Today is the one day a year reserved to reflect on everything you are thankful for. I know sometimes I forget all I have and dwell on the negative but not today! Today I am very aware.

I am thankful…
1. for the most loving, accepting, and patient fiance
2.  in less then six months I will marry my best friend 
3. my wonderful family whose love for me never falters
4.  my friends who are always there for me and make me laugh so hard it hurts
5. for my future in laws who are so welcoming and warm
6. for the good health of my friends, family, and self.
7. for the idea that I might be an aunt soon (fingers and toes crossed)
8. for all of the wonderful friends and opportunities I have through blogging
9.  a growing spiritual understanding
10. for my life and all of the beautiful hiccups, flaws, experiences, and lessons it has presented

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