I had a bit of a problem writing this post today. Not because I didn’t know what to talk about but because I had too much to talk about. I found it hard to narrow down everything that is going on in my head – from the Paris attacks, to a new direction, french sweatshirts, and boobs. Yup, boobs! And that is where I decided to land. Every woman has them! They come in all shapes and sizes and stay with us for life. Oh boy (sarcasm)! Lately I have been on a hate rampage against them. You know that “all shapes and sizes” thing? Ya, well mine are the size of f*&%&*@ watermelons. Lucky me, right? Wrong! They are impossible to dress and add about 15lbs to any look. I always tell people the only time I like them is when I want to feel “sexy.” And as much as they work for “sexy,” they equally don’t work for fashion. But I am stuck with them and they are stuck with me so it is about time I embrace!

Ways I have learned to dress with boobs – V-necks, layers, and a really good bra! Layers you say? oh yes! Take this Thakoon Addition shirt dress. It looks best buttoned all the way to the top, which is a total no-go for chesty girls. I mean, how hard is it to find a damn blouse that buttons without pulling? The solution is always to size-up which makes the rest of the blouse, well, too blousy! The struggle is real and so damn frustrating! Okay, back to the layers. We have a button-up but it might pull, so what do we do? We add a layer. Putting a fitted sweater over the blouse, or in this case a dress, pulls the look together, hides the imperfections, and with the tips of the collar tucked out adds a nice and narrow silhouette. I swear my fellow busty gals, try it! Just make sure the tips of the collar point out so you create the tailored and polished look. Also – you can wear a basic sweater (which I also recommend) or make it cool and add print. What is hottest right now? French. Just be sure the sweater can fit over the blouse comfortably so the words aren’t stretched! Yes, this is a real problem! Bonne Chance!

so-then-they-say-3 so-then-they-say-5 so-then-they-say-7 so-then-they-say-10 so-then-they-say-11 so-then-they-say-12 so-then-they-say-15 so-then-they-say-17 so-then-they-say-18 so-then-they-say-20


outfit details ||  Les Petites sweatshirt (I also recommend this and this), Thakoon Addition Shirtdress, Rachel Zoe ‘Nevana’ boots

accessory details || Ray Ban Classic Aviator in black, Hermes bangle, Ellie Jay ‘H’ ring


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4 thoughts on “Peut-Etre

  1. I also suffer from huge bosoms! 36E 🙁 I’d love a post on good supportive bras that aren’t ugly!

  2. I never used to have this problem, but, when I had my son in August, they got huge! Everyone acts like it’s awesome to have big boobs; however, none of my tops fit anymore! Not to mention the back pain I never used to have! I’m looking forward to not breastfeeding any more (not really sure when that will be … trying to do what is best for my son in the long run and balancing that with my busy work schedule) with the hope that my boobs get back to normal!

  3. UGH! I know what you mean! Mine aren’t exactly the size of watermelons, but they’re big enough to cause me annoyances. I’m still missing my barely there gymnastics chest, ha ha. I always think I’m weird for liking clothes that make me look flatter (for lack of a better word), glad I’m not alone. this look you styled is great ! 😀

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