Spilled Blood Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

There were only a few things I knew about Saint Petersburg before heading there this past winter. One: it is cold. Two: it is really cold. Three: some WWII history. And four: they have a beautiful and very colorful cathedral. This cathedral is known as Savior on the Spilled Blood. A name given to it for its messy past. I had seen photos of this cathedral for years – in my history books, in travel magazines, and online. Seeing it in person was always something I wanted to do but never knew when I would actually do it. When my in-laws told my husband to choose between Istanbul and Russia for our holiday, I immediately said Russia!

It wasn’t that I am not dying to see Istanbul but something about Russia has always been intriguing to me and I knew now was the time! After arriving in Saint Petersburg, getting settled in and meeting our tour guide we headed to the famous cathedral! Seeing it in person is a really surreal moment. It is like seeing that photo you have seen a million times but now it has come to life. I remember just standing on the bridge and staring at its beauty for a solid 15 minutes just trying to take it all in. That is what I love so much about travel – getting these types of experiences. Seeing something in person you have previously only viewed from the pages of a book. It is such an incredible feeling and one that keeps the travel bug inside me alive!

While the outside is absolutely breathtaking it was the inside that stole the show! I will be sharing those photos later on so for now enjoy the famous Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral!  Saint Petersburg Russia-5 Saint Petersburg Russia-6 Saint Petersburg Russia-8

Bundled up ever so warmly in my Canada Goose Trillium Jacket (shop my other favorite here)

Saint Petersburg Russia-43 Saint Petersburg Russia-46 Saint Petersburg Russia-53 Saint Petersburg Russia-10 Saint Petersburg Russia-38 Saint Petersburg Russia-56

Marfa Travel Guide

MafraSo they say, “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” however, Marfa might disagree. The slow paced, easy-going, ” we will work if we want to” mentality of Marfa might give Texas a run for its money. I am not sure what I had envisioned for Marfa to be like, but it was different than I imagined. My bit of advice, go in with no preconceived notion and enjoy it for what it is! If you do this, you will have a great time! It is a place where art is appreciated, a siesta is a requirement, and unique is welcomed!



El Cosmico (rent a trailer (we stayed in the Imperial Mansion), tent, tepeeyurt, or sleep under the stars – 802 S Highland Ave – (432) 729-1950

Thunderbird Hotel – 601 W San Antonio St, Marfa – (432) 729-1984

Hotel Paisano – 207 Highland St, Marfa – (432) 729-3669



Chinati Foundation – Donald Judd, the NYC expat bought 40,000 acres and a number of buildings, to create what we now know as Marfa. To see the late artist’s large-scale works and other installations by artists he admired book a tour through the Chinati Foundation – Open Wed–Sun; 1 Cavalry Row, 432-729-4362

Ballroom Marfa—open Wed–Sun; 108 E. San Antonio, 432-729-3600

Marfa Contemporary—open Wed–Sun; 100 E. San Antonio, 432-729-3500

Prada Marfa (which I found out is NOT in Marfa, but Valentine) – A permanently installed sculpture by Scandinavian artists Elmgreen and Dragset along U.S. Highway 90, 35 miles north of Marfa




Freda – The Marfa done chic. Everything from highend designers to the perfect gift for a friend. The small shop houses a big collection – Open Wed–Sun; 207 S. Highland Ave, 917-653-5049

Wrong Store – An art gallery and store with incredible pieces of art and photography perfectly showcased in an old cathedral – Call for hours; 110 W. Dallas, 432-729-4979.

Camp Bosworth and Buck Johnston

Cast + Crew – An eclectic arrangement of odds and ends –  Call for hours; 203 E. San Antonio, 806-789-7248.

Moonlight Gemstone (known more commonly around town as ‘The Rock Shop’) – Open daily; 1001 W. San Antonio, 432-729-4526.

Cobra Rock Boot Company, handmade boots –  Open Wed–Sun; 107 S. Dean.





Boys2Men – a delicious food truck serving breakfast tacos. Be prepared to wait. They could say they will take anywhere from 10 minutes or 40 minutes and they mean it! Oh, and call ahead. They were supposed to be open one morning when they were not. – Open Sat & Sun 8–3; 220 W. San Antonio

Marfa Burrito – Maybe my favorite place in Marfa. Ramona cooks authentic tacos in her kitchen while you hang out on her front porch! They are delicious, but small! Don’t feel bad if you order more! Also, be sure to bring your spanish translator, she hardly speaks any english. – Open daily 6–2; 515 S. Highland Ave



Comida Futura – A menu which changes daily  based on local resources –  120 Highland St, Marfa, TX 79843 – (432) 729-4278

