The Universe is Listening

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I really, whole-heartily believe you need to tell the universe what you want. Everyone always asks if I read, “The Secret” and I haven’t but I have believed this for a long time. My dear friend Molly gave me the book to read but I never quite finished it. However, even before the book my interest was piqued. I have seen it happen many times over, people who know what they want, say it aloud, and it happens. Growing up I had the mentality, “whatever happens was meant to be.” Now, I am not waiting around for “whatever happens,” I want to make it happen. I want to grab the bull by the horns and make it listen. I am ready for bigger things and I hope the universe is listening!

Lets get real for a second – I see an intuitive councilor a few times a year. She taps into the “other side” of things and helps me with issues I may not even know I am struggling with. Quite powerful! She is HUGE on visualizing and vocalizing what you want. I have been practicing this “visualization and vocalization” for a while now and see a significant difference. I am not saying if you visualize to win the lottery you will win but I think if you see what you want in life, imagine yourself there, and speak it aloud and you may just be surprised.

Okay, so why did I get off on this tangent of thought – because last night it ended up being around 80 degrees and very breezy! Remember in yesterday’s post I was complaining so much about the heat and how horrible it was? Well, it is just like the universe heard my pleas! It is currently a cool 75 and overcast! Listening much? Okay, okay, so this is totally a random act of God but I thought it was quite humorous! I even had another bright summery look lined up for today’s post just to say sorry for being such a negative nancy yesterday! I was going to say how the Texas heat really isn’t that bad but then I got hit with 75 and I realized…no it really is that bad! So instead I leave with some food for thought and a bright look!

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5 thoughts on “The Universe is Listening

  1. yes yes yes, love that you do that it is such a good practice! Silly but similar but mom always make us used to close our eyes and pretend we were eating to see what we were craving and fake putting into our mouths…so weird but works!

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