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Skin is the first thing people see when they look at you. Which makes it a bit nerve wrecking when you feel like it isn’t up to par. A few months ago I felt my skin needed a total overhaul. It was dry and uneven. Completely lifeless. Knowing I needed to make a change I have really been working on caring for it over the past few months. I have paid attention to what is in the products I use and maintained a very specific routine. And I have to say – it is paying off. I have been receiving more complements than ever about how good my skin looks. Even I can tell a MASSIVE difference! It is so absolutely rewarding to know that a few changes in my routine could make such a difference.

One of those changes was my switch to Tata Harper products. I must say – these are really responsible for a lot of the improvement. Not only are they completely natural (made on Tata’s Vermont farm) but they are really nourishing. I tend to have very dry skin so the extra bit of oils in the products have transformed my skin from lifeless to completely radiant and glowing. When my mom came to stay with me over the weekend I made her stay on my beauty routine. She called it, “Mary’s Beauty Boot Camp.” However, even she loved the products and could tell a difference. No matter the age, Tata’s products really make a difference.

I have made a little video walking you through my Tata Harper Skincare steps and the products I use below so be sure to check that out! And as always, if you have any questions at all about any of the products please feel free to e-mail me!


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Nourishing Oil Cleanser  //  Moisturizing Mask  //  Volumnizing Lip and Cheek Tint  //  Iridescent Revitalizing Body Oil  //  Resurfacing Mask  //  Love Potion


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Dallas Boutique: Shop September

Dear Lord is it Friday?  I feel so delieriously tired that in my head it can’t be Friday. But I think it is! Has anyone else been sleeping really poorly lately? Not sure if there was a full moon this week but the sleeping was rough! Any remedies other than melatonin? I need help!

Okay, so this will be short and sweet as I am running out the door. But I had to remind all of you, if you haven’t entered yet the giveaway for Shop September is almost over! Be sure to enter below. I really hope you all get a chance to check out Shop September in person or online. Laura is just a doll and her store is so fun to browse! I will select a winner at random on Monday! Cheers to the weekend, St. Patricks Day, and sleeping in!

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Instagram Recap

It is time for another Instagram Recap. I always find these fun to do – to see what you have done, where you have been, and who you have met over the past few weeks. You can follow along in real time by adding @sothentheysayblog on Instagram


I. The beautiful Le Château d’Audrie I stayed in last summer while visiting Normandy. If you get the chance to go I highly recommend staying here
II. The feminine Paris apartment Molly and I shared last year which I found via airbnbmary-summers-instagram5

I. When in L.A. do as the L.A.’ians do: take a cayenne pepper shot
II. Last summer I visited Gruyere Swtizerland and really enjoyed all of the quaint residents. This one in particular caught my eye


I + II. I loved getting to shoot in London this past fall. Meeting and photographing Lily of Cheek Frills and Juliet of Ladies of London was a joy! Check out their TKC profiles for more photos.


I + II. I had an absolute blast getting to visit L.A. and have a girls weekend with Jena + Eva. Memories were made that will last a lifetime!


I. I was a bit nervous to share my home but I took the plunge! Pictures from my master made the blog + Insta
II. Barrington Gifts totes have quickly become my travel must!


I. My favorite sushi restaurant in Dallas – Oishii
II. A throwback to summers on Lake Geneva with the hubs


I. Enjoying the sun, surf, and drinks at Nobu Malibu
II. Often mornings I will take a magazine and a cup of coffee and dream about all the places I have yet to discover


I. read above. Yet another morning I dream of travel
II. Typical sunday with the hubs


I. Sharing a really fun giveaway I am doing with Shop September! Be sure to enter here
II. Organizing travel photos I finally had printed. With the help of Annie Veuve of course!


I. Sharing the work of using Tata Harper for a few weeks. Their products are a dream!
II. A girls night out with my mom always calls for champagne


I. Reminiscing about Tulum and the warm sun. How many more days until spring?
II. When it rains – we work



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