A New Scent


Marni Eau de Perfum // Jardin Des Plantes bowl

I am a creature of habit. I usually stick to what I know and hardly ever spice it up – make-up, hair product, nail color, clothing, ect. If I know I like something, why change? For the past decade I think I have worn the same perfume. The only time I changed it up was in 2008 when my suitcase got lost while studying abroad in Oxford. For two weeks I was without my necessities so purchased all new ones, including perfume. I settled on Stella McCartney and have been extremely happy with it for the past six years. Before that my go-to was Chance by Chanel. Yes, the same Chance you all wore in 2000. I am telling you, I don’t change. I am sure you are asking, “if you don’t change why is there a Marni bottle in the picture?” Well my friends, I have seen the light. Not that my other scents weren’t exceptional but there is nothing like a game-changer.

I hate my perfume sweet or floral. I don’t want to smell like a prostitute or a flower shop. It just isn’t for me. I like my scents to be a bit masculine with a splash of feminine. Marni is incredible. A bit of musty and a bit of rose. Best of both worlds. Marni liked their first scent so much and didn’t want to create an entire new one, that they just reversed their original receipt. So say there were three parts rose, one part must in the original, the new perfume has three parts must and one part rose. Those are by no means the exact receipt but for writing purposes you get the point. And I am telling you – whatever the receipt, it is divine! I have never received SO many compliments from both women and men  on my perfume! So whether you are in the market for a new perfume or just need to change it up definitely put Marni on your list!

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5 thoughts on “A New Scent

  1. Ooh, this sounds like a great scent- I’ll absolutely check it out!
    I don’t like really fruity or floral perfumes, either, but I have totally fallen in love with Coco Noir- you should check it out!


  2. I’m always looking to try new perfumes! I’ve been wearing DKNY Be Delicious for years because I never found anything I like better. This sounds amazing – I must go check it out!


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