Mandos– Your hangover-healing greasy, delicious, Mexican food. Popular with the locals around lunchtime so arrive early – 1506 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX 79843 – Open Mon- Thur: 6am – 2pm – 5pm – 9pm, Friday 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM & 5:00 – 10:00 PM,  Saturday 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Sunday Closed

Capri Kitchen – “The best lunch spot in Marfa.” Great sandwiches, salads and other traditional lunch food – 603 W San Antonio St – (432) 729-1984

Food Shark – Famous for their falafels – Open Wed–Sat noon–3; Highland Avenue & El Paso

Fat Lyle’s – Must.Order.Fried.Chicken – Call for hours – 719 S. Highland Ave



Cochineal – Must make a reservation! Opened by a transplant from New York City it is by far one of the nicer restaurants in town. We enjoyed our last night here and it was delicious! Open Thur–Tue, reservations recommended; 107 W. San Antonio

Maiya’s – Also on the nicer scale they are known for their seasonal dishes with an Italian influence – Open Wed–Sat;103 S. Highland



juices at Squeeze

Shop for Food at The Get Go – A local, organic grocery store you must see. Head to the Marfa bookstore, grab a coffee at The Get Go, and then walk the isles of this seriously cute (and small) local grocery shop (just be aware it is $$$).


Padre’s Marfa is a laid-back hangout housed in a former funeral home. The kitchen’s open till 10 each night – Open Wed–Sun; 209 W. El Paso, 432-729-4425

Lost Horse Saloon A typical saloon style bar with old pool tables and a large patio – Open Fri–Sun; 306 E. San Antonio, 432-729-4499

The Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour: Your late night carb overload savior –  Usually open Fri & Sat at 9:30 p.m.; 300 W. San Antonio, 432-729-1804



Frama/Tumbleweed Laundry – A seriously cute/interesting coffeeshop! Located in the local Laundromat you can sip delicious coffee while chatting up locals drying their jeans! – Call for hours; 120 N. Austin, 432-295-2469.

Do Your Thing – We enjoyed our last coffee here. Delicious lattes but don’t be in a rush. When they ran out of an ingredient they ran across the street to the local store, The Get Go. A seriously homey and small town shop! Open Thur–Mon (except 1-3pm); located in the back of the Lumberyard at 201 E. Dallas


• We went on a Sunday/Monday and most businesses were closed. Literally Monday and Tuesday are the WORST days to visit (always try to go at the end of the week). The places we did get into we called ahead of time to schedule a visit. My advice – check ahead of time. Also, be prepared to change your plans shall a shop decide to close for the day. They keep funny hours so always be prepared to shift your day around.
• We had just missed the annual music festival which was a little sad. Marfa is known for its local events so check in advance if there is one you want to visit. These include the CineMarfa Film Festival, Viva Big Bend Music Festival, the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love, Chinati Weekend and the Marfa Lights Festival.

Canada Goose in Geneva

When we were planning our holiday travel Geneva was the only certainty. Since my in-laws all live there it is tradition to go and celebrate the holidays with them. The other certainty you can usually count on is that it will be really cold. This year we planned our trip around four of the coldest countries – Switzerland, Russia, Finland, and Sweden. Knowing I was going to experience temperatures well into the negatives I wanted a coat I could count on to keep this born and raised Texan, warm.
My family were not huge skiers. My mom much preferred vacations with lots of Vitamin D so I never accumulated a wardrobe suited for snow and below freezing temps. The heaviest jacket I own is a wool peacoat which mean I had to make an investment into a new wardrobe. I researched and researched for the best gear and decided a Canada Goose was the best choice for me. So off I went to the best place to buy winter gear, St. Bernard Sport. I settled on the Canada Goose Trillium Down Parka as it was sleek, hip, and could stand temps as low as -30. The coyote hood is also adjustable and is ethically sourced through Canada regulations, which I loved! An interesting fact on Canada Goose jackets is the fur will be different colors depending on each season and the amount of snow fall. My hood has some great fluff and whit, meaning the coyote had to really camouflage in the cold winter! I don’t know why, but that is one of my favorite things about my jacket.
If you are looking for a cold weather jacket seriously consider investing in a Canada Goose. They make the very best jackets as everything is meant to keep wind out and you insulated and warm. Every jacket is handmade in Canada and are hand stitched and then filled with a machine that measures the down by volume instead of weight so each parka has the perfect level of insulation. They will last you a lifetime and I guarantee you will be one of the sleekest on the mountain!
Click here to check out more from my favorite store, St. Bernard Sport

Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-5 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-6 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-8 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-9 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-10 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-14 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-19 Geneva Switzerland Canada Goose-24


outfit details // Canada Goose Trillium Down Parka, IRO jeans, Stuart Weitzman “All Legs” boots, ROMWE sweater, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

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