French Education

Bonjour, Monday! Over the weekend I drove to Houston to celebrate my fathers birthday and on the way home I practiced my french. I am totally feeling inspired to up my culture/language game so am vowing to practice my french – Although I have made this promise many of times, this time feels different. Not only am I ready to understand what my in-laws are saying over family dinner, I am also ready to take on a new challenge which will help me grow culturally. My biggest complaint with living in Dallas is the lack of culture. Take that statement for what you want but culture is the reason I love to travel. It forces you to grow as a person and push your boundaries of what you perceive as normal. Since I don’t have travel planned for a few months and Dallas doesn’t always fill my “culture cup” I am taking it into my own hands. And learning french is just the beginning. Since french is on my mind I decided to channel a little of that Parisienne vibe and wear “tous les noir.” To be honest I first put on my Gap turtleneck, black jeans, and Tods loafers (now on sale) and thought, Audrey Hepburn via Funny Face, but the more I wore it the more french I felt (probably because I wore it around my in-laws who were speaking french and I so desperately wanted to pretend I could understand them). But even if I can’t speak or understand it (yet) I can certainly dress it. Souhaite moi bonne chance avec cette nouvelle aventure. A la prochaine fois mes amis. 

so-then-they-say-4 so-then-they-say-5 so-then-they-say-10 so-then-they-say

outfit details // Gap Super Soft Turtleneck (buy two items and get 30% off), J Brand High Rise Coated skinny (40% off), Tod’s Leather loafer (30% off),  Floppy Wide-Brim hat (designer version)

accessory details || Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies in black via Smart Buy glasses c/o,  Jane Pope Thin Twig ring c/o, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace

beauty details || “Revolon Love That Red” lipstick


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8 thoughts on “French Education

  1. Looove this outfit! You look so great! I want that purple door, haha.
    I wish I had the patience to learn French, but I would be horrible at it. Maybe being in Paris for a few days next year will make me think otherwise, haha. Last time I went it was only for like 9 hours so it wasn’t hard to get by

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