Cooper and Ella

We all have a body part we don’t like. Mine would be my arms. I used to like them but the older I get, the more flabby they get. So one of my “musts” when shopping is a tailored blouse with sleeves. While scrolling around my new favorite brand, Cooper & Ella, I found the perfect blouse – The Eva. With a low neck, tailored sides, and sleeves I was in heaven. Of course, it was the one I chose but really, they had so many other options I might just have C&E be my new spring wardrobe! I absolutely fell in love with this Amelia blouse as well! Isn’t it dreamy? Whatever you are looking for they have it – cropped tops, tops with sleeves, tops with cut-outs, ect. And the colors, oh the colors! You will just have to see them all for yourself. Absolutely beautiful!

I hope you make time to check out this new brand. I think they are one which will be around for a loooong time!

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outfit details // Cooper and Ella Eva Jacket Blouse (and in white), J.Brand black jeansChristian Louboutin Decollettte pump,

accessory details // Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond,Croghans Crest ring, Lokai Balance bracelet

August California Bags

I absolutely love everything August California Bags represent: adventure, wanderlust, dreams, travel, and excitement. You either have the travel bug or you don’t. I was just talking to my parents about that very thing this weekend. Where my dad would be comfortable staying around places he is familiar with, my mother and I have a bug that has us wanting to see more. I often times worry this bug will never be satisfied. It is such the overwhelming feeling of all there is left to see, but really, I get more excited than anything. I just want to explore the world and learn all I can about cultures, art, photography, landscapes, and beauty. This same yearning to see and learn was within Charles and Jenna Jackson.

In the spring of 2011 Jenna and Charles, the founders of August California, packed up their San Francisco apartment and prepared for a year long journey around the world. The next twelve months would take them to the top of Africa in Tanzania, to the bottom of the Americas in Patagonia, to the cities of eastern and western Europe, and upon the rivers of Asia in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It was in these very locations where they sought out bags and accessories that would exude the old world luxury of Europe, and withstand the demanding elements of all travel.

Since arriving back in California, they have taken their inspirations from each trip and crafted it into a beautiful bag perfect for any traveler. Each piece comes from a memory during their yearlong adventure and is made by local artisans in California; all with the understanding of what is demanded from a life on the go. This very story and thought behind each bag is why I love them so much!

It is only fitting that without even looking I would choose the bag that was  inspired by their time spent in Paris’s Marsais District and their weekly trips to the market. I can’t tell you enough how beautiful these bags are and how perfect they are for anyone taking an upcoming trip! The straps are just perfect for easy carry and the material is absolutely stunning. You feel like you are carrying something really unique – like a souvenir from your latest exotic trip!  Best part? They also make bags for men so now you can have the perfect gift for that perfect travel companion.

I hope you check out August California and become as inspired as I have while reading their tales about their adventures around the world!

August-California-travel-bags-2 August-California-travel-bags-10 August-California-travel-bags-17 August-California-travel-bags-21 August-California-travel-bags-26

Blownaway App

To stay on the theme of beauty this week (don’t forget to enter the amazing Tata Harper giveaway) I have decided to share my experience with Blownaway App. Whenever my family comes in town I try to always have an activity for us to do. The last time they all came I hired a face reader (who was so spot-on and amazing). I believe it is always smart to have something planned while you have guests in town. Otherwise you find yourself sitting around staring at each other or eating your way through the city. Since it was just a mother/daughter weekend I thought a “pamper” day was the perfect activity.

Knowing I wanted us to be as comfortable as possible I downloaded the Blownaway app – a full-service make-up and blowout team to your own home. I couldn’t book the appointments fast enough! We were paired with Anthony who was exceptional. From the moment he arrived I was instantly charmed. He was charismatic, professional, and very cool. I absolutely loved his “artist” tattoo. My mom and I enjoyed glasses of wine, girl chat, and a really relaxing experience. Anthony nailed it out of the park with both of our looks and made us feel really great for a nice evening out on the town. Since I usually don’t wash, nor style my hair it was such a nice treat. The entire experience from start to finish was such a breeze. For the cost and convenience alone Blownaway is one of the best tools out there! If you are in the market for a fresh new blowout and don’t want to leave the comforts of your own home (wine and robes) then this is the solution to all of your problems. I am telling you – the perfect girls weekend activity!

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