Canada Goose in Geneva

When we were planning our holiday travel Geneva was the only certainty. Since my in-laws all live there it is tradition to go and celebrate the holidays with them. The other certainty you can usually count on is that it will be really cold. This year we planned our trip around four of the coldest countries – Switzerland, Russia, Finland, and Sweden. Knowing I was going to experience temperatures well into the negatives I wanted a coat I could count on to keep this born and raised Texan, warm.
My family were not huge skiers. My mom much preferred vacations with lots of Vitamin D so I never accumulated a wardrobe suited for snow and below freezing temps. The heaviest jacket I own is a wool peacoat which mean I had to make an investment into a new wardrobe. I researched and researched for the best gear and decided a Canada Goose was the best choice for me. So off I went to the best place to buy winter gear, St. Bernard Sport. I settled on the Canada Goose Trillium Down Parka as it was sleek, hip, and could stand temps as low as -30. The coyote hood is also adjustable and is ethically sourced through Canada regulations, which I loved! An interesting fact on Canada Goose jackets is the fur will be different colors depending on each season and the amount of snow fall. My hood has some great fluff and whit, meaning the coyote had to really camouflage in the cold winter! I don’t know why, but that is one of my favorite things about my jacket.
If you are looking for a cold weather jacket seriously consider investing in a Canada Goose. They make the very best jackets as everything is meant to keep wind out and you insulated and warm. Every jacket is handmade in Canada and are hand stitched and then filled with a machine that measures the down by volume instead of weight so each parka has the perfect level of insulation. They will last you a lifetime and I guarantee you will be one of the sleekest on the mountain!
Click here to check out more from my favorite store, St. Bernard Sport

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outfit details // Canada Goose Trillium Down Parka, IRO jeans, Stuart Weitzman “All Legs” boots, ROMWE sweater, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

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