The Transition Outfit

Can I just be honest for a second. I have been looking at my favorite online stores (Shopbop, Nordstrom, Zara, Net-a-Porter) every day for the past few weeks and to say I am uninspired is an understatement. This time of year is always so hard, especially in Texas. The temperature changes probably 20 degrees every other day. One day it is 80 and rainy, the next it is 55 and sunny. So this being said, I totally get why designers, shall we say, have their hands tied this time of year.

That being said, I am so happy to have pieces in my closet that work both in the winter, as well as the summer. Throw on a loose fit jean (these are under $100), a sneaker, and a sweater (love this selection) and you have the perfect transition outfit. Having a closet full of items that are classic and minimal makes it easier to mix-and-match through the year. Just some food for thought 🙂

Outfit Details // Blank Denim “Ripped jeans” (under $100), Superga Platform sneakers on major sale under $100 (in leather here), Everlane 100% Cashmere sweater ($100), Madewell scarf sold out (on sale  in red here)

Who Needs Office Appropriate

The pencil skirt is often seen 9 to 5pm in an office but add a high slit to it, and it goes from classic to subtly sexy. I have only worked one real “business” type job. You know, the one you have to actually get up and get “business casual.” It was my first job out of college and I remember being so excited to wake up and put real buisness clothes on. As a child (and adult) I love a good costume and that is how I approached this new adventure in my life. However, after a few months of waking up early, doing my make-up, hair, and stepping into the business suit, the novelty wore off. Nowadays the only pencil skirt you will catch me in, is the one with a high slit. The high slit makes it modern and sexy. Dress it up with a silk blouse and heels or throw on a t-shirt, tie it at the waist, and grab some sneakers. I have become a fan of the pencil skirt again, but only if I never have to wear that “office appropriate” kind.

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outfit details // Altuzarra High Slit skirt (yellow sold out but here on sale in black and pinstriped), A.L.C. ‘Delle’ blouse, Shutz ‘Enida’ shoe, Illesteva ‘Leonard’ sunglass

Never Letting Go

I love it – the crisp, clean, classic feel of all white. Being someone who used to follow the, “no white after Labor Day or before Easter” I feel pretty great throwing the rule book aside. White is a color I have grown fond of over the years. I always recommend having a section of your closet dedicated to different items in white. It is so versatile and a “no think piece.” When you feel you have nothing to wear, it always looks amazing. Throw a white t-shirt under a blazer (I own this one in three colors), a white sweater with black pants, or pair white on white (as I did here). You will always look great, it will never go out of style, and it is a no-brainer.

My one advice on buying white – don’t rush it. Since it is such a classic color you want to build a base of items you love and are excited to wear. This could take time to acquire. Where should you start? I recommend starting with buying a really good white t-shirt or blouse. These are the white items I wear a few times a week so I never feel bad about investing in them.


outfit details // Derek Lamp 10 Crosby Flare pants (on sale here, here, & here), Madewell Pleated Short Sleeve blouse, Roarke ‘Abyss” Scarf Necklace (full page here, I also love this one)

mary-summers-hafner-fashion-10 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-11 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-12 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-15 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-16 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-17 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-20 mary-summers-hafner-fashion-21

outfit details // Derek Lamp 10 Crosby Flare pants (on sale here, here, & here), Madewell Pleated Short Sleeve blouse, Roarke ‘Abyss” Scarf Necklace (full page here, I also love this one)

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