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It is time for another Instagram Recap. I always find these fun to do – to see what you have done, where you have been, and who you have met over the past few weeks. You can follow along in real time by adding @sothentheysayblog on Instagram


I. The beautiful Le Château d’Audrie I stayed in last summer while visiting Normandy. If you get the chance to go I highly recommend staying here
II. The feminine Paris apartment Molly and I shared last year which I found via airbnbmary-summers-instagram5

I. When in L.A. do as the L.A.’ians do: take a cayenne pepper shot
II. Last summer I visited Gruyere Swtizerland and really enjoyed all of the quaint residents. This one in particular caught my eye


I + II. I loved getting to shoot in London this past fall. Meeting and photographing Lily of Cheek Frills and Juliet of Ladies of London was a joy! Check out their TKC profiles for more photos.


I + II. I had an absolute blast getting to visit L.A. and have a girls weekend with Jena + Eva. Memories were made that will last a lifetime!


I. I was a bit nervous to share my home but I took the plunge! Pictures from my master made the blog + Insta
II. Barrington Gifts totes have quickly become my travel must!


I. My favorite sushi restaurant in Dallas – Oishii
II. A throwback to summers on Lake Geneva with the hubs


I. Enjoying the sun, surf, and drinks at Nobu Malibu
II. Often mornings I will take a magazine and a cup of coffee and dream about all the places I have yet to discover


I. read above. Yet another morning I dream of travel
II. Typical sunday with the hubs


I. Sharing a really fun giveaway I am doing with Shop September! Be sure to enter here
II. Organizing travel photos I finally had printed. With the help of Annie Veuve of course!


I. Sharing the work of using Tata Harper for a few weeks. Their products are a dream!
II. A girls night out with my mom always calls for champagne


I. Reminiscing about Tulum and the warm sun. How many more days until spring?
II. When it rains – we work



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