Sunnies and Skulls

Want to know something kind of weird about me? I like skulls. Ya, totally weird. But hear me out. I didn’t always  like skulls. Actually as a child I thought they were completely weird and creepy. It wasn’t until I received a skull bracelet and attached to the bracelet was a description about what the skull represented. It gave a beautiful caption and I wish I could remember everything but the one thing that stood out was – New Beginnings. Being that I am always open to something new and often times need to learn to “let go” I have found the beauty in skulls. I am sure some people out there will disagree and say they are evil but I choose to see them for the positive. And each day when I look at them I am reminded that it is never too late to let go of negativity, start over, and begin again! Since I also love sunglasses I figured I would combine the two for a fun display. Annnnnd, so I could finally explain myself for anyone who comes over and sees all of the skulls. Ya, I am not a freak. Well, maybe only a small one. But anything that represents something magical, I am all for! So ladies and gents (if I have any gent readers) I give you Sunnies and Skulls…or Skulls Wearing Sunnies!

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies in black via Smart Buy glasses c/o


Ray Ban Classic Aviator in Black


Super ‘Classic Crystal Flash Matte’ Mirror Sunglasses


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