Spilled Blood Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

There were only a few things I knew about Saint Petersburg before heading there this past winter. One: it is cold. Two: it is really cold. Three: some WWII history. And four: they have a beautiful and very colorful cathedral. This cathedral is known as Savior on the Spilled Blood. A name given to it for its messy past. I had seen photos of this cathedral for years – in my history books, in travel magazines, and online. Seeing it in person was always something I wanted to do but never knew when I would actually do it. When my in-laws told my husband to choose between Istanbul and Russia for our holiday, I immediately said Russia!

It wasn’t that I am not dying to see Istanbul but something about Russia has always been intriguing to me and I knew now was the time! After arriving in Saint Petersburg, getting settled in and meeting our tour guide we headed to the famous cathedral! Seeing it in person is a really surreal moment. It is like seeing that photo you have seen a million times but now it has come to life. I remember just standing on the bridge and staring at its beauty for a solid 15 minutes just trying to take it all in. That is what I love so much about travel – getting these types of experiences. Seeing something in person you have previously only viewed from the pages of a book. It is such an incredible feeling and one that keeps the travel bug inside me alive!

While the outside is absolutely breathtaking it was the inside that stole the show! I will be sharing those photos later on so for now enjoy the famous Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral!  Saint Petersburg Russia-5 Saint Petersburg Russia-6 Saint Petersburg Russia-8

Bundled up ever so warmly in my Canada Goose Trillium Jacket (shop my other favorite here)

Saint Petersburg Russia-43 Saint Petersburg Russia-46 Saint Petersburg Russia-53 Saint Petersburg Russia-10 Saint Petersburg Russia-38 Saint Petersburg Russia-56

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