Shadow Play

I was e-mailed a question by a reader the other day about how I get my hair tousled. I was a bit nervous to answer the question because it is a bit of a personal confession – I don’t wash it. I literally can go days without washing it. I know, I know, it sounds disturbing but having color in your hair the longer you go without washing it the better. Since I have find hair but a lot of it, it can get oily quickly. To combat the oil, baby powder is my best friend. I use the lavender scent so I don’t walk around smelling like a baby all day. Here is my processes if anyone else was wondering: When my hair is wet I sprinkle the powder on the roots, then I will sleep on it wet or blow dry it. Once it is dry I sprinkle a bit more baby powder and brush it out. The powder soaks up any oil and also adds volume to your hair. After a day or two I might sprinkle a bit more where needed. Here is a tip – make sure you shake your hair out after applying. This releases any powder that didn’t stick. Trust me, you want to do this! When I first started using it I showed up with powder all over my black outfit. You should have seen the stares. Maybe they thought it was the white rabbit?

So there is my hair trick! No fuss, under $5, and sustainable! And when even the baby powder can’t save my hair, I throw a baseball cap on and call it a day! Lately, I am really loving the backwards look. Call me a boy or forward, but I think it will catch on! Or maybe not, but who cares, it is fun for now!

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Vintage fur jacket, J.Brand Moto jeans (designer similar on sale || frugal similar), High Top Converse sneakers, J.Crew hat sold out (designer similar on sale || cream similar), Monrow t-shirt (my favorite t-shirt), Madewell sweater

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