Innit Acapulco Chair

I have been talking about the Innit Acapulco Chair for months now. I first stumbled upon it when stalking my architect crush, Barbara Bestor. Each time I saw the chair I grew more and more in love with it. The design, the versatility, the craftsmanship, and the uniqueness made me swoon. I am a BIG fan of mixing mid-century and modern and this chair is all of that and more. Since I knew I had to have it I began my search for the perfect spot to buy it. And wouldn’t you know my absolute go-to for any home furnishings, AllModern, carried it. And not only carried the single black version I had been seeing around, but loads of other equally badass options.

Let me take a moment to explain my love for AllModern. When I was on the hunt for side tables I couldn’t find ONE place which had the table I wanted at the price I needed. Until I discovered AllModern. They had every option at every price point. I absolutely loved this because it is quite expensive to decorate a home so having options made the entire process so much easier. And every piece was new, modern, and very cool (unlike a lot of the other pieces I was finding). I ended up ordering these side tables which have been absolutely perfect. Style is completely personal so when you find a store which fits every wish you have, you hold on.

Because AllModern is my first option for decor I decided to check out a few of their other accessories. That is when I stumbled upon this merde pillow. Being that my husband speaks french I often times hear this word – mainly on the golf course or in rush hour traffic. It is sadly one of the first french words I learned outside of numbers and please/thank you. So what does it mean? One can only guess…what would a man say after hitting a golf ball out of bounds? Well, I can think of a lot but “shit” is probably one of them. Yup, this amazing pillow says shit in french! I absolutely couldn’t pass it up as it is now one of the husbands and my inside jokes. I kind of like that no one (unless you read this blog or speak slang french) will know what it means when they come over. A very fun and quirky play on a pillow. Especially for this french (semi) speaking home.

*** I am so excited to bring you two other ways to style this Innit Acapulco Chair. Since it is an outdoor chair I thought I would start there and share a few photos from a girls wine sesh I had the other night. HOWEVER, even if it is an outdoor chair it is so much more than that! Just stay tuned! I am so excited to show you different ways to style it!! By the end of this little series you are going to be hopping over to AllModern and purchasing it yourself. The possibilities are endless!!!

innit-acapulco-chair-30 innit-acapulco-chair-26 innit-acapulco-chair-19 innit-acapulco-chair-20 innit-acapulco-chair-21 innit-acapulco-chair-22 innit-acapulco-chair-25 innit-acapulco-chair-18 innit-acapulco-chair-16 innit-acapulco-chair-15 innit-acapulco-chair-14 innit-acapulco-chair-10 innit-acapulco-chair-11 innit-acapulco-chair-4


** Special thanks to my bestie Molly Miller for helping me shoot and style these and the other photos (coming soon). You are an angel from above!

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