sikes (who also owns MDS Stripes which I love). From the moment we walked into the the Holiday House, the incredible design takes your breath away. From the wallpapered den, to the picture perfect blue and white bar, to the Mr. Brainwash artwork hanging on the wall, everything is incredible. The service, food, drinks, and design all made it a place I would 100% revisit!


Other Hotel Options:

The Parker Palm Springs

Korakia Pensione

L’Horizon Resort and Spa (B and I both said we would stay here next time we go back)

Ace Hotel

Avalon Hotel

What To Wear Skiing

To say that I was nervous to go skiing was an understatement. However, if you look the part you can be the part. My first order of business before my trip – find the perfect outfit! I had been lusting over ski outfits for months and I knew there was one place that had it all – Saint Bernard. I found exactly what I was looking for! An outfit that was chic, not ordinary, and would stand the test of time. My favorite part of the look were my Erin Snow Slim Leg Ski pant (which are on sale). I literally had women stop me and ask where my pants were from! Each woman said she hated how baggy  her pants were and had been searching for a skinny pant. My husband was worried the pants wouldn’t be warm enough but his worries were unnecessary as the pants were extremely warm! They were perfect from the slopes to après ski! Not only were women on the slopes wanting to know about my pants but women at the Ritz also came up asking where my cute red pants were from!

If you need ski outfits or any type of ski gear I would recommend going to Saint Bernard now. Everything is on sale which makes it the perfect time to stock up. There is nothing worse than regretting not buying something on sale and then having to pay full price later.


Outfit Details // Erin Snow Slim Leg Ski pant (on sale), Obermeyer ‘Bombshell’ jacket (on sale)Ray Ban Classic Aviator sunglassesSki Goggles (these are on sale)

Après Ski

Outfit Details // Erin Snow Slim Leg Ski pant (on sale), Obermeyer ‘Bombshell’ jacket (on sale), Sorel ‘Winter’ Carnival Boot (I love this pair and they are on major sale), Ray Ban Classic Aviator sunglasses

Packing List

1. Canada Goose Trillium jacket

2. Black Skinny Jeans

3. Heavy wool sweater (a solid color is best to mix and match)

4. Mitchie’s Matching Faux Fur earmuffs (on sale $26)

5. Ski Goggles (these are on sale) – Check out this page for even more options on sale

6. Erin Snow Slim Leg Ski pant (on sale)

7. Black sweater or Turtleneck

8. Obermeyer ‘Bombshell’ jacket (on sale)

9. Sorel ‘Winter’ Carnival Boot (I love this pair and they are on major sale)

10. Shoes for around the lodge – I love these Tods. They are light, easy to travel with and very comfortable (more color options here)

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