Dress Up

J.Crew Blazer and Shirt (my similar option jacket –> designer & frugal), James Jeans, vintage boots, Michael Kors watch, Mens belt
Fact about moi- I rode Hunter Jumper for 10 years and am a HUGE horse lover. I stopped riding in high school but have missed it every day since stopping. I find myself looking online at finding a stable near by only to have the dream squashed at the dollar signs before me. 
Like I have done my entire life, if I can’t do it, I dress the part. This was apparent this passed weekend when a nice Sunday brunch turned into my best attempt at my old riding outfit. 
Sometimes it is all about “looking the part.” 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Dress Up

  1. Love the classic look and those James Jeans I have to find those as I don’t have that color in my closet (I love a comfortable pair of denim pants)!!

  2. Hello!!! You are gorgeous and I had no idea you loved horses so much…I’ve ridden all my life, mostly wild-woman-bareback but also quite a bit of hunter jumper! Maybe I’ll take you riding when you come back to Austin sometime. Oh, and I LOVE your hair…you cutie pie sophisticate!!!

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