Have you ever met someone and immediately felt humbled by their talent? I felt that way when I met up-and-coming designer, Sofie Lyddon (website under construction). She is effortlessly cool and has more design talent in one finger than I could hope to have in my entire body. When you see her designs they make you stop, stare, then have you wishing you were wearing them. 

Knowing her talents I commissioned her to design a top for me. She sent pictures of the progress along the way but nothing prepared me for how beautiful it was in person. The detailed design, color, and movement of the fabric was different than anything I had seen before. She captured everything I could want in a piece and did it without me having to say a word. I CAN NOT wait to wear this one-of-a-kind on my blog!  
Also, the back is one of my favorite parts about this top but I am saving that for next time (stay tuned). In the mean time, keep her on your radar! 

Also, I have the winner of the Maddy Nash clutch! CONGRATULATIONS Jessica Sweatt! I will be e-mailing you shortly 🙂 

LASTLY, Check out the things that make me happy on Brighton The Day! Love this series!!! 

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