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I know you are probably looking at this picture and thinking, “what the… isn’t this a fashion blog?” To that, yes it is, and it always will be but I am also a 25 year old trying to figure out life. Yes, life. I know you are rolling your eyes right now thinking, “Oh no, not this kind of post. Someone else ‘trying’ to figure out life–uhg.” Now, hold your horses, this isn’t that kind of post–just keep reading.
My favorite part about fashion and blogging is that they allow you to be inspired. When featured on various blogs I’m often asked, “where do you get your inspiration from?”  and my answer is always the same; every day people. I find that every day people, whether it’s through their clothes, actions, or artistry, provide an incredible amount of inspiration.
Now, back to being 25. Sometimes it is so hard to know what it is you are suppose to be doing, want to be doing, and should be doing. That little voice inside will tell you what you love but reality makes it seem impossible to grasp. Everyone always tells you to, “chase your dreams and don’t stop until you reach them.” I love hearing this but sometimes I find it overwhelming. Because of this, I felt compelled to start the series, M.A.S. Interview’s. This will be a feature of someone I find inspiring and think you should know. Every person I have lined up has listened to that little voice inside and followed their passions and dreams. I hope you enjoy this new addition and get inspired along the way.

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