Dress Up

J.Crew Blazer and Shirt (my similar option jacket –> designer & frugal), James Jeans, vintage boots, Michael Kors watch, Mens belt
Fact about moi- I rode Hunter Jumper for 10 years and am a HUGE horse lover. I stopped riding in high school but have missed it every day since stopping. I find myself looking online at finding a stable near by only to have the dream squashed at the dollar signs before me. 
Like I have done my entire life, if I can’t do it, I dress the part. This was apparent this passed weekend when a nice Sunday brunch turned into my best attempt at my old riding outfit. 
Sometimes it is all about “looking the part.” 🙂


I am OBSESSED with this necklace and jewelry line. Love Child has been worn by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, and many others. Their pieces are enough to make a statement but not break the bank (double whammy).

Get the Nugget necklace here
Check out my other favorites here and here
All of the pieces are ready to be layered for that summer concert you have in the calendar. Throw on a few together with a simple white t-shirt and you are golden (no pun intended). 
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