Estelle Colored Glasses

Table Details:
gifted Estelle Colored Wine Glass in Forest Green
AERIN Scalloped Green Rim Salad Plates
AERIN Ardsley Mixed Salad Plates
Amanda Lindroth Island Wrapped Votives (on sale)
Anthropologie Clemence Pitcher
India Amory Dinner Napkins
Pottery Barn Lemon on Vine Napkin Ring
Pottery Barn Bistro Outdoor Flatware
Juliska Le Panier Two Section Server
Glass Bud Vases (sourced locally from Blue Print)
Placemats sourced locally from Ivy House
Serena and Lily Capistrano Outdoor Dining Chair
Crate and Barrel Regatta Outdoor Dining Table

I have always loved tablescapes. My mom made us set the table every.single.night. growing up. She was a wiz at throwing together an amazing table for dinner parties and holidays. And then I married my husband whose mom not only set her dinner table but also set every breakfast and lunch table (to the nines). So I like to say that my love of table setting runs in the family.

I could spend hours looking at Pinterest and Instagram gathering ideas for my next table. However, up until recently I never spent the money to invest in items to set my table how I wanted. The cost of everything I wanted seemed overwhelming so I just never pulled the trigger. When we moved into our new house I decided it was a good time to buy two new sets of plates (the plates that are pictured). I loved them and used them a lot so when the quarantine of 2020 happened, I started doing some research on my next set. I really think it is the one great thing that has come from being stuck inside, I have had time to find all the pieces I have want to make my Tablescape dreams come true.

One of my favorite tablescape finds is my Estelle Colored Glasses. I have followed their account on Instagram for a while and always dreamed of having a cupboard full of their beautiful colored glasses (just look at this dreamy photo). They have everything from lavender, coral, rose, cobalt, etc. Every color your tabletop needs. When you see the glasses your mind just starts spinning with ideas. It was hard to choose a color but since I have so many items in green and I felt it was perfect for summer, I went with Forrest green. It is gorgeous and perfect for all of my future tablescapes. I am truly blown away by the quality of these glasses. They are sold for $175 for a set of 6 ($30 per glass) which is an exceptional price for luxury hand-blow glass. Each glass is thick and sturdy which is a really nice break from the thin and very fragile glass that was popular a few years ago.  I am not lying when I say how beautiful these glasses are and how they really complete my table. I am hoping to add the Coral Peach Pink set to my collection next.

I am so excited to continue to bring you tablescapes. They have saved my sanity in this time of quarantine and have been so fun to create.


Our Outdoor Furniture

Shop The Post // Serena and Lily ‘Pacifica Chaise’. (in Pernnials White), Serena and Lily ‘Eastport Umbrella’ (in white/navy), Umbrella StandTarget White Garden Stool,

Table and Chairs // Serena and Lily ‘Capistrano Outdoor Dining Chair’,  Crate and Barrel ‘Regatta Outdoor Extension Dining Table’

Boxwood Planters // Restoration Hardware Estate Zinc Ring Square Planters

Plant Along Fence // Elaeagnus

Since the warm days are upon us I have been spending so much more time poolside. One of the questions I have been getting asked is where our outdoor furniture is from. Before we were moving, I spent a lot of time choosing which furniture I wanted. It is such an investment and I knew I wanted something that would stand the test of time and the Texas heat. I spent months looking for the perfect pieces but I kept going back to Serena and Lily. I loved their classic and clean style. Every time I looked at their website it was exactly the vibe I wanted to walk out of my house to every day.

We started with the Serena and Lily Pacifica chaise lounge, which are extremely comfortable. We do use covers when we aren’t using them but they have really held up well thus far. The back of the chair is adjustable which makes it perfect for reading, lounging or napping. After the chaise lounges were chosen I picked the umbrellas that were one of my favorite items on the website. They reminded me of something you would see at a boutique hotel or in a Slim Aaron’s picture.

One of the last items we purchased was the Crate and Barrel Regatta table. I knew I wanted a teak wood table to keep with the classic theme we had going on. I love the look of natural teak and how it offset all of the white we had previously purchased. I love this table so much however, it is worth noting that teak wood is very sensitive to water and sun. We cover this table when we aren’t using it but it has still be suseptible to the outdoor conditions. We weren’t told that you are supposed to seal teak wood to keep it the natural color and protect it from water and sun. This is a project that is on my husbands to-do list.

