Grey Matters

Do you have those outfits that are your “uniform?” I mean the one you can grab without thinking, or probably opening your eyes because you wore it yesterday. This one would be mine. I am embarrassed to say that I can’t count the number of times I have worn this look the past month. Ya, that much. It is funny how this outfit actually got photographed. I brought two looks to feature (which were shown last Friday and this Monday) and then that was it. I changed back into my standard daily outfit I was going to wear to shoot Molly and run errands in- which happened to be the same thing I had been wearing for weeks – “my uniform”, this look. As I was photographing Molly I decided to shoot this last outfit because it was just about the realist I could get! And isn’t that what you want to see? Bloggers in their natural habitat. haha, just kidding! Too many animal shows as a child. But really, this is me in my everyday, hum drum, minimalist style. I am humbly sharing the outfit you all have most likely seen me running around Dallas in one million times! But hey, self-deprecation is never a bad thing!

so-then-they-say-37 so-then-they-say-39 so-then-they-say-41 so-then-they-say-47 so-then-they-say-51 so-then-they-say-52 so-then-they-say-54


outfit details || J.Brand Moto jeans (designer similar on sale || frugal similar), High Top Converse sneakers, Monrow t-shirt (my favorite t-shirt), Zara Robe coat (similar under $115)

accessory details ||Ray Ban Classic Aviator in black, Hermes bangle, Ellie Jay ‘H’ ring

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6 thoughts on “Grey Matters

  1. I like this look. I have always loved gray, and for years it was just about impossible to find anything gray. Sweatshirts and t-shirts, I guess, but pants, coats, blouses, suits – funny how some colors just disappear some years. Like today, just TRY to find a navy skirt. I mean a regular skirt like you would wear to work, not some Etsy thing, or an $800 designer. Have to make it myself or just wait till it comes back in fashion.

    1. haha oh my gosh – you are so right! I have never thought about this but it is true! Now I am on a mission for a blue skirt 🙂

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