The Best Liberty Sleeping Bag

When Eleanor began rolling around I knew it was time to stop swaddling. However, I wasn’t sure what to put her in that would comfort her the way the swaddle did. She loved her swaddle and would easily fall asleep once she was wrapped in it. I feared taking it away meant that her amazing sleep routine she started would be gone forever. While in Geneva I was given the Bonpoint JouJou bag as a gift. I decided that this sleeping bag would be my answer to the swaddle. From the first night until now she has slept amazingly in them. She uses them every nap and for nighttime sleep. I often get asked in my Instagram what Eleanor is wearing so I decided to do a post on it. I have three different bags at three different price points to help fit your needs.
side note: These also make great gifts! If it weren’t for receiving one I wouldn’t have known how amazing they are! Each of these is now my most used baby item!

Bonpoint JouJou Liberty Sleep Bag

The Bonpoint JouJou Liberty sleep bag is absolutely gorgeous. From the packaging, to the buttons, to the material, it is an absolute keepsake. As you can see on Eleanor, Bonpoint also makes a matching onesie so your little one can sleep in complete style. The saying is true, you get what you pay for and this sleep bag is no different. The JouJou is the highest price point of all the bags I am talking about today but I will say, in person, this bag is a truly beautiful. As a woman I really appreciate the attention to details, like the beautiful buttons and side zipper, but as a mom I love how insulated it is without being too heavy. click here to shop the JouJou

Bonpoint JouJou Liberty Sleep BagBonpoint JouJou Liberty Sleep Bag


Jacadi Sleeping Bag

If you want quality without the Bonpoint pricetag, this Jacadi sleeping bag is perfect for you. I actually found the Jacadi bag while looking for a back-up to the Bonpoint bag. I didn’t want to spend $160 every time I needed a sleeping bag but I still wanted the quality the Bonpoint bag offered. The Jacadi bag has the exact same feel as the Boinpoint and similar insulation but is $60 cheaper. To be honest, the only real difference I can see between the two is the Bonpoint material is nicer and the Jacadi has snaps instead of buttons. Seriously, that is it!  This is the sleeping bag I will continue to buy when she outgrows each one as I am super impressed with the quality for price and comfort it offers Eleanor. And before you balk at spending $100 on a sleeping bag for your baby, remember a baby spends more than 75% of their early life sleeping, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible for them? click here to shop the Jacadi

Jacadi Sleeping Bag Jacadi Sleeping Bag


Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag

The Kyte Baby sleeping bag is by far the most reasonably priced. While I do like how soft it is (it is like butter), it does not hold as high esteem for me as the Jacadi. For one, it is very long. I feel like her little legs get lost in the sack. And as of today, she has started rolling onto her stomach so I am nervous the extra fabric is going to get twisted as she moves around. It is also much thinner than the Jacadi and Bonpoint. Not that a sleeping bag needs to be thick for it to be good, but the Kyte is noticeably less fluffy and insulated than the Jacadi and Bonpoint. All of that to say we do use this sleeping bag but not near as often as the two above. However, if your baby seems to be hot natured or doesn’t like thicker items on them, this could be the perfect solution. click here to shop the Kyte baby

Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag Kyte Baby Sleeping Bag


* If you are a mom and want to try the Jacadi sleeping bag, you are in luck! Today, on my Instagram, I am giving away THIS Jacadi striped sleeping bag. All you have to do is make sure to be following me, like the photo, and tag 5 other moms who you think would also like the sleeping bag! I will pick a winner (at random) this Friday! U.S. entries only.

Tips for Traveling Internationally With a Baby

tips for traveling with a baby

I can’t believe I did it! I was nervous to travel with an infant overseas but everyone said, “Do it now before she is mobile.” I am so happy I listened! The trip was not bad AT ALL and I am so grateful for the memories we made.  To make the flight as easy as possible I started preparing for this trip weeks in advance. If you want to travel abroad with your little one I would definitely suggest speaking with your pediatrician first. It was important for both of us that Eleanor had her 8 week shots, although I know some people travel before this, for peace of mind this was a non-negotiable.

Our trip included a two hour layover in London before getting on another plane to Geneva. I was most worried about the layover but it was no sweat. You will read in one of my tips below that I think overpacking is essential (especially if this is your first trip with Little One). Poor Eleanor went through two outfit changes from spit-up before we even made it to London. I am so happy I had plenty of back-up outfits. I would have felt so badly if she was flying in clothing that made her uncomfortable. As a mom, knowing your L.O. is completely taken care of is key. So I say, be organized, plan ahead, over-pack, take deep breathes, and most importantly follow your gut! Bon Voyage!

