Nantucket City Guide

I must admit, I never thought I was an east coast type. Please don’t take this the wrong way because it is completely stereotyping, but I always had the impression East Coasters/the East Coast was snobby, pretentious, and not my kind of people/place. When I want to take a vacation I look for a few things – experience, a relaxed environment, and groups of people I will enjoy. Those were three things I didn’t think I would find in Nantucket. Now, for the good part – COULD I HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG? I fell 100%, head-over-heels, cloudy head, in love with Nantucket. It was a number of things: the beaches were clean, everyone was nice, it felt safe, the weather was insanely amazing, and you felt like you were worlds away from ordinary. A few specifics I love about Nantucket is the ability to bike anywhere and everywhere (we even biked from town to Sconset), the food is incredibly fresh, and it is really wholesome. I know the last one has you scratching your head but in a world full of sex, murder and lies (okay, okay, that is dramatic but you get it) it is nice to go to a place where you can get back to the basics of life. And since service is almost non existent on the Island, you can really get back to the basics of life.

The hubs and I can’t stop raving about Nantucket. We only hope to have enough money in the future to go back, every.single.summer. So here I am, eating my humble pie because you East Coasters sure know how to do a beach town! And let me tell you, you might have just turned this southerner into a wannabe East Coaster – at least for the summers. ; )

Since I loved Nantucket so much (and am dying to go back) here is my Nantucket City Guide!

Nantucket City Guide


Rent a home (I highly recommend) –  VRBO //  Home Away  //  Flip Key

The Nantucket Hotel

76 Main

Union Street Inn

White Elephant Village

21 Broad Hotel

The Wade Cottage (in ‘Sconset)

Wauwinet (further from town but very private)

Nantucket City Guide


Hire a Chef (great for a big group) – I recommend Sean Fitzgibbon ( His food is absolutely incredible and he set up a lobster and lamb dinner on the beach for us one night

The Chanticleer (in ‘Sconset)

Something Natural (for sandwiches)

Cru (for lunch)

Galley Beach (dinner and drinks)

Ventuno (best Italian on the Island)

The Nautilus

Straight Warf Restaurant (for dinner and drinks)

Bartlett Farms (all natural grocery store but definitely recommend for lunch)

The Pearl

The Club Car (full of history and right in the middle of town)

Petticoat Row Bakery – also provides delicious gluten free treats

Nantucket City Guide


The Chicken Box – great for a nighttime drink

Cisco Brewery – live music, local wines, beers, and sangria, bar food available, kid friendly

Sconset Bluff Walk – a gorgeous private walk between locals backyards and the beach (very undiscovered)

Sconset Market for incredible Gelato

Fishing with Capt. Toms Charters

The Whaling Museum (great for kids)

Shopping in Town (check out the monogram shop)

Go to the Beach (Cisco – my favorite, Jetties, Madaket, Siasconset, Surfside)

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (kid friendly)

The Old Mill – oldest functioning wind mill in the country (kid friendly)

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