My Favorite Maternity Workout Leggings

Maternity clothing has been my number one nemesis. It is all SO unattractive. I have heard how lucky women are “these days” to have so many clothing options, however, I am still not 100% pleased. Unless you like pattern it can be very  hard to find pieces that you love and actually want to wear. However, the one item I have found that I have been pleasantly surprised by are workout leggings. I will say, I tried for a long time to find an inexpensive pair and wound up very disappointed. I purchased these from Gap and want to warn you to not even waste your money! They didn’t hold their shape, became lose after one wear and were see-through. For just a bit more money I found the legging of my maternity dreams!

These Ingrid and Isabel leggings (also in a long version here) are amazing. Not only do they support your belly but they hold their shape, feel secure, and have a nice modern shape. I purchased one pair and literally wore them everyday. I am now the proud owner of THREE pairs. They are a tad more of an investment but for the amount of wear you get out of them and with the added confidence they give you, I promise they are worth it! Let’s face it, pregnancy can feel as though you have completely lost control of your body, so why not spend a little more to feel a lot better!!!



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