Photographic Journey: St. Petersburg, Russia

The question I get asked the most about my recent trip is, “What was Russia like?”. I think everyone expects it to be dark, monotone, and depressing. And don’t feel ashamed, I was thinking it would be like this too! It definitely has an assorted past with famine, communism, and wars so you can only imagine my shock when I arrived and it was vibrant, colorful, and beautiful! There were pink, yellow, and blue buildings which were beautifully reflected off the 93 water canals below the streets. It was absolutely a site to see! The people were kind and everyone was so proud to be living there and be Russian. It was a trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend putting it on your travel list!

Saint Petersburg Facts
Saint Petersburg was founded by Tsar “Peter The Great” in 1703 and was built upon numerous islands – giving it the nickname, “Venice of the North.” The city was built to show Imperial Russia’s growing status in the world. Peter took inspiration from the Dutch, who strongly admired,  and built a city full of vibrantly colored buildings (which is why you see so much color to this day). This inception of a grand and powerful city was fine-tuned by Peters successors who employed a host of Italian architects to build grand palaces and cathedrals throughout the city. Saint Petersburg was capital of Russia from 1712-1918 and has been renamed three times – Petrograd, Leningrad and now Saint Petersburg.  It is now considered the “modern city” where both old and new can live 

Fun Facts
* Saint Petersburg has more bridges than any other city in Europe
* It is the largest city in Europe that is not a capital
* Out of 365 days they have 52 of sunshine
* There are over 200 museums, 100 theaters, 114 concert venus, 69 educational institutions, 70 parks 63 movie theaters, 1270 libraries, and 5,830 cultural landmarks
* It is the youngest city in Europe

5 Restaurants You Must Visit in Paris

Le Consult
best restaurants in Paris

Address: 18 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France
* A Montmartre staple! Might be a little touristy but one must at least stop in for a crepe!

La Maison Rose
best restaurants in Paris

Address: 2 Rue de l’Abreuvoir, 75018 Paris, France
* A seriously cute and Instagrammable restaurant in Montmartre. The pink house is a little off the beaten path but still a close walk from all the attractions of Montmartre. It is perfect for a little rest and rosé! Have your camera ready! side note: make sure you don’t go down the big hill behind it (lesson learned the hard way)! It is seriously steep and leads you no where worth seeing! Stick to the side streets or the hill above it!
Le Comptoir du Relais:best restaurants in Paris
Address: l’Odéon França, 5 Carrefour de l’Odéon, Paris, France
*This was a 10 minute walk from my apartment and on the route to my school so I was able to pass it daily! Although I never ate here (the wait can be ridiculous) I highly recommend stopping in for a glass of vin (wine). It is seriously famous and popular amongst travelers! You will chat up some really interesting people and have a great time! Just make sure to get there before peak times! This place fills up quickly! side note: if it gets full go across the street to Les Editeurs! It was my go-to spot in Paris! Fabulous ambiance, delicious menu, and very accommodating!

Cafe Charlot:
best restaurants in Paris

Address: 38 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France
* I love the food and ambiance! A very popular french café with some seriously delicious food! Try the chevre salad and creme brûlée – very typical but so good! Oh and maybe go with a friend or two! This place is a really fun little spot to chat the night away!

Chez Julien:
best restaurants in Paris

Address: 1 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris, France
* One of my favorite meals in Paris! I went here a few times as it is right next to the Seine and in a really cute spot in Paris! The food is extremely fresh and beautifully served! Be sure to make a reservation and prepare to spend a little more! The prices are higher than other spots but 100% worth it! You won’t be disappointed! side note: If Chez is full walk across the street to the famous Café Louis Philippe for another delicious and very Parisian meal!
Address: 42 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France
*Located in the 6th arrondissement Le Bonaparte is your typical french bistro! Definitely sit outside for a meal or a quick coffee and watch all the Parisians pass! side note: this is right next to the famous Café de Flore (famous for their hot chocolate) and Boulevard Saint-Germain so be sure to walk around and enjoy the area! It is full of amazing shops and loads of cute cafés!

Canada Goose at Catherine’s Palace

I know what you are thinking, “you look seriously cold.” And I won’t lie when I say, it was freezing! Growing up in Texas I never had a super warm coat. I don’t mean that to sound like I was deprived, because I wasn’t. I mean, I literally only had those fashionable wool coats that I only thought were warm. We didn’t need much in Texas to stay warm as the average winter temperature is only around 50. I thought I was good to go for my winter adventure with just my Sezane Johnson coat. Now I look back and laugh.

It weren’t for my local shop, Saint Bernard Sport, who described just how cold it would be and helped me find the perfect coat to keep me warm I think I would be covered with frostbite right now. I have already told you how amazingly perfect my Canada Goose coat was (here and here) but what I want to share with you now is the power of having a great coat. I don’t think you need a ton of options as most of our climates don’t get that cold but I do think investing in at least one warm jacket is a smart call. A lot of my readers are not in these super frigid climates so I have found a bundle (pun intended) of options for all climates. However, having one of those frigid climate coats handy could be a smart call. A traveller never knows where the next adventure is 🙂

My Coat Selection:

  • By far one of my favorite jackets on the list! This short jacket would be perfect under a jacket or to grab drinks with friends! So chic and under $60
  • The coloring and material of this Mountain Hardware coat make it a more fashionable choice. I would love to wear it with black jeans or leather pants!
  • A little more expensive option but I had to include it! Does a winter coat get more beautiful than this?
  • Barbour is a great staple for any closet and the wax coating on this one makes it a standout
  • I am absolutely obsessed with the detailing on this Postcard jacket
  • The reputation of Columbia should be enough to make you buy one but the price of this coat make it a tough competitor. It is such a classic choice and would go with anything in your closet
  • For those cooler days where a heavy coat isn’t necessary I always love having a jacket like this handy. It goes great by itself or layered under a jacket (this is also a great option)
  • Vest like this one are another great option to have around. Wear them over a turtleneck for a chic apré ski look or under a coat for extra warmth
  • I absolutely love this Kjus jacket! I was very close to purchasing it in store! It is so sleek and creates a beautiful waist, even over all those bulky clothes
  • I mean the color on this one says enough!

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outfit details //  Canada Goose Trillium Jacket (shop my other favorite here), Elaine Turner Madison boot (now on major sale), IRO jeans, ROMEWE Dolman sweater (it is seriously $17), Gap Grey turtleneck

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