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As promised this year on STTS there will be more lifestyle posts. And where better to start than the master bedroom? I must admit this makes me a bit nervous. Have you ever said you were going to do something and when the time comes and you regret your decision because it is completely outside of your comfort zone? That is what is happening to me now! I have shared personal pictures in the past, from my wedding and even my home, but something about opening up my bedroom for the world to judge absolutely terrifies me. So be kind! Just kidding… but not really.

My master is a work in progress. Master bedrooms are suppose to be warm, cozy – your sanctuary. Let me be honest, ours is a work in progress. Our master is very large which makes the “warm and cozy” part very difficult. It has taken over a year and a half to get the bedroom to the point it is now and I still have a lot more ideas. However, the progress is positive. Taking a large room and filling the spaces without over cluttering can be a challenge. I moved into the house after my husband had furnished it and while he did an amazing job it is the accessories that we have accumulated which pull it all together. His style is modern, minimalist, and clean so taking that “canvas” and turning it into a warm and cozy space has had its fair share of challenges. He has been extremely helpful and encouraging through the process but having no interior decorating background, the “trial and error” can make even the calmest person annoyed. However, there is one thing you can always count on to make a bedroom more enjoyable – the bedding.

Biscuit Bedding is just about my favorite place in the world! Their unique and original designs pack a punch without going overboard. Not only are they incredibly badass but they are also extremely soft! The hubs and I are completely smitten. Another item I just added, as in a few days ago, were the pictures hanging above our bed. I hate having photos of me and the hubs everywhere. It just feels weird to look around and see yourself every where. However, the hubs always asked why we didn’t have one photo of us, so for Christmas that is one of the things he received – framed photos of us on our travels. I knew I wanted them to fill the empty space above our bed so it was a win/win for the both of us. I have actually held off filling that space for almost two years now because I am dying to put a neon sign spelling out, “oui oui,” above it but I haven’t been able to find the right people to make it. So until then photos it is! I actually really like them as they add the perfect personal touch to the room and fill the space very cleanly.

Overall I am quite pleased. I do have a few more things I am dying to do but the one thing I have learned about interior decorating, it is a slow process. Cheers to the process!

Bedroom-Decor-Inspiration-3 Bedroom-Decor-Inspiration-4 Bedroom-Decor-Inspiration-5 Bedroom-Decor-Inspiration-10 Bedroom-Decor-Inspiration-11 Bedroom-Decor-Inspiration-12

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5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Decor

  1. Oh my gosh – stop! I’m in love with your bedroom. Those stools are amazing, dark walls provide amazing contrast and of course…that bedding is perfection! Keep sharing – I love it!

  2. I’ve had the Biscuit Home Marfa Sheets on my wishlist for a LONG time! You’ve done a great job making the master cozy. Can’t wait to see more.

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