The chairs for the table are the Serena and Lily Capistrano dining chair. I love the way they look with the table! They don’t fit all the way under the table so you would need to buy separate covers for them other than the cover that you use on the table. We haven’t been covering these chairs and I have been surprised how well they have held up. They also come with cushions (Not pictured) which make the chairs very comfortable for a meal.


Eleanor’s Biscuit Home Truvy Bedding

Room Details // Biscuit Bedding in Truvy, Courtland and Co. Duvet Cover, Drape Fabric: Sister Parish in Parma, Headboard Fabric: Fabricut Beckwith in 23 made by Casita Dallas, Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Spring Lilac #1388

I have been a longtime fan of Biscuit Bedding. A friend and I drove to Houston for their grand opening party years and years ago. I remember calling my husband and telling him we needed this bedding. He agreed and I got my first biscuit bedding (I believe it was 2013 or 2014). The print has since been discontinued but I followed up my original purchased with the Marfa, Bloomsbury, Dorthy, and now the Truvy.  Their bedding is everything I center my design around – sophisticated fun. That is how my designer, Molly Graham, described my interior style and I couldn’t agree more.

Sophisticaed. Biscuit’s sheets are soft without being too buttery. A follower described it best, “they are soft without the feeling of the 90’s/00’s jersey feel.” My husband and I both prefer crisp sheets so with Biscuit, we get both. I have to admit that I ventured away from Biscuit for a minute and purchased a simple set of white sheets that I thought my husband would love and they also went well with our new Master bedroom decor. By the end of the week he was begging for our biscuit sheets back.

Fun. Their prints make me so happy. I love the look of a fluffy white bed, but often times I find I need fun. The way Bailey, the founder, mixes all of the prints is truly a skill. I have always loved her design eye and envy the way she can “see the whole picture.” If you want a fun follow, she is it! I have taken so many screenshots of her finished rooms over the years that by this point I am sure my camera roll now knows her by name.

Growing up I went through the same faze most girls go through – I wanted a purple room. My mom delivered the most beautiful purple room any 12 year old had ever seen. However, like those low-rider jeans of the early 2000’s we started to out grow each other. I painted over the purple when I entered high school and went with a more original color –  white.

I had not thought of a purple bedroom until Molly presented me with the scheme for Eleanor’s big girl room. To be honest, her bedroom was one of the last we designed of our entire house so I was a little tired. I said yes, whatever you think is best. When the room started being painted and drapes being hung, I looked at Molly and said, “I don’t even remember making these selections, but I LOVE it.” Her room is so happy, bright, and age appropriate. I find myself asking Eleanor if we can go play in her room just because I love being in it so much.

When Biscuit reached out that they had a new color way coming for the Truvy print I got really excited. Then they told me it would be in lilac. I almost died! We had just moved Eleanor’s big girl bed from the guest room (we needed the guest room for Eloise’s nursery) so the timing could not have been more perfect!

A few weeks ago we moved Eleanor’s big girl bed over but it was missing one thing – the perfect bedding. I can’t tell you how beautiful the Truvy print is in person. It makes me so happy that my sweet baby girl gets to enjoy the same luxuries I do. Since she is still in her crib (yes she has a biscuit crib sheet) we read books in her big girl bed, say our prayers and snuggle before she goes night, night. She always gets under the duvet and snuggles extra close to the sheets. Even she knows a good sheet when she feels one.

The Truvy comes in Pink and Lilac and is the perfect addition to any girls room – big or small.

Mary Hafner x Biscuit Bedding Mary Hafner x Biscuit Bedding Mary Hafner x Biscuit Bedding Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac Mary Hafner Dallas Home Mary Hafner Dallas Home Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac Biscuit Bedding Truvy Lilac

Room Details // Biscuit Bedding in Truvy, Courtland and Co. Duvet Cover, Drape Fabric: Sister Parish in Parma, Headboard Fabric: Fabricut Beckwith in 23 made by Casita Dallas, Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Spring Lilac #1388

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