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Eating is my bliss. I know you are suppose to “eat to live” but I am 100% guilty of  “living to eat.” I enjoy a delicious meal like a dog loves a new bone (first thing that came to mind as my dog sits here excitedly eating her new bone). Good food does not only further the enjoyment of your day/night but it can also bond people, nurture lasting relationships, and create happiness. Yes, good food is that important! Luckily my new favorite city had insanely delicious food. Below you will find a scrolling gallery on more information of eateries I enjoyed on my last visit to Charleston. Be sure to scroll through and e-mail or comment with any questions.

List of Eateries (scroll through gallery for more info)

Bull Street Gourmet and Market

Cru Cafe

The Grocery

The Macintosh

The Market Pavilion Bar

Butcher and Bee

* special thanks to all of these restaurants and the Charleston CVB for hosting us

all images via the restaurants webpage

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