Emily Rosendahl Clutch

Myself and this clutch have had a long love affair. It started last year when I saw a picture on Pinterest. The first thing I did was e-mail the picture to my friends and family and commissioned them to find me a hide. I knew if I could get my hands on one I could try and re-create it. Not long after this, one of my favorite blogs, Could I Have That, posted an outfit shot of her holding the exact clutch I originally saw on Pinterest. I immediately e-mailed to ask who it was by. She responded that it was an Emily Rosendahl creation. I e-mailed her right away but after I hit send my friend called to tell me that he proudly had a hide for me. It still needed to be “prepared” so I wouldn’t have it for a while but since the hide was cheaper than the clutch I decided to stick with trying to re-create it. It has been a year and my hide is just now finished but last week I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and just bought E.R.’s clutch. I have never worked so hard for a bag in my life but it was well worth the wait.
I can’t say enough about this clutch. It is even better in person than in pictures, if that is possible. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase as I now have my clutch and my hide, which will be decor for my new office. All’s well that ends well.
full outfit shots tomorrow

Photography by Brice

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