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When we moved into this house one of my main priorities for our outdoor area was to make it feel like we were at a boutique hotel. We didn’t have a pool in our old house so I was able start from scratch. I started with the furniture. I researched a lot but was very decisive once I found what I liked. My husband has a very European mentality of, “buy something of quality once and never again.” With that in mind I settled on Serena and Lilly. Their items were not only gorgeous but upon research the seemed to be made with great care. you can read about the outdoor furniture here.

Next on my list was beach towels. I wanted to have beautiful beach towels that my guests would want to use. My mother-in-law has Hermes beach towels and I always love getting out of the pool knowing I get to wrap up in a cozy towel. I had this dream of having a basket of Hermes beach towels so my guest could feel the same way I do when I get out of my in-laws pool. My dream was quickly crushed when I saw the price of each towel! I will save you the google search and let you know they are $580 a towel. My dream would wait.

I ended up going from Hermes to Amazon. I know. I know. I am surprised myself. But I found these striped beach towels “for an exceptional price” that went perfectly with our outdoor furniture. And they were great! We used them almost everyday last summer. And they were so inexpensive I didn’t care if Eleanor dropped watermelon on them. However, I pulled them out to use this summer, and like most inexpensive things, they didn’t stand the test of time. The last few months I have really been struggling with the idea of fast fashion and “quick, inexpensive” purchases. They don’t last and it seems so wasteful to have the mentality, “That is okay. I can always replace it.” I want to learn and stick with Brice’s concept of, the initial cost might hurt up front but if you buy quality, you buy it once.

So the search continued for beach towels to use this summer. I wanted quality but I still can’t bring myself to spend $580 a towel. This is when I got an e-mail from Weezie that they were launching a beach towel line. This seemed too good to be true considering I am a HUGE fan of theirs. I have their robe and bathroom towels and love them both so much. They make beautiful items but always keep quality in mind. This was the exact solution I needed.

I received my Weezie Beach Towel bundle (you can also buy single towels) and could not believe the softness and weight of each towel. They were almost identical to the Hermes towels I had fallen for years before. Ya’ll these towels are STUNNING and for a 1/3 of the cost of ONE Hermes towel, you can get FOUR Weezie beach towels. We have used them almost everyday for the past few weeks ago and I have washed them just as much (and they look brand new after every wash). I am so beyond excited to finally find a towel that I don’t have to sacrifice my wallet for quality. All I can say is, my search is finally over and I got everything I wanted/needed!

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