Throwback Thursday + Major Sale

Throwback Thursday to 12/15/14 – A French Education: Bonjour, Monday! Over the weekend I drove to Houston to celebrate my fathers birthday and on the way home I practiced my french. I am totally feeling inspired to up my culture/language game so am vowing to practice my french – Although I have made this promise many of times, this time feels different. Not only am I ready to understand what my in-laws are saying over family dinner, I am also ready to take on a new challenge which will help me grow culturally. My biggest complaint with living in Dallas is the lack of culture. Take that statement … click here to continue to post

Also, I promised a major sale! You got it! The Tod’s loafers you see above (also my favorite 2014 addition to my closet) are now on sale! In black here (30% off) and here (20% off) + in brown suede

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