Sucking on Something – This is KEY! She didn’t get fussy during the flight which I believe was because on take-off and landing I had something in her mouth for her to suck on and equalize her ears. She either had a bottle or passifier without question on ascending and descending
* Be Organized – I used these travel bags to organize all of her essentials. So all of her gripe water, gas drops, tylenol and other medicines went in one. Her changing needs (diaper, aquaphor, wipes) went in another. And her passport, my passport, boarding cards, and other travel needs went in another. And so on… It made it so easy to quickly grab what I needed without having to dig through a bag looking for what I needed.
* More is More – Everyone says to pack light. Bullshit! Bring everything you need and then a backup. Who wants their poor baby to fly with spit-up on their pajama. Or to run out of clean bottles. Especially if this is your first trip, overpack. Not only will you use most of it, you will also have peace of mind that you have everything you need
* Bassinet – Upon booking your ticket make sure the airline knows you will be traveling with an infant. It does not matter if you are in Business class or Economy. The airline will sit your seat on the bulkhead aisle which has a wall where a table pulls out and they strap a bassinet to it. I brought a blanket to lay in the bassinet and then a swaddle to cover her so she wasn’t touching anything I hadn’t washed. Yes, I know this is totally a first time mom move!
* First to Board – If you like to board last, DON’T! You have so many items to get ready for such a long flight. Get on board and start organizing. It will make your life SO MUCH easier once in flight
* Always have back-up clothing for YOU and BABY – While I was spared baby poop, I wasn’t spared baby spit-up. On the way there she went through two outfits! Luckily I had four ready to go
* Bring Ziplock bags incase of an explosion. This is great if you are on the plane and something gets on you or the baby and you need to store your clothing
* Have bottles prepared but wait to actually make them – Eleanor is on formula so we had the powder ready to go in the bottles before boarding. When the plane started to taxi to the runway I poured the water in and fed her upon take-off. I would wait to make the bottle as long as possible. On the way home we were about to take off and the plane ended up having to return to the gate which took over an hour. In this case I threw the bottle away and made a new one.
* Stroller (Doona) Nightmare – Not one international flight would gate-check our Doona. It was the one nightmare of the entire experience. We would drop it off at the gate and then when we de-boarded they kept sending it to baggage claim, even though we were traveling onto another destination. My advice, check the Doona at check-in and use a YoYo stroller or the Pockit (folds into a tiny square that can store in the overhead bin) if you have a long layover. If you don’t then I would recommend wearing your baby in the Ergo 360.
Stroller Cover – I highly recommend getting a cover for your stroller. I used this one for the Doona and am so grateful we had it. No matter if you check your stroller or gate-check it the stroller gets dirty and full of germs. I didn’t want to have to worry about what Eleanor was sitting in while we were at our destination. The cover put my mind at ease and kept the Doona safe.
* Changing Table on Flight – This might sound dumb, but I had no clue where to change her when we were on the plane. Fret not, the changing table is above the toilet. You simply fold it down. I recommend bringing a changing pad and sanitizing wipes to clean it when you are done. I didn’t want to put it back in the diaper bag with all of those germs. YUCK!
Schedule – I am such a stickler for schedules. I think it helps her and me, however, throw it to the clouds when flying internationally. Just breathe and know that you will get her/him back on schedule when you can, but you are simply just surviving this process. I would say it took Eleanor a good 4-5 days before she was able to somewhat beat jet-lag. Again, blissfuly remember the memories you just made!

tips for traveling with a baby

This is Eleanor’s first time in a pool! So happy we got to share this moment at my in-law’s in Switzerland.

so then they say

This is Eleanor and me at a lunch at my in-laws.

tips for traveling with a baby

Eleanor and the Jet d’Eau. She won’t remember this, but B and I will!

What I Packed in my Hospital Bag

When I started packing my hospital bag it made the idea that I was about to become a mom all too real. I actually heard you should pack it around 37 weeks, but I waited until 39. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I was about to be a mom! It is the most surreal feeling!

I am not a planner. It is something that drives my husband nuts. I can be very, “fly by the seat of your pants” mentality. However, when it came to packing my bag, I was overly versed in everything I might need. I read every article, texted every friend, and listened to my gut. I am not going to lie, I only used HALF of what I packed. Once she was here I learned quickly what you actually need is different than what you wanted to need. I packed everything from face masks to help soothe my dry hospital skin to a new pair of pajamas for every night. SO.NOT.NECESSARY.

So, here is a list of what I did pack and a list of what I would recommend to remove and/or add that I had wished I brought.

