Nordstrom Bridal Suite

There is something about a bridal suite that really makes the wedding moment special. They are places you think of when you are a little girl and then get excited to visit once you have the ring. I must admit when I started my wedding dress shopping my first instinct was not Nordstroms. However, after referrals and research I found it is a great place to go with a large selection of designers. When I called them I was immediately assigned to Sara, a very sweet and personable stylist who took the time to understand me and what I was looking for. After the initial call I was beyond excited to visit the store and see all of the dresses she was going to hand pick for me. When I arrived she showed me my dresses and it was clear she took her time to think through each decision. I was very impressed that she was able to pick dresses that captured everything I wanted. Did I mention she had a different pair of designer shoes to accompany each dress?
After trying on my dresses I was told many were customizable so I had a lot of fun picking out fabrics and different lace options. My time at Nordstroms was very enjoyable and although my dress does not come from here I recommend it to anyone in the dress process. They are very accommodating and can meet any need or desire you have.
Click here for more at Nordstroms let me know if you have any questions.  
Photography by Amanda

Brought to you by the Nordstrom Wedding Suite.

Quote Friday

Does it get any better than that? I am really fortunate, as of late, that I have been able to surround myself with positive and very powerful people. I don’t mean powerful in the “I have it all” mentality, but more like powerful in character. I love getting to be with strong people who are honest and insightful. Being around them makes you want to be better and pushes you to reach just a little bit more. To these people, I thank you! Whether you are getting your Masters, starting a new venture, or taking risks, you inspire and push me to be better every day! 
If you missed M.A.S. this week you seriously missed out. Just kidding. But I did do a really fun post on 5 things about me. I have to admit it was a little tricker than I thought but I had a blast doing it! I found out that most of my readers hate the process of showering about as much as I do! 
I also did an outfit post with this Tibi dress (now on sale!) which is perfect for spring! The black and white is classic and on trend for spring. 
Lastly, if you are in Dallas be sure to check out one of these at the Nasher Sculpture Center! Brice and I had such a good time! 
Now I leave you for the weekend! I am so excited to go to a bridal shower my moms friends are throwing me! I plan to wear a sassy little number from this Dallas based designer. Pictures to come 🙂

Outdoor Concert :: Dallas

I love being outdoors on a beautiful day. If the sky is blue, the weather is cool, and there is a slight breeze I think it is a crime not to go out and enjoy it. For the past two weeks Dallas has been unreal and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy it, however my sweet fiance hasn’t. When I received an e-mail saying our local sculpture museum was having an outdoor concert we both agreed we had to go.
Nashar Sculpture Center is breathtaking! Brice and I almost had our wedding reception there before deciding on Austin. The grass is somehow always perfect, the fountains are gorgeous, and the sculptures add the perfect touch. Throw in live music (my absolute favorite), wine, and blankets on the lawn and I am in my heaven.
We had an absolute blast. I told him I felt like I was in Pleasantville or Spekter (city in the movie Fish). The night could not have been more perfect! If your city has a local area where they do this I definitely recommend going! It is a great way to throw a mix into your “Friday date night.” 🙂
Gap black skinnies, tank top, and sweater,
Jimmy Choo shoes
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