Cooper and Ella

We all have a body part we don’t like. Mine would be my arms. I used to like them but the older I get, the more flabby they get. So one of my “musts” when shopping is a tailored blouse with sleeves. While scrolling around my new favorite brand, Cooper & Ella, I found the perfect blouse – The Eva. With a low neck, tailored sides, and sleeves I was in heaven. Of course, it was the one I chose but really, they had so many other options I might just have C&E be my new spring wardrobe! I absolutely fell in love with this Amelia blouse as well! Isn’t it dreamy? Whatever you are looking for they have it – cropped tops, tops with sleeves, tops with cut-outs, ect. And the colors, oh the colors! You will just have to see them all for yourself. Absolutely beautiful!

I hope you make time to check out this new brand. I think they are one which will be around for a loooong time!

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outfit details // Cooper and Ella Eva Jacket Blouse (and in white), J.Brand black jeansChristian Louboutin Decollettte pump,

accessory details // Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond,Croghans Crest ring, Lokai Balance bracelet

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11 thoughts on “Cooper and Ella

  1. My hair is also purple on the underside! In my job, which is in the creative, museum industry, it never fails to be a hit. I love doing Heidi brands and having it frame my face.

  2. Hi Mary! You look gorgeous, as always. May I ask what size you’re wearing in the blouse, simply because you and I could be body doubles? I was only happy with my arms/legs when working out with a trainer 5 times a week, which proved impossible to maintain. I’ve never been comfortable with my stomacH, but I’ve realized that life is much, much too short to worry about it! Also, I get far too overheated in one pieces.

    1. Hiii! You’re sk sweet to comment and totally agree on the trainer 🙂 this is a soze L 🙂 but if you want a little looser on the shoulders I would go with xl. It’s a bit right for me but I’m also very broad with a. It chest 🙂 L does fit perfectly but if you want a baggy feel i might size up 🙂
      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other Q!! Xx

  3. Hello
    What is the EVA made of? The about product page just says lighweight and do not dry clean. Odd.
    Does it unbutton? Have you pinned it?
    Thank you very much

    1. I will have to look at the tag but it comes with a hook so I didn’t have to pin it. I believe the material is polyester/silk but will double check 🙂

  4. I love this look on you! I think you look great, but know what you mean about not liking certain parts of yourself. I don’t like my calves, so I try not to show them!!! We should really just be happy with what we have, but… xoxo

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