What I packed in My Bag:

* Face Wipes I honestly only used these once. However, if you go in with make-up or can’t get up to shower, I recommend packing these
* Niven Morgan Travel Set – I really wanted nice smelling bath products so I could “treat” myself. While it was nice to have them, I only stayed one night in the hospital so they were a bit unnecessary. However, If you stay longer than a night, I do think it was nice to have them.
* Special Shampoo and Conditioner – I LOVE my Oribe shampoo and conditioner so I knew I would want them in the hospital and I am glad I had them! The smell reminded me of home and my hair felt great
* Bose Wireless Speaker – THIS.IS.A.MUST. Labor can be LONG (mine was 24 hours) so having music playing that I liked made the time pass so much more enjoyable. Even the nursers commented on how nice it was to come into our room. I can’t recommend this enough.
* Three Pajama Dresses – Again, I only stayed one night so three was a bit excessive but I recommend packing that many. If you have to have an emergency c-section or are planning on a c-section you will be there far longer. Having clean options will be so nice!
* Soft/Cute Robe – For me this was SO unnecessary. I never even pulled it out of the bag. I packed all Eberjay pajamas which were cute enough without a robe. And you are in bed the entire time, I wouldn’t waste the space.
* Chapstick – I do recommend having this handy. My husband kept it in his pocket and we used it often! The rooms get so cold and dry out your lips quickly
* Extra long Iphone Charger – A must! It honestly just makes things easier, which you want! I can’t say that I sat on my phone that often (there was a lot going on) but it was nice to know my phone was fully charged. Honestly, it is more for the men than the women 🙂
* Two Pillows – I could have used one more because the pillows you bring from home have so much more cushion in them and are so much more comfortable
* Foam Mattress Topper – I bought this for my husband and it was a TOTAL game changer for his sleep. It made sleeping much more enjoyable for him, which was important to me. I needed him to be rested to help me through the process. We left it at the hospital so didn’t have to worry about taking it home.
* Make-UpI definitely wouldn’t recommend bringing an arson of make-up, you won’t use it. I did bring tinted moisturizer, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. I quickly put this on before we left the hospital and I was glad I had a little something on for the “leaving the hospital” photos.
* Slippers – I upgraded to a suite which provided slippers, but if your room doesn’t have slippers, these are a must!!! The slippers I brought were these fluffy Minnetonka’s that are more like a shoe so they weren’t near as easy to slip on as the hospital option. I recommend just getting a pair that you can slip-on and off very quickly and easily.
* Sleep Eye Mask – A DEFINITE MUST! I wear these every night  (they are a game changer), but I also bought my husband one too. We wore them napping and at night and they seriously help with getting to sleep. There are so many lights and machines around that drowning them out will help you get a little extra shut-eye.
* Sheet Masks – A total waste of space! Between taking care of baby, having nurses come in, the baby getting checked, and guests coming in and out, you will not have time for this! I did speak to someone who said she used them during labor which is an idea but I wouldn’t bother.
* Going Home Dress – This one got a 50/50 response when I asked if other women had a dress option for going home. Some said, “Hell to the NO,” and some said, “Absolutely.” I definitely wanted an option and I was glad I did. It can be chaotic leaving the hospital but I wanted to have a cute family photo arriving at our house. It took just as long to put the dress on as it would comfy pants so I say, go for it! You won’t regret it. Also, the moment the door opens, you can put those sweatpants on.
* Nursing Bras – I ended up not needing them but I recommend packing one or two depending on how long you stay there
* Snacks – I was huge on having snacks for the hospital. I didn’t touch them once! My husband had some while I was in labor but I couldn’t eat. And then when I was in my room, my parents and friends brought so much food that our snacks were an after thought. If you don’t have family in town, I recommend packing some, otherwise, don’t stress.

What I Also Wished I Had Packed:

Blanket –  Thank the lord my friend brought me one. We all used it! My mom and husband used it because I had the room so cold and I used it to help with the Pitocin and Epidural shakes. It was the best gift anyone could have brought me
* Non-Scented lotion – I packed really nice smelling lotion but Baby’s hate scents. I didn’t end up using it and had wished I packed lotion that was moisturizing for my skin and okay for her. I recommend CeraVe – My Pediatrician recommend we use this on Eleanor. There are studies that it helps with any future allergies and it is SUPER moisturizing. Fun fact – my mom’s dermatologist also recommended it for her skin!
* A sweater – This is actually more for the husbands. Poor Brice was FREEZING! He forgot his sweater so was trying to use hospital blankets around his shoulders. It would have been so much better had he packed a sweater.

What I packed in Elaenor’s Bag

* Three Footie Pajamas – I packed 0-3 months because everyone said don’t buy newborns because they grow out of it too quickly. HUGE mistake! Pack newborn!!!!! I ended up needing it when I got home and a month later she is still fitting into it. Thank goodness for sisters and hand-me-downs.
* Baby Socks – Hospitals are cold and their little feet get even colder! Just pack one or two pairs
* Two SwaddlesI packed pretty swaddles and they were cute for photos. The hospital will swaddle them tight so you don’t need any “heavy duty” swaddle
* Going Home Outfit – I packed a super cute outfit for her, she spit-up all over it and her carseat. But it was easy to clean- up and we still got a few cute photos for the baby book!
* DON’T FORGET TO TAKE EVERYTHING FROM THE HOSPITAL – Everything in the bin for the baby is for you! Take it, you want it! From the diapers, to the sucker, to the extra formula, take it all!

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