I don’t love wearing a ton of jewelry  I feel like it weights me down and I end up taking it off during the day without knowing it. It is so bad that if I sleep in my engagement ring I will subconsciously take it off and wake up in a panic, only finding it moments later in the sheets. Scary and true. This is why I have been turning to dainty and light jewelry like my Maya Brenner and Dana Rebecca necklaces.
These three rings, you see above, are on constant circulation. The solid gold band is a family heirloom that I fell in love with the minute I saw it.  I believe it was a great-great-grandfathers wedding ring which makes it really special. I also love this one! The simplicity of the two are what I love most.
My skinny pave band is dear to me as well. My mom has the same one and we wear them daily. Every time I look at my finger I think of my amazing mother and how much she means to me. It is something I hope to pass to my daughter, should I have one.
I think investing in a dainty piece is well worth every penny. When investing in something it is important to know you are going to get your wear out of it. I promise, with one of these rings below, you will!

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7 thoughts on “RING RING

  1. I am with you on the jewelry! I would rather find a few delicate pieces I love than load up on chunky stuff. And I am also prone to taking my jewelry off at my desk throughout the day. These rings are so pretty!


  2. I am the exact same way with jewelry! I find dainty rings are about the only thing I can manage to keep on for a full day; bracelets end up clunking on my desks, necklaces either get tangled in my hair or start weighing me down, and earrings tend to come off with the first phone call – haha! These are gorgeous, and now I officially want to get my mom and I little matching rings, thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. yepppp all these are on my list too. I’ve been eyeing a few, but just can seem to pull the trigger and spend so much on one! But i love how delicate and simple they are!

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