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And I am back! After taking a bit of a hiatus I am ready to bring you another year of STTS! I feel quite rejuvenated and re-inspired after my few weeks off – something I much needed. I don’t know if it was because it was the end of the year or because we all have moments in our jobs but I was in much need of a moment to breath, relax, and re-focus. Some people think blogging is something that is super quick and seems really fun, while the latter is true it is a lot of work and something that takes time, dedication, and thought. At the end of 2014 I spent a lot of time focusing on my photography and leaving the blog to fend for itself. I tend to go where the money is and for the past 3-4 months that is where it was leading me! I also believe that we should follow wherever life takes us and enjoy the ride, so photography it was. I absolutely love photography  and have really grown a passion for it but while honing in on one passion my other was falling by the waste side. I was really feeling rushed to get a post up everyday and lost my creative eye in the processes. After the blog re-launch I just knew I would create amazing content and grow rapidly but that is hard to do when you don’t leave yourself enough time to actually execute all of the ideas you had planned.

When people ask what 2015 will bring I keep saying it is the year I learn balance (can you tell I am a Libra). Balance in health, fun, work, travel, and family. I am the type of personality that goes into a project full speed ahead with blinders on for everything else – which really isn’t sustainable. But this year, 2015, is the year I learn to focus my energy on all aspects, not just one. So, while photography completely consumed my life at the end of 2014 I have made a deal with myself to only let it be part of my life this year so I can also focus energy on this blog, which I love so much! How am I going to do this? I work best when I write everything down on a list or calendar, which is exactly what I have done to insure success in 2015! I have two days blocked off for doing all of my blog jobs (pictures, content, writing, ect.), three days reserved for photographing other bloggers and editing, mornings blocked-off for focus on health and french, and evenings blocked-off for focusing on the husband and turning off technology.  I have been working really hard to come up with fresh content for STTS and hope I can fulfill my promise to balance and complete all of my ideas! I hope to make this blog a more rounded version of what it was intended to be – adding more home decor and lifestyle posts along with travel and outfits! While I am working hard to think of creative ideas if you ever wish to see something please, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me ( and let me know!

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