Sconset Bluff Walk

Take a bike from the center of town (about 10 miles) or car to this beautiful area of Nantucket Island – Siasconset! I will share more about Siasconset later as today’s post is dedicated to the Bluff Walk! We were actually told about this walk from our chef who is a native of Nantucket. He recommended one of the things we must do is walk the Bluff and I am glad he did! The Bluff Walk is a “foot path only” public walk. One of Nantuckets best kept secrets (and maybe not there for long because of erosion so hurry and go). This path leads you through wild rose bushes and between private gardens. To your left are magnificent homes with the most incredibly manicured lawns and to your right are the best views of the Atlantic from anywhere on the Island.  The path is very personal – at times you are walking through people’s backyards. This 40 minute walk is a must for anyone visiting Nantucket! It is still pretty undiscovered so passing people is rare! Take your time, enjoy the walk, and soak in an unforgettable experience. Just remember to go to the bathroom before starting your journey (I learned this the hard way).

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